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Feb 18 - 15:06:28
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Interested In Helping? Spring 2018 Seasonal Events Started by: Frankie-Messina on Feb 14, '18 20:21


The Ivory Tower learned a LOT by hosting the Winter event up in Chicago (mostly what NOT to do when you want to see events succeed and you could die at any moment!)  So - needless to say, I hope we're better prepared to do something bigger, better, and ideally more successful in the end for Spring 2018.

This thread is to let me know if you're interested in helping out.  Whether that's in helping encourage your crew to participate in crew vs. crew events, offering to host a game/contest, willingness to donate items or cash as prizes, or some other way that I haven't mentioned here.

So, if you're wanting to help The Ivory Tower do something amazing this spring for the whole community, please reply here and I'll add you to our contact list for the planning committee.  I hope to have our first meeting within the next week.

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I am not sure what my schedule will be, but I would like to help in some way.



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I'm definitely happy to help out! You've got my support.

~Tony Castelli

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You know I love a good community event, I'm here for you. 

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Very keen to help out, count me in!

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Joy TonyCastelli Syndicate Alex_Turner

Planning Session to be held this Saturday March 3rd 20:00:00 in #IvoryTower ... if you can not make it but wish to be a part please let our chairwoman for this spring's event ( Matty ) know as soon as possible. 

I will send a notice about this to upper structures momentarily so you can forward to your members.  :)


PS:  If you can't attend, Matty, let me know!  ;)  Sorry for setting this meeting on the fly.  It won't happen again!  LOL!

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Results from Meeting #1

RP Premise/Backdrop

Some sort of theme/premise that can be used throughout the month of April in all RP scenes (our winter one was a massive blizzard as example) - Not yet locked down.  Several ideas were tossed about including:

  • something with a them of 'rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. '
  • Huge influx of ammo into the states
  • Weather Issues (Flood, drought, etc)
  • RP Alliance of Bad Guys
  • Major Economic Issues relating to real world historical events


Several events have been discussed and who would run/host them... this is what we have so far:

Seasonal Crew Suit Contest - Matty
Poker Tournament - Prof V.
Russian Roulette Tournie  - Calpain
RP Chat Event - ???  Possibly Frankie/Tower
Scavenger Hunt - Frankie
Spring Photo Contest - Tower
Durden Spawn - Tower


Got ideas and want to share them?  Let us know!  PM myself or Event Chairperson Matty

Anyone wanting a copy of the log feel free to PM me!

Next meeting will be announced soon!

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Ha, I'm curious to see how the Russian Roulette tournament will play out in practice. It sounds awfully dangerous.


Respect and thanks for taking on the responsibility to organise such a massive event though. Cool stuff.

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Thinks that russian roulette are like a duell which already MR having in here. But looks abolutely goo to se the other things so hope some of them will be done.

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