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On the Hunt for a south side slob named Dub Started by: Biz_Gainey on Nov 14, '17 19:48
You don’t know me, but I know you. I know all of your types. While you’ve been running round filling your fat belly’s with cash and stash I’ve been serving higher purposes. You thought it was just a job, just orders. You know not of the hell you opened with one shot. No need to worry though, I haven’t killed anyone in years, if I do again...I’m afraid I will never be able to stop. See ya around, dub.
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Shoot man. So many unintentional rips in this. Multiple bellies? 

Heck, you even trashed yourself... You sound a bit rusty with shooting a gun, hit up the shooting range, it'll help you out. God's Speed. 


Dub hands an "anonymous" tip to his corrupt agent about a potential serial killer.

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Watch your back Dub or everyone you ever loved will be gone.
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Ahh, and the identity is revealed. 

You aren't intimidating anyone here, soo... Run along and bother someone else if you will. 


Your petty threats reek of a petty gangster who wishes to be a real mobster one day... Keep tryin', kiddo, keep tryin'. 

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Do you love me Dub?

Glances around nervously 

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Dub? Who's Dub? I don't know any Dub...

Conspicuously kicks a tin can down the road...

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Dub looks at Mickey


Nah, I don't love. I am incapable of it. Joke's on him.

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Dub is my lub, but dub burned it all down with a decision long ago.
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Well I'm glad I mean that much to you that you'd hold onto whatever it is I've done to you or your line. 


Rest assured that I have no idea who you are or what I did so you literally are nothing and meant nothing. If I murdered one of your parents, I don't remember them. I don't remember any details because it was that insignificant of an event to me. 


Keep me being the center of your life and your weird obsession. I'd love it, but as I said, I am incapable of love. 

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Oh, the irony!!
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Just up there

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Where's the irony in it? I don't think you understand irony.

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😂😂😂😂😂 too funny.   Dub it's not looking to good out there,  don't let the bad man get you. 

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