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Grand Ravenite Social Club (backstory part 1) Started by: BulletToothTony on Nov 09, '23 19:41

BACKSTORY for the Grand Ravenite Social Club


The club was founded in 1926 first as the Alto Knights Social Club (after an old street gang during Prohibition), and later became a hangout for Charlie Luciano and others. The Alto Knights name was derived from the Order of Saint James of Altopascio. In 1957 when Carlo Gambino took over, he renamed the club "The Ravenite" in honor of his favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe, "The Raven". But Gambino stopped habituating the club when he discovered police had a growing interest in surveillance of the club. It then became under the management of Aniello Dellacroce. It was frequented and used as the headquarters of the Gambino crime family in the late 1970s and 1980s.[3] Around 1990, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to infiltrate the Mafia using secret electronic surveillance, because John Gotti used an apartment above the Ravenite; the FBI subsequently sent agents to install voice recorders and other wiretaps inside the apartment. The FBI then used recordings from secret Mafia meetings in that apartment against Gotti. Exterior surveillance also recorded numerous union officials outside the Ravenite, helping the FBI in connecting the boss of the Gambino crime family to the city's labor unions.

Tony's Takeover     >Theme Song<

Tony knew the old Ravenite Social Club was located on Mulberry Street, in little Italy somewhere, he remembers being told stories of the Gotti family that used to own it and run their HQ from. 
Maybe it still has some secrets that might help out the family.. so he took his boys our for a stroll.

Walking down Mulberry Street, nothing much of note here but wait,
"There she is lads" Said Tony.

They all look at this run down, 4 story, town house with a store front on the bottom floor, a clothing store of all things.


Brick top and Turkish, Two of Tony's main men walk in and right up to the employees behind the counter, 

Brick top spoke up "Who owns this joint?"

The Employee's look at these two, Thug looking guys and notice Tony walk in as if he owned the place.

"I can call him if you like?" Replied the Supervisor.

Brick top looks him in the eyes and says, 

"Yeah, tell em, Bullet Tooth Tony is now the owner of this fine establishment and would like the old owner to bring the paperwork"

Shocked, the Supervisor nods and picks up the phone.

Tony could tell the telephone call was intense from the supervisors body language, not fazed he went into the office behind the counter, one of the employee's touched Tony. which he soon learn was a mistake, Turkish twisted that hand to the point the employee hit the ground with force, one small apply of pressure to a knuckle and his wrist snapped with a loud crack.
"Touch Tony you do not" Turkish, the guy talks in riddles but he is a guy you can count on in a fist fight, never knew where he was trained and he don't talk about it, but Tony was always just glad Turkish was on his side. 

Now that everyone was understanding and on the same page, Urgency sprang into the supervisors voice. 

Tony continued to walk into the office, Small and looked like it had not been cleaned in years. Tony thought to himself,

"This is going to be more work then i imagined, time to check out upstairs"
Exiting the office, he walked to the back of the store where an elevator took him to the next floor, Leaving his guys in the store.

After a short ride, Ding!, the doors opened and he walked into a 2 story high, grand room, filled with clothing stacked on shelves throughout.
Not wishing to get himself dirty he went back into the elevator... there was another floor.
Looking at the grand room as the doors closed, He could see a vision of what this could be and what it used to be. 

Ding!, as the doors begin to open, he wonders if this would be the "HQ" area. Looking in, its again, not what he expected.
A dark room with windows on 3 of the walls. But not the far.

"Hmm i wonder why there are no windows on this back wall, and compared to the floor below, seems much shorter"
Tony, as always, couldn't do anything the easy way, removed his trusty side arm, Desert Eagle .50 and shoots through the wall with two shots. BANG BANG.
Tony walks over and peeks through his bullet holes.
"Well fuck me"

Continue for part 2

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