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Biography Started by: BulletToothTony on Nov 18, '23 20:01
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                                                                                     Tony Benedetti
                                                                                AKA 'Bullet Tooth' Tony

                                Height: 6'2" (1.88m)      Weight: 190lbs (86kg)        Eyes: Grey        Hair: Black


    Bullet Tooth Tony gained his nickname and some of his rep when an enforcing errand went sour in London. 
    He was shot six times. One of the bullets went through his cheek and broke his front teeth.
    After having the bullets removed, he had Doug the Head coat them in gold and he now uses them as replacements for his teeth.
    Despite the wounds, Tony proceeded to skewer the shooter with a nearby cutlass.

    Some time later, a huge diamond, which had been stolen in the Netherlands, was lost in London. Tony was quickly hired as a repo man by Jewish jewelers who wanted to buy the diamond from Russian gangsters.

    His father was Sicilian and his mother was English. Both are deceased.
    Raised in England, at the age of 18 he left for LV. Later leaving due to his fathers degrading health. His father had died before he reached 
    and his mother took her own life that first night Tony was there.

    Again leaving for the great USA. Arriving in LV, he began doing jobs for local crews, showing his enforcing skills.
    While on a Kidnapping job for one of these local crews, Stuffing a gentleman into the trunk of the car, He was approached by smartly dressed man, who had a look on his face of a man whom had taken a life.
    Turns out it was Tyki Mikk and that job Tony was doing, was one that Tyki had asked the crews to do. 
    Liking what he saw and how Tony handled himself, He began giving Tony better jobs.
    Eventually proving himself and being made
    More jobs, More money, More Opportunity.

    Now moved to LA, Tyki became Godfather and asked Tony to start his own family under him in Downtown. 
    Tony began his crew 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔹𝕦𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕥 𝕊𝕠𝕔𝕚𝕖𝕥𝕪, A crime family that its front is Firearms Trading.


    Tony’s front teeth having been replaced by the bullets he was shot with, gives him an unnerving grin. But he rarely smiles in public anyway..

    Tony is a big, tough, stark guy dressed in a full black three-piece suit.

    He has a strong presence and a gift for repartee, as long as it’s in London street English, better known as cockney.

    Now always keeping his hair cut low and always presenting himself clean and tidy. 



    Tony is streetwise, connected and brutally effective. 
    He stays icily calm in the worst circumstances, although he’ll oppose doing something degrading.

    He speaks in a colourful British slang and tends to have an oddly philosophical view of life.

    He has little hesitation resorting to violence, brutality and torture to do his job, of which they are a common part. 

    A solid helping of everyday sexism, homophobia and the like will also be involved.



    Charisma (Interrogation, intimidation, Persuasion, Leadership)
     Detective (Counterfeit, information gathering, Investigation)
      Vehicles (Land, sea and air)
       Weaponry (Firearms, melee)
          Criminal Expertise (Counterfeit, Murder, extortion, corruption of public officials, gambling, infiltration of legitimate businesses, labor                             racketeering, loan sharking, tax fraud schemes)


  • Tony’s trusty handcannon is a .50 Desert Eagle 
  • He sometimes uses a Cutlass 
  • Black 3 Piece suit
  • Flick out pocket Knife
  • Vehicles: Bentley Mulsanne, Aston Martin DB9, Cirrus SF50 plane, Carbon Fiber Grande 27 Yacht


    Known Associate's 

    Brick Top: Mr Pulford is a ruthless crime lord who owns an illegal betting shop and runs a rigged underground fighting ring.
    Known as Tony's Right hand man he is never to far from Tony. A true Intelligent English Gangster.
    Crimes recorded- Multiple murders, Torture, Arson, Organized crime, Fight rigging, Attempted mass murder, Animal cruelty.

    Mikey The Pikey: Mickey O'Neil is an Irish Traveler pejoratively referred to as a Mikey The Pikey. Mickey is an Irish goofball and an extremely formidable opponent and is not an individual who should be taken as a child, or the consequence... well Hes a pikey. He talks with a Thick Irish accent and he is a very quick talker so quite difficult to understand. 
    Crimes Recorded- Bareknuckle boxing, Arson, Murder, Battery, Robbery, grand theft auto. 

    Turkish: Not much is known about Turkish, Other then he got his nickname because there is never a time that he doesn't have a pack of Turkish Delights in his pockets. He owns a small slot machine business with his brother, Tommy. Turkish always speaks in riddles and can be difficult to understand from time to time, But his fighting skill is like he has done navy seal training, Tony's main Enforcer and often known as Tony's Left hand. 
    Crimes Recorded: Mass Murder, Attempted Mass Murder, Murder, Attempted Murder.

    Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov:  He is an Ex-KGB agent and Tony's weapons expert, He owns a gun shop where he smuggles weapons abroad. Boris is known as the Death King. He has been pronounced as dead 7 times, Sliced up, Shot, Beaten, Tortured for months and yet nothing stops Boris when hes on a mission. Boris has a Russian accent but very rarely speaks.
    Crimes Recorded- No Record

    Franky Four Fingers: is an obsessive, gambling, gang member whose detrimental habits cost him his right ring finger as the result of not paying his debt. Franky is a cool, level-headed, suave, compulsive,, indifferent, and extremely calm and composed person. The desire for gambling can easily be called toxic and dangerous. Franky appears to have no fear of impending death and has no qualms about engaging in his betting habits
    Crimes Recorded: larceny, theft, embezzlement, illegal gambling, fraud.

    The Dog: A Massive Staffordshire Bull Terrier at 110lbs actually named Dog, his jaw is said to have enough psi that he could bend a steel pole. Known to have ripped fully grown mens arms clean off. 

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