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Aug 01 - 14:00:48
Funeral Home
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Funeral Started by: God on May 31, '21 16:09

*From the entry of the church a black casket that holds the recently deceased can be seen. And though it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim light, you see a woman in a black veil place a white rose on the casket. You watch as she wipes a tear from her eye. She lights a candle in remembrance of the deceased and walks down the aisle wiping the tears that are now cascading down her cheeks.

The only light inside the church is from the flickering candles on the altar. The candlelight casts an eerie glow across the priest's face. He hangs his head as he starts to read...*

"Friends, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects to our friend, BerZerk. May they rest in peace. Those wishing to pay their respects may do so at this time."

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RIP my friend. I hate seeing you here.
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Oh man

Rip my good friend, I really had hoped to see you shine bright this time

take rest knowing you made it to that first bold suit irrespective of the short duration

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:( This is so terrible knowing how stoked you were for this! I am sure the next time you don bold it will last much longer than this and you can run the dictatorship you’ve always wanted to. For now, rest easy with all the beautiful booties up there. Love you Berzerk :( ❤️

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Im truly gutted to see you here tavarish. Was a great view too see you going bold. Such a shame it lasted so short.


Rest In Peace 

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RIP mate, sorry your first CL run ended so quickly :(

Thank you for all your support the last 6 months in philly!

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RIP buddy really annoying :( hope your next of kin makes it back stronger 

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Je suis tellement triste de vous trouver ici. Tellement mal servi mon ami.

Repose en paix B. 😢

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Rest in peace, sorry to see you here 😔
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Terribly sorry to see you here. My greatgrandmothers spoke kindly of you whenever she flew Phil Airlines. Rest in Peace

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RIP :/ 

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Who am I going to offend now with my poor translation skills?

Rest in peace handsome :( sad to see you here! when your kin returns, I hope they send me a mail <3

Thank you for putting up with my shit

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Well, that journey was cut short. Rest in peace, Berserk, may you rest in Valhalla!

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Adios amigo! I didn't want it to turn out this way but here we are. It was great serving with you.

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BerZerk - sorry to see you here fella.


This really does suck my friend. I hope your son stays in the city and reaches out when he needs something.

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Rest in peace

Was a pleasure working with you

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Sorry to see you here BerZerk. Just yesterday we celebrated your first step and eager plans as Crew Leader. Hope your kin continue to strive forward, you have a lot to offer.

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Rest well, sad to see you here ❤️

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