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Toni's Pizza parlor/bar Started by: Enzo_Marretti on Nov 15, '17 05:37

Enzo left his house and got in his car he needed to get back to the boss and pay off his debt (aka taxes). He slowly drove by Toni's Pizza and bar  he stops there for a quick drink , but before he goes in he walks into the alley and lights a cigar. As he smoked His stogie  he noticed a large man  mug him of $5,000 dollars cash He chased the man , but before he got to the man he was already gone. He cursed at himself wondering why he didn't just end the guy , the he realized he didn't need that heat on him he finished his cigar and headed in Toni's for a quick drink and bite. He stepped inside after stepping on the cigar he waved to Toni as he was speaking to one of his employees Enzo sat at the bar. Toni came to Enzo and asked "What would you like to drink ,Enzo?"  Enzo replied " Just a beer today Toni." Toni looked at him with a curious face Toni thought to himself he always wants a glass of whiskey and a large pizza why not today.

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