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City-to-City Jail Breaking Competition Started by: Olympia on Jan 13, '18 22:30

Hello everyone!

LinkeLeo and I have worked together to get this idea rolling, and we think it will be awesome!

You can get the details on this competition by clicking this link!

This will kick off at exactly 00:00 game time on the 14th and run until 23:59 on the 14th!

Good luck everyone!

Olympia ♥

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Someone brought it to my attention that they were unable to zoom in on this Doc when they're on their phone, and that the text is too small, so I'm pasting it here.

Jail-Break Competition

Running From: 1-14-2018 at 00:00 to 1-14-2018 at 23:59

The Basics

This competition is a way for all six cities to compete together in a FRIENDLY manner. Whichever city gets the highest average of busts per member at the end is the winner.

What, you ask?

Each member of every city will do as many jail busts as they can. Once you have achieved a bust amount that is high enough for your liking, take a screenshot of your page that includes your name, the timestamp and the jail count on your jail page. Then send that screenshot to LinkeLeo or Olympia. You can send in as many screenshots as you want but only your HIGHEST score will count towards your city’s total. Keep in mind that busts start to fall off your total after six hours.

Who wins?

At the beginning of the competition, we will total the number of members in each city. To keep things fair, Detroit and Los Angeles will be minus one because Olympia and LinkeLeo will not participate. At the end of the competition, the highest scores sent in by each member of each city will be used to total up the number of busts each city has done. Then, we will divide each city’s total score by the number of members they had at the beginning of the competition. The city with the highest average of busts per member wins! Simple.


A prize of $15,000,000 will be awarded to the city that has the highest average busts per member. And perk prizes will be given to the three people from each city that send in the highest amount of busts.

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Here's the fixed results. Apologies for the spam. This is easier.

The top busters result in NY will change because RomanReigns had 601 busts. The results for the winning city did NOT change however.

So this is the fixed results for the top 3 busters in each city.

RomanReigns   601      NY
De_Minion    554       NY
Syndicate    205       NY

Luke    533       LV
Frankie-Messina    252       LV
TonyCastelli    181       LV

ProjecT    413       DT
Nexus    402      DT
SirGodrikz    400       DT

Ramires    342       LA
Conn    97       LA
Eros    54       LA

Rumrunner815    122       CH
Roadrunner    93       CH
MarieCosta    61       CH

DariusBrasi    105       PH
Deckard    99       PH
Storm    3       PH

My apologies to Adorkable, who I included on the original winners list.

Anyways, congrats everyone. Thanks for participating. 


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Would've given the win to LV if I wasn't lazy and cared enough to submit my busts. Oh well.

skips away

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Adorkable had 235. So another mistake on my part. I used the wrong screenshot that she sent me, thinking I used the right one. 

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