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The White Suits of Summerlin Started by: Briya on Apr 12, '18 12:25

A thick folder lay on the desk in front of Briya. Inside it, notes and documentation of Jack_Mcgurn's accomplishments since his early days in New York under her. She smiled as she turned the pages; few worked as hard as he had to make a name for himself in so many ways. 

A glance at the desk blotter calendar underneath the folder reminded her why she was taking this little trip down memory lane. She needed a member to branch out soon, make room for those mobsters that were constantly arriving in Vegas and looking for a piece of The Life.

Picking up the phone, she called Maddix, Brancer, and Jack into her office. Before they arrived, she went through the similar motions she'd done a long while back and set up four whiskeys using a reserve bottle she kept in her desk drawer. As the men each arrived, Briya simply smiled, all pranks aside today.

"Jack. Last time we did something like this, you were a wise guy looking to make his bones. Now, you're a consigliere, and an outstanding representation of a damn well-rounded mobster. We need to expand Summerlin...think you're up to the task?" She asked, handing him one of the lowball glasses as the rest of them helped themselves to the remainder of the drinks on the desk,  then watched with amusement as Jack absorbed the request.

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Jacks stomach dropped when he was asked to branch off and start a new family. He felt very excited and grateful at the opportunity Briya has presented him with. At the same time he was sad and a little frightened, he had been protected by Briya and the family for so long now that he was amune to the comfort she provided.  He wondered how he was going to do on his own.  

Taking the drink from Briya Jack began to smile.

”Thanks you guys for being there for me when I needed you the most.  I will accept the authorization of The White Suits.  Briya, Maddix, Brancer The 7% Solution will always be where my loyalty lies.”

Jack then tipped the glass into his mouth until it was empty.  

“Now let’s party family.”

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While in Vegas, Bubbles heard about the further growth of Summerlin. It has already been a good day for the city and with this move, things got just a bit better.

She made sure to grab Insomnia on her way out of ReignMan's headquarter after the reveal to Lucky. The pair made their way up North to Summerlin, heading straight over to Jack's new headquarter, they made sure to make a stop along the way and pick some congratulatory cigars. It was Lucky's supplier, he made sure to have them hook her up.

Finally they arrived at his shiny new headquarter. Jack was standing there, being congratulated from the masses. Bubbles threw a couple of elbows and made her way to the front, box of cigars in hand.  Reaching out she shook his hand while with the other handing him the box.

"Jack! Congratulations on this new adventure. It's nice to see Vegas continue to grow. I have no doubt that Briya picked a wonderful person to further the prosperity of Vegas. Again congrats."

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Brancer laughed hard when he heard Jack’s declaration of a party, but he wasn’t one to argue with that. “You worked your ass off, Jack. It will be exciting to see what you can do with your own crew. Good luck.” He said just before taking down his glass in one drink the way Jack had previously. His enthusiasm had been a bit contagious it seemed.

He looked at Briya with a smirk. Brancer was pretty sure this whiskey was expensive. It sure as hell tasted great, though that could have just been the overall mood of the place. He pulled out a cigarette to light just as the door opened. 

Brancer gave an excited wave to some familiar faces from back in New York when he spotted the Godmother of Manhattan and her right hand man in tow. Brancer nodded along as he listened to her congratulate Jack. He had felt the same.

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The pair of Godfathers had taken the red eye to Las Vegas as soon as they heard the good news of captains being setup in the sin city. It wasn't all to long ago Bubbles and Insomnia had branched ReignMan and Briya into the city. It made him smile to hear the duo was doing so well and branching out their families as well in preparation of taking over the title of Godfather. Looking over his shoulder at Bubbles, Insomnia cracks a smile.

"They grow up so fast!"

Pretending to wipe away a tear from his eye he cracks up laughing while nudging Bubbles. 

"Think we should knock?"

Just before he finished asking, Bubbles had already opened the door, walking through the place as if she owned it. It was quite the normal routine for her lately it seemed, barging in without knocking but he adored her and followed behind grinning.

"I swear one of these days we're going to barge into the wrong place at the wrong time and I know who I'm blaming."

