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Nov 14 - 09:39:02
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Durden Spawn Donation Drive Started by: Olympia on Jan 22, '18 16:53

Hello everyone!

Since Jan. 19th, I have been running a donation drive for a big Durden Spawn. The drive ends on the 26th at 15:41 game time. Little under four days left!

We have a total of 99 credits donated so far!

So if you have any spare credits you'd like to send up for me to save towards the Durden Spawn, please send them up!

Thank you all,


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Just a quick update again. We're now up to 141 credits! \o/

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We're at 272 credits now! Woohooo.

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274.5 credits right now. Will still take donations to the drive but now send them to Bebe instead of Olympia. 

Thank you all 

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Holy shit, can we just take a moment to recognize that this is the classiest f'ing thing?!? 

When Olympia died I shrugged over my lost credits and wouldn't have blamed anyone one bit if we never heard a PEEP about this.  Shit happens, bad shit, and when you're having to start over those credits would have (no doubt) come in handy.  The fact that you're out here IMMEDIATELY after character death and still pushing forward with this speaks mountains about you as a person.  SO MUCH RESPECT.  My hat is off to you.

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Thank you love ❤️

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I'm with Frankie-Messina here. Thank you Bebe for being awesome! 

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I will confess when I saw your character had been killed, I did think the credits I had sent were lost. Much respect Bebe
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I may be sad about dying and losing my city and my amazing members, but I’m not dirty in the sense that I would keep everyone’s credits for myself. Thank you all for commenting. Much love. ❤️

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Well we're into the last bit of time that the collection is going. It ends at 15:41 and we have collected a total of 300 credits. Thanks everyone.

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True leadership still making moves for the city... You gotta love L.A.
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Olympia has always had class. Maybe you should take a lesson Frankie.

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Well. We gathered 359 credits! 

So here in a few I’ll get the spawn going. :) thanks everyone!

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Is there any way we can get this going again? That would be wonderful!

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Well I can try! We'll see if anyone donates. :)

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