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Gambling, Is it Worth it? Started by: Shaggs on Jan 13, '18 03:29

     Shaggs was walking down the street after just finishing a pint at The Victorian Public House when he saw a young man selling newspapers on the side of the road. He gave the kid $5 and watched his eyes go wide as he grabbed a paper and kept walking. He was desperate to find out the score of the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees game. He'd put $50,000 down on the Red Sox and he was desperate to find out what has happened. He sighed a a sigh of relief as the Red Sox had trounced the Yankees 4-1.


     Sports gambling was Shaggs weakness. He was able to stay away from the Dice and Blackjack well enough, but he had a hard time avoiding laying money down when he thought he had a great bet. After winning the lottery last night he knew he had some extra cash to spare. The problem was it was going to go straight to another bet. There were so many options to bet these days that he was curious if he was the only one who sometimes had a bit of a problem. He knew Striphe was half retired but the answer would be the same there. What he needed next was to find out from the rest of society. He turned to the streets to find out and said.


I'd like to talk to everyone about gambling.

I for one have been known to be a bit of a gambler in my day and I'd like to find out what the community thinks of it. I view it as a positive. A solid run of dice or blackjack can hire a fleet of Bodyguards or a poor run of Dice can leave you penniless. 

Are the risks worth the rewards? Or is it better to keep your head down and earn the old fashioned way.

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Gambling can make or break you, and its how my family line has gotten through most of their lives in this thing of ours. I can grind for weeks for the money that I need, or I can win it all at once in a single run at the casino.

He flips his favorite lucky coin into the air...

Obviously, it won't always work out and you'll end up in the poor house from time to time, but I've always found that the huge win streaks make up for any losses you've made in the past. Now what you gamble with I think is the big question, are you using funds that were given to you by your family? If you've gotten that bad then its usually time to take a step or two back and walk away from the betting halls.

..and watches as it slips through his hands and onto the floor, rolling down into the gutter.

Damn. Second time today, guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon! Anyhow, to finish up here before I go on my grand adventure, I think that in the end gambling is the most volatile thing about this life, but if you win then you're set up and you've just made as much money as most people will have in months of saving up in a single hour. A pretty good trade-off for being poor sometimes... most of the time, almost all of the time... 

Putting on his slacks, he opens up the sewer lid and hops down into the abyss, leaving everyone to think about his wise words.

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Some guys started talking about gambling while Randle was taking a cigarette break. His ears pricked up, now this was a subject close to his heart. He pushed up from his perch on the steps, and sauntered over to the gentlemen, cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. Raising an eyebrow, he smiled as he spoke.


"Gambling eh? Now there's a real way to pass the time. Mostly a poker man myself though, find it's more a game of skill than luck. Other ways to gamble, well, seems it's only the house that ever wins in the long run, ya know?", he flicked his cigarette into the gutter.


"But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?


Say, you guys play?", Randle held aloft a deck of cards. Upon closer inspection, naked women could be seen adorning the faces of the cards.


"Where do ya suppose she lives, huh?"

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"I, for one, believe gambling to be fine and necessary. I have found myself with plenty of ups and plenty of downs. The ups far outweigh the downs..."

Sully smiled before continuing.

"However, as longa s you can cut yourself off before you run yourself into the homeless shelters, then you're fine. I find myself keeping a nice cushion so that I can pay my boss even if I'm broke. As long as I keep them happy, there are not so many problems. I can always earn more to feed my addictive habits. I can't do that if I'm not alive because I piss my boss off."

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"Personally, I don't gamble all that much. I go about earning mostly by the old fashioned way."

Cherry paused briefly and brushed a stray hair away from her face.

"I have seen some pretty big losses and I have heard the frustration of those losses. Sometimes to me it doesn't seem all that worth it. To lose big only to find yourself scrambling to recover from such a loss. Doesn't really seem like the type of thing for me."

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Tony had been smoking a nice cigar when he heard Shaggs proposing his question to the streets. Gambling, eh? Tony ran inside and called his bookie and his bank back to back. He came outside with a grin on his face.

Well Shaggs, I used to believe that gambling was something that was a great way to earn. That was when my bank account was much, much higher than it is right now. But a couple days of bad luck almost put me in the poor house and that is when I had to cut way down on it.

Now I think that gambling in moderation is the better way to do things. Although it also depends on the situation you're in. If you know you'll need cash soon then it is probably best to stay away from those dice games around the corner. If you're in a nice position where the loss of a few million won't bother you anytime soon then I think you can go and take some big risks to hopefully win big. 

I mean, for some it will just never matter. Gambling will be part of their daily routine.

Tony goes back to the steps of the Mystery Machine HQ and lights another cigar as he listens to more responses to Shaggs question.

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Lighting a cigarette and slowly processes the question, "Alright when it comes to gambling there is a certain amount of skill, preparation, and luck that goes into gambling." Grinning about past earning in Las Vegas. "you just gotta know when to call and when to fold, when to press and when to play it safe, and when to bluff and when to go all in." Toan turned a little more serious, " Never gamble alone, the real gamblers don't drink because it hazes your mind and please for god sake stay away from the slots!" "You listen to these tips and you'll be on your way to becoming a professional gambler."
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