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An Opportunity Started by: Sal_Lucania on Feb 11, '18 15:52

Sal and Marie were out spending the day together. The move had gone well and they were getting settled but had been busy with working for the new family and had not spent much time together.  Sal had looked forward to this day all week, he had been working hard learning the life and trying to make a name for himself. He missed her and spending time with her, when he ran his business in Miami he was free to come and go as he wanted and they spent a lot of time together, he missed that. 

They had spent the morning out by the pier and at the beach when they stopped by a dinner for some lunch and to plan the rest of the day. They sat in a booth and he ordered a BLT and fries and sat there admiring his beautiful wife. 

"So love how are you finding LA?" he asked her. 

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Marie ordered a hamburger and some potato fries with a water.  With a smile she thanked the waitress before turning her attention back to her husband.  "Well the market here is great.  I made a deal the other day that was quite handsome.  I still have not been able to form any connections out here outside our crew.  I hope that changes soon.  How about you?  You have been very busy this week.  I have hardly seen you."  

The waiter came back with their drinks and Marie took a sip of hers.  The slightly chill liquid was rather refreshing after their long walk.  California's beaches were so beautiful.  

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Sal took his coke and a drink. Then reached over and gently takes his wife's hand. 

"I know sweetheart. I have been working hard so that I know we are safe here," he tells her

"It will just take time to make contacts and friends. I am in the same situation."

"I have started to make connections around town, but to get real friends takes money, I have to figure out a new line of work out here," he tells her. 

"My smuggling connections don't work out here. Plus you know how dangerous that could be and then the law I think I need to make a change."

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She rubbed her thumb gentle against his hand.

"Well I have some money I have saved up this week and I have an idea how I would like to invest it for the future, but I know the first thing about all the government stuff.  You know sales tax, gambling license, payroll taxes... and you understand it better than me so...."

She smiled at him.  "Would you consider going into business with your wife and buying a horse racing track that is for sale down the road a bit from here?"

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Sal takes a min to think. He would love to work with his wife, but the look in her says she wants this and he wants her to have her thing. She always supported him with his venture in Miami, she dealt with the trips, jail and supported him through it all. It was time for him to return the favor. 

"I will help you. I will teach you what you need to know and help you get set up," he tells her. 

"and of course I will be there if you ever need anything. But I want this to be your thing. You have always supported my work. Now I want to help you with yours." he tells her. 

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Marie squealed excitedly and stood up enough to lean over the table and kiss Sal quickly. “Thank you!” The movement almost knocked over her water, but Marie didn’t care. She was so excited. She had never done anything like this before and she could not wait to get started. Sitting back down she asked, “What should I do first? Inspect the property?”

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Sal hugged Marie. 

"First you need to find out what its worth. So you need to get a Real estate agent and a guy to go over their books" he told her. 

"Then you have the place inspected so you know what your buying" 

<font color="#D7D7D7">Sal didn't want to scare her but wanted her to do it right. Of course, once they knew what it was worth He and a few guys would go and make sure the owner accepted Marie's offer for way less than that. </font>

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Marie made the mental notes and nodded her understatement.  "I can do that," she said with a smile. 


The food arrived and as they got everything situated it was obvious that Marie was walking in the clouds.  Sal had never seen her so excited about anything before.  In between bites of food she talked about the various ways she could promote the races and draw bigger crowds to bring in great amounts of revenue.  It was obvious she had already put a great deal of thought into this venture of hers.  For someone with no formal business education she seemed to still have a knack and understanding for business planning.

"These are delicious hamburgers.  We should come here more often."

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