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May 27 - 04:02:58
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Funeral Started by: God on Apr 12, '24 00:11

*From the entry of the church a black casket that holds the recently deceased can be seen. And though it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim light, you see a woman in a black veil place a white rose on the casket. You watch as she wipes a tear from her eye. She lights a candle in remembrance of the deceased and walks down the aisle wiping the tears that are now cascading down her cheeks.

The only light inside the church is from the flickering candles on the altar. The candlelight casts an eerie glow across the priest's face. He hangs his head as he starts to read...*

"Friends, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects to our friend, Spicy. May they rest in peace. Those wishing to pay their respects may do so at this time."

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Apologizes...may you rest in peace RHM...
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God, it hurts to see you here.. I'm so sorry, Spicy. It was a true misfortune.

Rest in peace, love. 

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This fucking sucks, I’m so sorry to see you here :/

Thank you for all you’ve contributed Spicy, Rest in Peace.
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RIP sorry to see you here

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Joker placed blue roses on the casket of a wonderful lady.   He said his goodbye as he works to control his pain.  

Rest me love, I hope to see your next of kin soon. 

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Jimmy walks in with a bouquet of assisted rises placing on casket
"Rest me love. You were an Angel among the city of Angels.
I'll miss yiu and you will be forever a part if the Silver Star and myself.
He leaves trying not to let his knees buckle grief stricken
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Rip Spicy.

Thank you for all the contributions you made to LA and for coming over to assist when you were needed.

Sleep well our poker legend.

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Rip hun tragic to see this happen. Look forward to meeting your kin should they find themselves around

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Rest In Peace to the MR Most Valuable Poker Player and a true Friend.
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Seriously sad we lost someone. I hope your next of kin will achieve even greater heights and thank you for helping Las Angeles 

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I know my father will have a nice poker game set up there in heaven for you to all to play and thanks for everything


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Rest in peace, gutted to see you here. One hell of a run though, definitely something to be proud of.

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Rip you are owed a few one outers now at the poker table
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Rest in peace Spicy
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Ivy drops a bundle of roses on Spicy's grave.

Always hate seeing our folk here. Rest well spicy.

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Walks up to the coffin lying at the front with tears slowly streaming down his face.

'Rest in peace, my dearest Spicy....your guidance, support, and warmth will be missed so very dearly. I hope you may find some joy at the great high-stakes table in the sky...'

Lays a single rose at an angle on the coffin, and a pair of aces

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This one hurts :( so sorry to see you here poker queen, may your kin return and kick our asses in poker again

RIP <3

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Rest in peace dear Spicy one. So sorry that you are here. 

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So sorry to see you here my friend. Have your kin reach out to me on their return. 

Rest in peace 

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