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Oct 23 - 08:38:13
  Crew Leader   RHM   LHM Location Mbrs Space Open
[MM] -Draven- [MM] Manu [MM] BigBlack The Loop, CH [C] 29 11 Open
[MM] Mako [MM] Cassi [MM] ChrisPalko The Loop, CH [C] 11 0 Closed
[MM] Tish [MM] Zack_Morris [MM] DelBoccio The Loop, CH [C] 36 4 Open
- None - None - None North Side, CH [N] - - N/A
[MM] Cherokee [MM] Palladino [MM] SNeyAesKE Suburbs, CH [E] 32 8 Open
[MM] Tesla [MM] Choctaw [MM] Nighthawk Suburbs, CH [E] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Qui-Gon-Jinn [MM] TheNarrator [MM] Socrates South Side, CH [S] 33 7 Open
[MM] Spunky [MM] JJ_Andolini [MM] Whor-able South Side, CH [S] 9 2 Closed
[MM] Transporter [MM] Jasmirane [MM] None South Side, CH [S] 5 35 Open
[MM] TylerDurden [MM] MarlaSinger [MM] RobertPaulson Everywhere, All 21 29 Open
- None - None - None Downtown, DT [C] - - N/A
- None - None - None Corktown, DT [E] - - N/A
[MM] Genocide [MM] None [MM] Azor_Blade Black Bottom, DT [S] 10 1 Open
[MM] SebasianSky [MM] Johnny_Bravo [MM] Tizla Black Bottom, DT [S] 32 8 Open
- None - None - None The Strip, LV [C] - - N/A
- None - None - None Summerlin, LV [N] - - N/A
[MM] Chekov [MM] TheGambler [MM] Joseph_Ligambi Paradise, LV [S] 19 21 Open
[MM] Sydney [MM] Aliens [MM] rw317plus1 Paradise, LV [S] 29 11 Open
[MM] Taegan [MM] sttubgibekili [MM] Revival Hollywood, LA [C] 10 1 Closed
[MM] TyrionLannister [MM] -Assassin- [MM] Booklet_taw Hollywood, LA [C] 36 4 Open
[MM] Visas [MM] PantiesBeDroppin [MM] KeTcHuP Hollywood, LA [C] 38 2 Open
[MM] ZoeyH [MM] -Deces- [MM] death Hollywood, LA [C] 20 20 Open
[MM] CristianoRonaldo [MM] BanginBadBitches [MM] tbone Savannah, LA [E] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Haven [MM] Saint [MM] Carlos_Hathcok Savannah, LA [E] 35 5 Open
[MM] Mr_Crowley [MM] Woodpecker [MM] The_King Savannah, LA [E] 16 24 Open
- None - None - None Inglewood, LA [W] - - N/A
[MM] Amethyst [MM] MidpoinT [MM] MalcomReynolds Brooklyn, NY [C] 9 2 Closed
[MM] LF [MM] Dollface [MM] Broly Brooklyn, NY [C] 34 6 Open
[MM] TepidDelucci [MM] BoxCutterPazzy [MM] Tyrant Brooklyn, NY [C] 17 23 Open
[MM] Achilles [MM] ShaneVendrell [MM] Nikita_Khrushchev Bronx, NY [N] 23 17 Open
[MM] Cantillon [MM] StripheGotti [MM] Ken_Park Bronx, NY [N] 11 0 Closed
[MM] RosalieRossi [MM] ShawnRaje [MM] Shane_McMahon Bronx, NY [N] 19 21 Open
[MM] Whatsername [MM] Tetley [MM] TheNewGuy Bronx, NY [N] 39 1 Closed
[MM] BloodySpikeS [MM] iocaste- [MM] Ted Queens, NY [E] 25 15 Open
[MM] JohnnyNoname [MM] Scourge [MM] AssChicken Queens, NY [E] 10 1 Closed
[MM] PaulyD [MM] GnomeSmasher [MM] JohnnyBlake Queens, NY [E] 32 8 Open
[MM] Siobhan [MM] Frank_Sinatra [MM] Ryze Queens, NY [E] 36 4 Open
[MM] Inertia [MM] FuGetAboutIt [MM] Enoch_Thompson Staten Island, NY [S] 20 20 Open
[MM] Kyubey [MM] DiAnno [MM] Bee Staten Island, NY [S] 11 0 Open
[MM] MementoMori [MM] ElizabethBathory [MM] Niccolo_Machiavelli Staten Island, NY [S] 35 5 Open
[MM] Rorschach [MM] Insight [MM] Charmander Staten Island, NY [S] 30 10 Open
[MM] Frite [MM] koifishie [MM] None Manhattan, NY [W] 9 31 Open
[MM] FutureStealer [MM] Elsa [MM] DarkAngel Manhattan, NY [W] 30 10 Open
[MM] OrangeJuice- [MM] Gravity [MM] None Manhattan, NY [W] 10 1 Open
- None - None - None Old City District, PH [C] - - N/A
- None - None - None Bella Vista, PH [E] - - N/A
- None - None - None South Philly, PH [S] - - N/A

Names in bold denote people who are currently online and active.
Names struck out are dead but still have fortifications that can be attacked.
Crews that are looking for new members are denoted as "Open".