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Grand Ravenite Social Club (Backstory Part 3) Started by: BulletToothTony on Nov 10, '23 17:27

Tony's Takeover           part 3                >Theme Song<

"Ahh yes, come on into my office, lets chat" Tony takes a seat behind the desk and places his .50 right in front of him. 

"Take a seat, i have an offer for you that you cant refuse" Tony lights a cigar he found on the desk.

The guy shuffles in his seat, visually looking awkward and unsure what to do.

Tony Speaks up "My guy, relax a bit. lets start again, My name is Tony, whats yours?" 

"My name is Steve" He replies. Tony shakes his hand, attempting to help him relax "So, Steve, you may or may not know, but this property was once owned by the family, im here to take it back into our hands"

Suddenly a loud grown that turns into laughing, Turkish wakes up. "Whoo Fun that was! Alive i feel!" Tony tries not to but he lets out a laugh, Steve is visibly taken back by Turkish's response. 

"Does he always speak like that?" Asks Steve, With just a look, Tony tells Steve to drop it now..

"So here it is, I want this and your going to give it to me, But i would like you to keep running downstairs, My offer is this, you continue running your clothing store, But you will have to find somewhere else to store the back stock, You will pay us Protection monthly and you will not use this elevator unless i say so, what you see or hear is not to go anywhere else. And finally, your staff will be my own boys i choose... 
Of course, you can refuse this but"

Tony leans over and takes a picture out of his inside pockets
"This is your daughter correct?"

The picture is of this 16 year old, Beautiful young girl

"Such a beautiful young women, i really wouldn't want anything to happen to her, id like to keep her safe and make sure her dad is safe, you know what im saying?"

Steve looks at Tony, pleading "Please dont hurt my daughter, I will do what ever you want, i agree to your terms"

"Ahh that's great news, im sure this will a great partnership. So we will close for about a month, I will be rebuilding most of the building, i will pay your salary while we are closed, a show of good faith"

Shocked by this gangsters good nature, Steve brings out the paperwork. 
"Well, Boss?!... Here is the title and deed for the building" Brick Top opened his hand to take the paperwork, Steve handed it over. Brick gave it to Tony, who signed it and Brick took it and entered the Elevator.

"Before you leave Steve, i want your back stock out by the end of the day, and make a clear path through the store... Oh and sack your staff." Said tony as he takes another puff of his cigar. 

 Steve stood up, extended his hand so shake Tony's, to which he does. I will do as you say, Tony" 

As Steve leaves, Turkish comes close to Tony, waiting for his orders.
"Time to call in the construction boys, Also give Mikey a call, i want you both to watch over this project and the employee's"

Turkish almost looks cranky at having to call Mikey, Also known as Mikey the Pikey,
"Pikey needed not boss, Please, Understand him i cannot" Turkish says as tony smiles "Turkish, while i do love you, Your hard enough to understand most of the time, and yeah, i would agree, Mikey is very tough to talk to. But if things go south, having you both here, i know my investment will be safe.

Turkish, upset at having to work with Mikey, did as he was told.

Tony was going to leave, but thought he should wait around for Mikey to get here, making sure these two don't kill each other.


30 mins later


Tony spent this time searching through draws and drawing on walls all over the place, planning out how this place will look.. Now on the grand hall floor, he hears a voice that is very, unique, coming from the storefront. Pikey.

"Ding" As the door opens, that skinny bare knuckle boxer steps out
"Ahhh Bossman, Aye, yew loik lak ay el Boss na ya na"

Tony looks a bit confused and even after all this time, its still takes a bit to process what Mikey has actually said. 
"Well thanks Mikey, I need you to do something for me"

Continue on Part 4

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