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Grand Ravenite Social Club (backstory part 2) Started by: BulletToothTony on Nov 09, '23 21:09
Tony's Takeover      PART 2   >Theme Song< 

Tony walks over and peeks through his bullet holes.
"Well fuck me"

Inside, Looks totally untouched, like looking through a portal to the past. Tony hears the elevator engage and heading down.
"No doubt that will be Turkish on his way up to see if he missed any action"
Tony smiles to himself and looks about for something to use to smash down the wall. But this room is pretty much empty.

"DING" Goes the elevator, Tony turns to see Turkish, guns drawn and a devilish look on his face.
"Shots of your gun, hear did i? Action have i missed?"  Says Turkish.

"Good timing actually, Take a look err lad" Tony pointed to the holes in the wall, to which Turkish went over and took a gander. 
Tony continued "Find a way to take down that wall will ya"

With that, Turkish backed up to the elevator again but instead of going down to find something to smash down the wall, like a normal person. 
He smiled, then ran full speed at the wall head first. "CRASH" Turkish went right thought it. 

Shaking his head, Tony said,
"Well that's one way of doing it" He went through the hole and stepped over Turkish, who seemed to be out cold on the floor. 
"I do love you Turkish" Saying while laughing to himself.

Now inside the hidden room, he takes a good look around.
"Well now, This was totally unexpected"

The room is very well decorated and with what seems like no expense was spared, The desk and chair looked hand carved but what is this on the desk..
Tony walks over to the desk for a closer look, Its an old note written in Sicilian.

Pi ordini dû nostru patruni John Joseph Gotti Jr, lascamu sta nota pi lu prossimu veru patruni ca pigghia a casa dû club. Stu còdici è pi la cassaforti, ca s'attrova sutta la tavula di lu terzu pianu da la finestra di l'arreri. Ti baciu la manu   

Tony can tell its Sicilian just from his dad, since he himself was Sicilian. Tony tries to read it the best he can. 
"By .... order from our...... erm, Boss.. John Joseph Gotti Jr, we leave this note for the next true boss that takes over this. hmm id guess that's clubhouse. This something is for the safe, ahh code is for the safe, located under the .. hmmm thats a number. ok Unu, Dui, Terzu is 3rd, so 3rd floor board from the back window. I kiss your hand"

Tony walks to the window, counts 3 boards back and flicks out his pen knife. Gently he manages to pop it open, there is a safe inside.
He follows the code on the paper, turning the nob until "CLUNK".

Tony can barely contain himself, He opens it up... Stacks of bills, he pulls out a stack.
"No way, these have to be 500k rolls and maybe 10 of them in there... Jackpot"

"DING" Tony hears the Elevator, He must have missed the sound of it engaging to return back down, He pulls out his .50 and takes position.

The doors open to a well dressed man and Brick Top stood next to him. "Boss, this is the old owner" Brick leaks out a smirk as he says this.

"Ahh yes, come on into my office, lets chat"
Tony takes a seat behind the desk and places his .50 right in front of him. 

Continue for part 3

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