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Aug 02 - 17:31:57
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Selling Credits Started by: Boriss on May 02, '18 17:55

0.5$ each.

If you buy 500 or more, I'll give them to you for 0.40$ each.

Only accepting paypal/bank transfers.


If you need more info/proof, like how much I got etc just ask via mobmail.

Izzy can permaban me if I don't deliver.

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Currently having some issues with PayPal. They'll be fixed as late as 13th of May.

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Due to things beyond my control, even though I did everything correctly, PayPal is still having some issues with me. As a compensation for those that might have waited, I'm throwing a 0.05$ discount for whatever price range one might hit.  This will last for the first X people.

TL;DR 0.45$ for under 500, 0.35$ for 500+ if you are fast enough. Only bank transfers.

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Bought 50 bucks worth and got a few extra, thanks Boriss. Cant wait to lose it all :P

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Just letting the people that've been waiting for my paypal issues to pass, know that everything's resolved now and that I'm accepting PayPal as a method of payment. :)

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Are you still present and doing this?

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I also may be interested.

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Hey all. I'll be re-opening my thread for the sale of credits.


The base value of a credit is 0.50$.

Purchases of more than 250 credits will receive a 0.05$ discount per credit purchased.

Purchases of more than 500 credits will receive an additional 0.05$ discount per credit purchased.


In retrospective:

  • 125$ nets you 250 credits.
  • 250$ nets you 555.55 credits.
  • 500$ nets you 1250 credits.


For any high-rollers looking to cash out on 0.35$, or looking to sweeten the deal with various perks - just reach out. I have quite the collection.

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Nice deals, and a good guy overall. Every dealing I've had with Borirss here has been professional, courteous and downright fun. If you're looking for a good buy, this is it, not many places willing to sell for 35 cents on the dollar you know.

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not many places willing to sell for 35 cents on the dollar you know.

That's only on purchases of $500 or more. Granted the deals that are shown are steal worth a good buy for people looking for credits.

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Still selling, for anyone interested.

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A fellow player brought to my attention something regarding my listed prices, so I might as well update them, clearing any future confusions.


  • Less than 100$ -> 0.50$ per credit purchased.
  • 100$ or more -> 0.45$ per credit purchased.
  • 200$ or more -> 0.40$ per credit purchased.
  • ??? or more -> 0.35$ per credit purchased. *

* - Contact me if you ever plan on doing a big one. Terms will be negotiated per player, per deal, and might differ.

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You were transferred 325.00 credits from Boriss. The note "Credit Purchase for 130$ (Discount)" was included

Just wanted to show people my experience, guy was super easy going and made the process and easy and trustworthy experience. I’d recommend this to anyone who didn’t plan on investing directly into the game.
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what are credits used for exactly?

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Mias,Bodyguards,jail spawns, durden spawns, etc.
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Vouching for him too.
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Hes real thing for sure

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Thank you all for the trust. Still have a lot more from where that came from.

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This is my new official account.

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Selling 250 credits for $90. I am a reputable user, will show my usernames when asked upon via mob mail.

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