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The House Lannister - Now Open! Started by: The_Kid on Sep 13, '17 23:01

The cold air pushes against your face as you walked in the darkness of Chicago's freezing nights. You finally stop yourself in front of a huge building, with a small ivory staircase leading to a huge oak door. You take out the piece of paper the little kid gave you and double check the address, before walking up the staircase and knocking on the magnificent door.      


Moments later, the door opens up and a wave of hot air flows outside, defrosting the tip of your nose. A well dressed man bends over and invites you to walk in. He closed the door behind you as you started to make your way in the huge corridor that introduced the HQ. There where empty knight armors on the sides of the hall, with torches over their head, to light up the way.    


You finally arrive to the end of the corridor, and you notice a golden throne, and sitting on it was the smallest person you would ever look up to. It was the almighty Tyrion-Lannister.

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  Tyrion gazed down from his throne and the Headquarters that was now his own. Beside him stood The_Kid, his trusted companion and husband. He stood and descended from the golden throne, walking past the immense golden statue erected in honor of dear old dad Tywin, with an inscription reading 'The late Great "God" and Menace: Tywin'

  As much as he would hate to admit it, his late father was the largest reason Tyrion stood where he did today. Him and his loving husband Ravi. Tyrion walked outside his HQ and met with the crowd of people, eager to see why in the blue hell someone built a throne out of gold in this economy.

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Hearing more good news, Osiris found himself wandering the streets again to find The_Kid and Tyrion-Lannister opening up The House Lannister. He knew they would both be busy, so he kindly caught their attention and brought up a bottle of champagne. "Congratulations, my friends! I wish you both the best and I know The House Lannister will prosper."  After popping open the bottle and taking a quick glass for himself, he went back into his sedan to head to the airport.

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Nikki slipped into the HQ unnoticed, leaving a large envelope stuffed with cash on Tyrion's desk. Grinning, she penned a quick note. 

JUST A LOAN! Or, you know, not. Congrats, Tyrion. You will be missed.



P.S. Is there a difference between midgets and dwarves? I'm confused.

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"Congratulations Lord Tyrion!"

Turns his head towards Nikki.

"I think dwarves are smaller for 1/2 feet Nikki" He said with a smile.

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Darkee walks along the footpath and stands at the gates, he checks the piece of paper for the correct address before staring at the numbers which plate the wall. He scrunches up the piece of paper and tosses it to the gutter, he had already heard the news and only came by to see the HQ with his own eyes.

"Well done, little man." He stays while standing outside the gates, he lights himself a cigarette and leaves.

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Seraph came through with a couple of guys in toe. With his recent rise in stature within the family, he had employed some men to help him with his new business expansion. Such was the life. You grow, you expand. And such was the reason he was here. Growth. Expansion.

Seraph joined the others, said his hellos and how the fuck are yas. He did the social thing and waited till the main man wasn't caught up in some form of conversation. When the opportunity presented itself, he approached Tyrion.

"Nice place. Maybe I could get some armor to display in the church." Seraph said with a light in his eye, then quickly changed his focus.

"Ah, what am I saying. Congratulations on your promotion. I wish you success. Here, it's nothing special but it could be of use."

Seraph removed an envelope and handled it to Tyrion.

"Money seems to make the world go round, after all. Be well."

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