The two continue through the room until finding Jack surrounded by a group of familiar faces, hurdled around him in celebration of his newly earned headquarters. Insomnia loops arm in arm with Bubbles as they nudge others out of the way until the two come face to face with Mcgurn.

"Congratulations my friend! I'm so thrilled to see Briya has chosen you to setup alongside her as the first captain for Summerlin. It feels like not to long ago I was first welcoming you into the city and recommending you to help the 7% solution. It's crazy how fast time can fly by, you've definitely come a long way and deserved this."

Leaning forward Insomnia hugs Jack, patting him on the back while stealthily slipping a stack of hundred dollar bills into his jacket pocket without him noticing. 

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BumbleBee was around in Las Vegas saying his congrats to all the new bosses setting up in the city. The thugs of the city were starting to work under a structure of organized crime now. There was finally some semblance of organization among the gangs in the city. ReignMan and Briya were putting the gangs of LV in their rightful place. Business was staring to pick up again, city was returning to its former glory steadily. After having spent the night celebrating with Lucky the night before. Bee heard about another announcement in the city, this time at Briya's HQ. Not the type to be missing announcements, Bee jumped in his car and made his way out to the HQ. Once he got out there, he noticed Bubbles and Insomnia's entourage already parked up front. Bee walked out mumbling. 

These guys showing up before me everywhere these days. Man! I must be slacking or something!!! 

He pulled out a fine bottle of bourbon he had picked up for the occasion and walked inside the HQ to go find the man of the hour. Still woozy from his night of drinking last night, he sipped on some lemon water as he said his hellos to the folks in the HQ. He shook hands with Maddix_Cruz, Brancer and then finally Briya before he made his way up to Jack_Mcgurn

Look at you bro! I can remember when you started out in New York, you were yeee high! 

Bee points out putting his hand out there. 

And now your rising in the criminal world. You always did show promise with our workings in New York. I always did expect some great things from you.

He taps Jack's back, dusting off his shoulders ever so slightly. 

This one came to me as a pleasant surprise though. This in many ways, is your entrance into the upper echelons of our world. And I cant think of a more deserving man for the job. Briya has made an impeccable choice here, annointing you as her captain. I am sure you will make us all very proud. 

BumbleBee hands over the bottle he had brought as a gift for Jack. And then raises a toast. 

Congratulations Jack! I wish you nothing but the best on this new adventure. 

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Not long after the celebration of setting Lucky up with his own HQ to expand operations in The Strip.. the news had been passed along that Briya would be authing one of her own to set up under her up in Summerlin. This was great news for Las Vegas. Exactly what Reign had hoped for. Exactly what everyone was hoping for. Just like that.. two families became four. 


Everyone was already in town which was perfect.. Insomnia and Bubbles were sure to be there. BumbleBee was also sure to be there. Reign always looked forward to seeing his old friends. The car dropped Reign off along with Lucky and Dollface and LillJack. The others were also coming.. Nyx, SamStone, and Satire were coming in another vehicle together. 

"What a beautiful place they had all picked out up here in Summerlin. Looks great!" Reign said to the others as they walked up to the front door. Everyone shook their head in agreeance. Lucky reaches up and knocks on the door. It took what seemed like a couple of minutes for the door to even begin to open. It creaked ever so slightly, and just through the crack you could make out an eye peering out. The door flung all the way open and there stood Jack_Mcgurn with a big smile. "Welcome to my new humble abode folks!" he said. 


"Congratulations my friend! We're very happy to hear you have been selected to set up out here. Definitely looking forward to see you represent our fine city." Reign says with a smile. The group shake hands and make their way inside to greet all of the others in attendance. 

Everything seems to be going pretty well out in Las Vegas. Everyone is happy and this is a great thing! Cheers to Jack for his new crew! 

