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Apr 23 - 06:40:06
  Crew Leader   RHM   LHM Location Mbrs Space Open
[MM] Mako [MM] Cassi [MM] -Draven- The Loop, CH 23 17 Open
[MM] CristianoRonaldo [MM] AdmiralAckbar [MM] SchoolBoy_Q North Side, CH 33 7 Open
[MM] Desmand [MM] BanginBadBitches [MM] Genocide North Side, CH 10 1 Closed
[MM] Silvio--Dante [MM] Lizzie [MM] Iona North Side, CH 7 33 Open
[MM] Solid [MM] tomoe [MM] Thane_Krios Suburbs, CH 23 17 Open
[MM] AlabamaWorley [MM] Zmeika [MM] RuhRoh South Side, CH 3 37 Open
[MM] Goku [MM] Spunky [MM] Blu_Blank South Side, CH 9 2 Closed
[MM] Mogul [MM] Princess [MM] rw318 South Side, CH 24 16 Open
[MM] Yobssarg [MM] RumTheRetardedRabbit [MM] Ted_Maul Downtown, DT 10 1 Closed
[MM] Femto [MM] BlackCherry [MM] JizzBoat Corktown, DT 9 31 Open
[MM] Snowy_White [MM] ShawnRaje [MM] DeeSavage Black Bottom, DT 29 11 Open
- None - None - None Summerlin, LV - - N/A
- None - None - None Paradise, LV - - N/A
- None - None - None The Strip, LV - - N/A
- None - None - None Hollywood, LA - - N/A
- None - None - None Savannah, LA - - N/A
[MM] Starscream [MM] Calisto [MM] CookieZombie Inglewood, LA 36 4 Open
[MM] TheSpaniard [MM] FastFingerFreddy [MM] Nyx Inglewood, LA 25 15 Open
[MM] Amethyst [MM] YusukeUrameshi [MM] SisterMary Brooklyn, NY 11 0 Closed
[MM] Jericho [MM] Shanks [MM] Ankou Brooklyn, NY 32 8 Open
[MM] LF [MM] Integra [MM] Polica Brooklyn, NY 19 21 Open
[MM] Cantillon [MM] Yajirobe [MM] Whatsername Bronx, NY 9 2 Closed
[MM] Ecstasy [MM] Striphe [MM] ChristianTheLion Bronx, NY 25 15 Open
[MM] Montenegro [MM] bina [MM] Ras_Trent Bronx, NY 24 16 Open
[MM] JohnnyNoname [MM] None [MM] Chekov Queens, NY 10 1 Closed
[MM] OrangeJuice- [MM] Forever_Sexy [MM] Frite Queens, NY 22 18 Open
[MM] SammyGravano [MM] James_Van_Der_Beek [MM] Layla Queens, NY 32 8 Open
[MM] Taegan [MM] Sephiroth [MM] Visas Queens, NY 38 2 Open
[MM] Jeddy [MM] Kingfisher [MM] Rorschach Staten Island, NY 36 4 Open
[MM] DanTheMan [MM] spiels_jr [MM] Ramon_Salvatore Manhattan, NY 10 1 Closed
[MM] iocaste- [MM] Ascanius [MM] EonBlueApocalypse Manhattan, NY 9 31 Open
[MM] space-to-the-pole [MM] Foxxy [MM] JulioMartinez Manhattan, NY 31 9 Open
[MM] Gimli [MM] AnathemaDevice [MM] None Old City District, PH 24 16 Open
[MM] Donnie-Brasco [MM] Angus [MM] Maleficus Bella Vista, PH 37 3 Open
[MM] SpongeBob [MM] SophiaDeveraux [MM] Caesar Bella Vista, PH 7 33 Open
[MM] Bruiser_Andolini [MM] SwizZz [MM] JamesCoonan South Philly, PH 36 4 Open
[MM] TheTripleDeuce [MM] Drakos [MM] Rosalie_Aprile South Philly, PH 6 14 Open

Names in bold denote people who are currently online and active.
Names struck out are dead but still have fortifications that can be attacked.
Crews that are looking for new members are denoted as "Open".