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Grand Ravenite Social Club (Backstory Part 4) Started by: BulletToothTony on Nov 10, '23 19:39

Tony's Takeover, Finale           PART 4                 >Theme Song<


Tony looks a bit confused and even after all this time, its still takes a bit to process what Mikey has actually said. 
"Well thanks Mikey, I need you to do something for me"

Mikey has an excited school child look on his face, even his body is visibly shaking from the excitement
"Aye, Wha, wha... Teel mea bossman. Doncha knoe not cha le an Irishman Wain man, cmon"

Again Tony has to take a second to think what he is trying to say in his think accent.. Its not just the accent tho, he speaks at 100 mph so its just a blur of words. Of everyone Tony knows, This must be the most scary dude of all of them, Not just because you cant understand half of what he says but the guy can fight.

Thinking back to when they first met and breaking himself out of it.
"So im going to just assume that was a yes boss.. I need ya to go find me a dog, it has to be able to look the business ok!"

Mikey turns his head at a slant, "Ahh Dags! , Aye D'ya Ike dags eh! Aye aye, Ill ge ya a dag. Ba ya kna, Dags canni da Business.. Deh a Dag... Ya Kna."

Sadly one of the only times Tony actually understood everything Mikey the Pikey just said and it was maybe the stupidest thing he has heard all day, and hes been hanging with Turkish... 

Before Tony could say anything, the Irishman to the Elevator, As the doors open, His contractors walk out. 

"Ahh im glad your here" The contractor looks at Tony and says "Thanks, Good to be here, So i was told there would be some changes to the plans?"

Tony felt happy that this guy, even thought the LA accent, he could understand him clearly. Tony Replied
"You have no idea how happy i am that you can talk normally, anywhere nether here nor there.. So yes, the plans i gave you are more a rough estimate, i had not actually seen the building.. 
So ....."

Tony went over all the details of his vision to the contractors, while some parts were made clear that it would be difficult, Tony assured them they would be paid well for getting every detail to the dot... Reaching into his inner pocket and removes two rolls of 1k in 100s, handed the two main contractors the rolls.

Thanks for reading all parts of the Backstory, Come by the club in LA and see the finished product. 
You can find the link on my profile.
Also any donations or tips are very welcome
Thanks again

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