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Funeral Started by: God on Nov 28, '22 08:02

*From the entry of the church a black casket that holds the recently deceased can be seen. And though it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim light, you see a woman in a black veil place a white rose on the casket. You watch as she wipes a tear from her eye. She lights a candle in remembrance of the deceased and walks down the aisle wiping the tears that are now cascading down her cheeks.

The only light inside the church is from the flickering candles on the altar. The candlelight casts an eerie glow across the priest's face. He hangs his head as he starts to read...*

"Friends, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects to our friend, Barney. May they rest in peace. Those wishing to pay their respects may do so at this time."

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Such a cruel world gunning down the most lovable purple dinosaur.. i'll be waiting for your kin Boss.. The Hidden Ones..RIP.. Removes fedora hat and places it on the chest , paying final respects
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Rest in peace my purple delight.

Much love and respect.

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Rest in peace Barney

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