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 Nothing like the celebration of someone stepping into the frey of leadership, TM thought to himself as he sat i the dining area of The Sun Ray motel located on the fabulous Las Vegas strip. For a while now all he heard about was the major events going down in summerlin and that many of the communities prestigious figures were in town to enjoy a little party for the new leader. TM could only remember his own, the find memories bringing a smirk to his face. “Johnny.. Rocco... get the car warmed up we’re going to Summerlin.” TM announced to his men as headed back to his room. Swapping his leisure wear for a formal three peice pinstripe suit gangster style of course. Even tho it was a tad too hot to be wearing all the layers, TM always didn’t his utmost to make s good impression. Soon after he gets ready the trio make their way to the festivities. At first TM is amused with rubbing elbows with some of the various people in the community he had seen around before . Greeting each of them respectfully before he make sure it to the man of the hour. Walking over to Jack he takes his hand in a firm handshake, himself like so many others soon congratulating the man.

”First and not formost I would like to offer my congratulations, and my enthusiasm to see just what’s special touch you’ll bring the district. I often find each leader seems to bring their own something special Ron the table. I wish you the best on your future endeavours, may your family expand in both number and influence. Salute”

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as LillJack leaves the car with ReginMan,Dollface and Lucky he send one of his bodyguards to bring him present for Jack

"hurry up we are late"LillJack says

in few moments bodyguard arrived with bottle of best russian vodka and cuban cigars

LillJack takes it form bg and run into HQ to say few words

"Jack I m happy to see that Vegas is getting new family and I m happy that you will lead it to the glory

this present are from our Russian and Cuban brothers,only the best products to start this party"

after few words lillJack stand back and light one of those cigaras

"well they are the best in the world"hi thinks to himself

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Sam reluctantly got into the same car with Nyx but followed ReignMan’s orders anyway. ReignMan said they were heading to Summerlin. Sam climbs into the backseat, Nyx and Satire were already seated inside. The car starts to drive away to it’s destination with the three of them on board. ReignMan and a few others were in the front car. Nyx was tellng Sam how she wanted to paint the HQ door purple which Sam disagreed. Sam shook his head rapidly, “No, You can’t run around the HQ and paint it with whatever color you like!” to which Nyx replied, “I don’t care!” They went back and forth abouth it for quite a while which made the drive feel shorter but must’ve felt forever for Satire and the driver.

Their bickering stopped when the car came to a stop. Sam looked out the window to see ReignMan, Lucky, Dollface, and LillJack already standing outside of their car. Sam looked towards Nyx and said, “This is not over.” Sam turned and puts on a straight face as he exited the car. The gang walked up to the front door together, Lucky knocked on the door and after a few minutes the door opened to reveal Jack_Mcgurn standing in the doorway. 

The gang walked in one by one shaking Jack’s hand as they moved inside. Sam walks up to Jack and gives a firm shake, “I’ve heard many good things about you Mr.Mcgurn. Nice to finally get the chance to meet you in person.” Sam walks inside to join in on the celebration.

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Ramone was strutting his beat after being unseen the last few days. His skin was a bit pale and his muscles looked a bit smaller. He needed to make sure he made his way to the gym sometime soon. Old ladies were no longer just throwing their purses at him. He knew he had to hit the gym... but before he got to the gym, he heard an appointment speech.

"Congratulations to Jack and the rest of the city of sin. I hope all the best moving forward."

Ramone steps back after paying his respects to find a gym and a tanning salon. 

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Obito was too lazy to get out of the house, he adjusted himself to a table and snuck out a pen and paper. Jack Mcgurn's word of him setting up out in Vegas went around town pretty quickly, and to think this was the guy that he had met in his own gun store selling him a machine gun, a chuckle just came out at him. He began to write in cursive on the paper.

Hey Jack,

I just got the word of you finally getting the order to settle down with your own crew out in Vegas. I would've came out to meet you but I had a rough night last night, alcohol fucks you up with a good hangover and I've decided to stay home the day. In other words, good luck and keep it easy. If you need me, you know where to find me.


"Fuck it. That'll do. Mail this to Jack Mcgurn out in Vegas, will you Ed?" His personal bodyguard nodded and left his apartment. Obito went back to sleep soon after and snored off. 

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Were in White Suits will make sure our white suits every day is clean and show up them like their new ones, beware, were white but could also be black suddenly so dont be surprised if we fast change over to that :p


The White Suits slowly grows in number and make sure to get better and better.


Jack is home and make sure we all get busy and were glad to work for him.

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