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Who killed the streets? Started by: Boogie on Feb 14, '18 07:25

As of today, I am the best speech giver in all of the land. Don’t let your opinions turn you stupid because in life there is only ONE thing that does not lie: statistics. Statistics tell me that a vast majority of our population would love to see me stroke my enormous e-penis, but statistics have led me to ask an even better question than my last one..

Who is responsible for the death of the streets?


Hmmm. We aren’t here to reminisce of times before your grandmother’s breast milk turned into powder, but we do have to take into consideration the amount of activity that’s plagued us. When I say activity I don’t mean the amount of speeches given on a daily basis. No. Being quite frank I see many speeches given. Whether it be horrible stories that no one wants to hear, weddings of the young & ugly, or cut scenes from the diary of those authed. When I say activity I mean the amount, or LACK, of participation. 

You would have sworn every leader grabbed their members by either nipples or nuts and said “If you participate in any discussion outside of this horrible illiterate speech given by someone in MY city or family, I'll kick your fish tank over and wax your butthole hair”

Hmmm. Quite disturbing.

You see, in my honest opinion there’s one thing and one thing only that will save our streets that have been dying for many generations. PARTICIPATION. Ok ok I get it. Everyone doesn’t need to come out here and give their own speech on their own soap box. Everyone doesn’t have it in them. However, everyone can contribute in the smallest way possible. Something as small as chiming in on a topic whether it be this new drug the young kids take called “trolling”, or a simple “Beautiful speech as always Oh boogie The Great One”. It’s the small things that add up.

So to answer my own question. The streets are dead because of you google-eyed drooling numb nuts who complain, but won’t even give a 4 word response to anything on these streets besides a staged operation ahead of time. Instead of debating controversial topics, teachings those around us, or even setting standards, all I see is a bunch of Shakespeares doing ballerina ballets all over the fucking streets!

Madioso? No. More like power rangers.

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Madios? What is that?

Oops, four word response...
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“Beautiful speech as always Oh boogie The…” Dar stopped speaking mid-sentence as a merry girl walked past while throwing him a playful smile.  It’s intriguing how some people have an impact on their environment, just in the way they appear or behave. Even when dusk has come over the city and the people turn to their houses to call it quits, this girl radiates energy as if the best of the day is yet to come.

“Sorry for getting distracted there,...” Dar apologised to Boogie. “But life sometimes put things one’s path that means they’re somewhat absent on another stage, but in the same moment. Anyway, in response to your observations and self-answered question, I’d have my own observations and questions to further that”

“While it is clear what you summarize as ‘dead streets’ and you also give some hints about what you’d consider lively streets; what do you consider as meaningful streets?”

Dar quickly glanced around, to see if he could still spot the girl who walked by just now.

“For example, if I would want to romance a girl, I’d do so because I’m attracted to her. I’d take her out to dinner, because I like being with her. I’d go lengths to impress her, because she’s worth it. I’d do all that, because it is a rewarding experience for me.”

“Now, taking that back to the topic at hand. Is putting down an effort on these streets a rewarding thing? Ultimately, that will be personal for everyone. For me so far it has been, because I enjoyed meeting Mr. Jones in that way and learned a lot from him and he introduced me to a great family. Because of that, in time, I’m sure I’ll meet other interesting people as well.”

“But I’ll admit, that now I’m more introduced into this lifestyle, I do wonder whether the only friction in this world is played out with guns, or also with words. Engaging in a heated discussion can be very rewarding as well. In fact, while it might feel that two parties involved are opposing, if both of them are mature about a discussion it might prevent that same discussion being had with guns in the end.”

“Each of us learns throughout their life and if a more public lesson being taught to someone, that’s not something to be embarrassed over as it’s completely natural to happen. That counts especially in a socially complex place as this and in that way so far I’ve been surprised of not seeing that as much en public”

“Now, I think embracing some verbal friction and mature discussion would entice more people to participate on these streets. Simply because it’s more interesting compared to sharing the chit chat about today’s weather. I guess you feel somewhat similar, as in my interpretation your general tone of voice feels like you are poking around with a stick to provoke reactions. Maybe in that sense it would be better if we didn’t agree.”

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Cherry had been standing nearby listening. She pushed the hair from her face and spoke up.

I can tell you that I haven't said any such thing to my members. They are more than welcome to come out here and speak for themselves.

However, I do not think that the streets are ultimately dead. Just because there are things that you may not be fond of there are people sharing their stories still. In some areas that is still a win for the streets. There is still participation if you look at the multiple sides of stories. Do they always get attention? Nope. There are some stories I wouldn't like to hear like the ones where the person was disloyal to their city, or where they are learning to walk. I want something exciting. Something to really sink your teeth into.

The same goes for discussions. I much prefer discussions actually. I do not think I need to come out here with one of my own but should there be one, like now for instance, where I feel like it's something worth talking about then I will be here. With bells and whistles and giving it my full attention. I am sure many others would be as well if they felt so compelled by the topic.

Perhaps its finding topics for discussions that will inspire an actual discussion that needs to be considered? Or you could actually include people's life stories as actually bringing something to the streets.

With a shrug Cherry stepped back into the shadows.

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