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Manhattan's own Taco Stand Started by: HotIce on Sep 13, '17 14:45

HotIce was walking around her HQ, talking with the members of her family when she took notice that the number of open rooms was very few. She knew if she wanted New York to grow as a whole she was going to need to expand her organization in Manhattan. So she called up East_Side_Tacos to discuss her choice.

"Tacos my friend, and trusted Left Hand Man. I want to discuss somethings with you. As you have undoubtedly noticed, our home here is getting quite full. So in order to help New York grow, we need to expand our operations here in Manhattan. I've been thinking about this a while, and after having discussed it with Cletus, we feel you're the best person for the job. You have done nothing but serve New York loyally. That's not to say I won't be sad to see you go, probably not as much as Kitty. Now who will she chase after?" HotIce gave a soft laugh.

She smiles and tosses a set of keys to her good friend Taco, "Here you go my friend. A shiny new place for you to set up your new Taco Stand. I'm proud of you, and I know you'll do great things.  Thank you for all the hard work you've done for Blue Heaven."

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East_Side_Tacos walks from his nice cosy office in the headquarters for a meeting with HotIce and CletusKasady that was scheduled. Anxious he sat down and listened. After HotIce finished he shook her hand vigorously 


Thank you, you wont regret this decision Boss.


On his way back from the meeting before heading to his new Taco Stand which is chained to an electric pole East_Side_Tacos stopped by his office and made a banner.


We don't just stand, we taco stand


Was printed on the banner and hanged across his little taco stand.

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Awesome job Tacos! Best of luck to you in all of your ventures in this grand country of ours! :D

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OneEyedJack smiled when he saw East_Side_Tacos new HQ banner. He was happy to see the district growing. It was a sure sign that business was on the rise in the city. He walked up to the new crew leader patted him on the back and shook his hand.

Congratulations friend, all the best to you. I know The Taco Stand will be a well run, flourishing business with you at the helm.

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Osiris heard about The Taco Stand opening up and made his way to the streets. Once he saw East Side Tacos, he saluted and brought him a box of cigars.

"Congratulations my friend! I can't wait to see the Taco Stand thrive! Oh and let me know when you have a menu, please? I love tacos and this gives me a reason to visit New York more often!"

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Tacos running a family. Someone stick a fork in me. 


Congrats buddy, best of luck!

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Thank you all for the congratulations, I wont let you, who believe in me down.

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