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Witness statements Started by: 1HCL1 on Feb 15, '18 00:58
What happens to WS when they get sold to the warden? Do they just get deleted never to been seen again or can some get access to them to have a look to see who's hitting who?
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Warden Connor Smith
purchase witness information

When selling WS was a steady thing, you could purchase them to gather information
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If you sell to the warden you can buy witness statements.

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Kind of off topic, but I always thought the selling of WS’s was an odd practice for a mafia rpg. Widespread snitching and violation of Omertà? I have never sold one.
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Ye I've also never sold them.  Always considered it snitching as well.

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I wonder how many snitches turn in a WS when CL's are requesting a WS?

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How often do people get WS I think I've had 2 so far while I've been here and both of them you can't horny make out the attackers name.
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What would be the point of the sleepy? Surely the $5k people would get wouldn't be worth betraying your CL for.
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6 months ago we made a change that severely limits what sends out a witness statement.  Prior to that, a witness was sent out every time someone wacked someone (npc, human, whatever).  You were basically flooded with witness statements all day every day. 

No one cared about 99% of the witness statements because they were junk info.  A player killed a random IA... who cares.  People would sell the player on tyler, player on ia type ones in large quantities because they didnt matter.

When the game shifted to a group at the top who were disliked by so many, the only way they could stay at the top is to kill anyone who possibly could have a gun.  So they purchased witness statements from the warden and compiled a list and had anyone who appeared on it a lot to be killed.

So, we made a change for the betterment of the game to only generate a witness statement under very rare conditions.

Now most witnesses are very serious and most are handed off to the appropriate person rather than just sold in bulk like they used to be.

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What defines very rare conditions?

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Are the rare conditions in favor and when the WS is rendered to the favor so to speak is there just a  favorable opportunity to retal  on the WS rendered? This is what I call fair game.

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Witness statements are only generated on player on player wacks that are not ia.
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Don't you think if you are going to have witness statements for "player on player", the killer should be notified they were snitched on before the big guns go ape?

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Good idea huh?

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Sleepy that would present a challenge. 

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