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Descent Started by: Amira on Nov 08, '23 20:41

1:47 a.m.- Day 1


The booming, hollow voice rang out- so loudly that it startled Amira from the dream in which she hadn't realized she'd been lost. With a gasp, her eyes flew open in the darkness. She could see almost nothing at all, but her heartbeat was so hard that she could hear it thumping against her chest. The images of the dream were still horridly clear in her mind. Right before her eyes, she watched her mother and father devoured by some hideous, dark and formless force that crushed them and picked them apart like insects. Amira could only stare, frozen in horror, and scream- though no sound came from her. Finally, she managed to back away; but the darkness followed her- creeping along slowly with every step she took.



10:35 a.m.- Day 4

"Hey- Amira, wait up."

The voice behind her was Tony- though it took her several more seconds to process that information than it should have. Amira slowed her stride and turned to face him. 

Tony almost stopped dead in his tracks, and his eyebrows drew up as he blinked a bit as the face he saw wasn't the one he was used to seeing. The crew's "Left Hand Lady," as she'd sometimes been called, usually had a cheerful, rather pleasant expression and a smile for everyone. But today, well, this wasn't the Amira that Tony knew. 

Her eyes were tired and sunken; and though she was looking at him, they seemed distant. She usually wore at least a little makeup, but her lips were pale and dry. The dark, olive of her skin was somehow more pale. 

Tony's eyes narrowed as he caught up to her. 

"Hey- ok? You feelin' alright?"

Nodding, Amira rubbed her eyes and just sighed softly.

"Not sleeping well. It is nothing of importance- just a lot to think about with the relocation and planning the move on Cortez. You are going to be with us for that one, right?"

She flashed him a smile, both to distract and reassure him.

"Of course. You know I wouldn't miss it."

With a nod, Amira kept moving on her way, hoping to avoid any further questions. She knew she looked awful. She felt awful. She'd tried to sleep for days, but every time she had, the dreams had come- just the same as before. Only, each time, the darkness took different loved ones. Her parents, her brother, her cousins, Tyki, Corrado...and every time, she got this sinking feeling that their deaths were somehow because of her. Somehow, that awful darkness followed her.

Eventually, the fear of the dreams had kept her from sleeping at all. Instead, she would work or read; or walk the halls or the property of the HQ. But sleep- that she would not do.


3:07 a.m.- Day 10

Spencer looked up as the door to Amira's suite opened. He wasn't entirely surprised by the hour. His principle assignment had been keeping the strangest schedule lately. He nodded as she passed, noting that she was dressed for the outdoors in the long, black hooded coat. Great. 

He grabbed his own coat from a wooden chair nearby and began to follow her, smacking his partner on the shoulder along the way.

"Robby, we're moving."

Not quite asleep, but not quite awake, Robby Ward startled and stood up quickly. 

"Bat's out of the belfry, huh?"

Spencer scowled at him, hissing.

"I wouldn't call her that. Do you know how many blades she's got under that coat?"

Amira walked down the grand stairs of the Firmament HQ, humming something and occasionally singing a few lyrics in a language that wasn't English. The hem of her coat floated behind her, and in the dim light from the windows, a glint caught the jeweled scabbard of a sica. Spencer knew that, at some point this morning, she would try and lose them. It was a game she liked to play lately. He guessed that Amira had lost about 15 pounds since Corrado had died, and she'd become lightning fast for it. Sighing, he stretched his calf muscles a little extra as they moved for the door.

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