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a normal Business Started by: ThomasShelby on Apr 09, '18 20:55

Thomas just arrived to NY, with th company of his brothers, they are here to take care of some arranged meeting and tradings at the same time. Arthur is holding the package, while speaking along the way all the time and hear John taunting him and laugh together.

Arthur faces Thomas and continues with his British accent:

"hey Thomas, have you heard this one? A story of a hidden love between two memebers of opposite gangs who are against eachother. The English Mafia and One Direction. Can they overcome the fact that their gangs are complete opposites or will their love perish?"

John replied:" oh that was mean brotha..haha"


"Enough jokes brothers..." Thomas replied


he breathout the smoke from the last long inhale from the cigarette, threw it away, arranged his tie...


"this is it, here we are boys, ill do the talking, John you stay outside as we planned, we cant juat risk, we do the trade and walk out. Arthur, c'mon"


"make it quick brotha" John said

and takes his cigarette out...

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Vince, an Italian Mobster would be sent with three other guys to execute the deal between his Mafia and the English Mob. Him and these three other guys were to act as body guards to a Wise Guy who was to receive the package and give the Englishmen their money.


"Boss sure about this?" Vince asked the Wise Guy in front. 

"100% sure. Now, we will wait here until they arrive." 

"Got it." Replied Vince.

They then saw the Englishmen, walking towards them with a package in their hand.

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Thomas walked up the stairs, arthur followed behind.
as the arrived the meeting, Thomas recognised the Vince's face

"ah, look whos here,... he's one of our boys,sry we didnt know you are our contacts, i just arranged some safty factors"

he points with his head, leading arthur and the package.

"the package is here, other thing have been taken care.. you know the deal now on"

he takes a cigarette out,
"alright gentlemen"
he nods and turn their way back
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As Vince takes the package, Vince feels it to make sure of it's contents. He then whispers to the Wise Guy, "I don't think this has what it needs to have..."

The Wise Guy looks at Vince, and then looks at the Englishmen that have begun to walk down the stairs. The four Italians looked at each other, then back at Thomas and his brother.

"Now you wait here just a damn second." The Wise Guy said. "You Assholes better have our damn Speed in here. We gave you good money for the top notch stuff."

Vince grabs the Revolver in the back of his belt, awaiting a response from the Englishmen and preparing for the worst. 

The Wise Guy continues to speak, "Well, you guys gonna talk?"

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Thomas stoped walking for a second, not turning back, lights his cigarette

"you gentlemen,... you just take this to your superior and not more talking eh?"

he breathout the smoke and turns to the Italians.

"we did our part, package is what it should be, we are allies in chicago and there nothing to worry"
he takes another shot from the cigarette
arthur's hand still behind his gun belt, waiting for any unwished move

"be a good man, take the package, bring it to your superior and dont get anyone trouble"

then he turns and kept walking downstairs
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Vincent turns towards the other body guards, and speaks to one of them with a hushed tone.

"Call in backup. We are gonna get more outta them before they go anywhere." The other body guard then nods his head and walks towards the phone on the wall, and begins to speak with someone on the other line.


As the brothers re-unite outside the building, they hear cars screeching around the corner, racing towards them. They stop and hit the breaks right infront of the three, and around ten guys jump out with Tommy-Guns. 


And only a moment later, the Godfather steps out. 

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Thomas looks straight in the godfather's eyes, ignoring people around, gangsters,cars, tommy-guns...
Arthur takes out his gun, so as John, which is confused yet focused...

people around get back and try to go away from bullets sight

Thomas rases his right hand, showing Arthur and john that there is no problem

"good morning mr...?"
he takes a shot from the cigarette
and threw it away right after

"i believe you must be our real contact"
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The Godfather would look straight back into Thomas's eyes, and grinned. 

"Indeed. I am your real contract. Now, let us discuss business. My fellas tell me that you tried to cheat us on a deal with some...goods. Vince, come here. Handover the package and let me see."


Vince would hesitate to hand the Godfather the package currently in his hand. "Sir, Godfather. We can't open this package here, there's just too much risk in it. I'm afraid I can't do that."


The Godfather frowned, and looked away from Thomas, and at Vince.


"Vince. You've been with my family for a very long time, and you're like a son to me. Now, HAND OVER THE DAMNED PACKAGE VINCE!"


Vince did not hand over the package, and kept a firm grip on it. He turned and looked at Thomas.


"This ain't gonna end well Thomas. Take your brothers and get outta here."


With those words, Vince dropped the package and stopped on it, revealing there to be 2 kilos, as promised.

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Thomas smiled and looked at Vince
"see godfather, we dont 'Cheat' our allies as i told our common friend"

he turned to godfather
"pleasure doing business with you

he lifted his hat a little bit


and they kept walking down the Street

Vince and others saw that they reached a truck loaded with 5 armed man, guns ready and speaking to thomas, and they could see as well, that thomas was trying to calm them and tell em that everyrhing was okey.

they got in once again and left,till vanished on the otherside of the block
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After that, Thomas would not hear from Vince for another week or so, until one day he heard a knock at his office door and saw a note slip under. It said to meet in the back alleyway behind the best English pub in town. At hearing this, Thomas would have to decide to trust his shifty Italian friend, or to decide to not go meet Vince. 

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