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James spreads his wings and flies to Ballard Started by: Jasmine on May 14, '18 21:09

Jasmine, @TonyCastelli , @Klejnot and @Williams have been in talks for a while since Jasmine decided she would like someone by her side in the running of Ballard. She made up her mind on the perfect man and set about her ways to make this happen. 

After a final meeting with the other crew leaders of Seattle she sent out @AlexaBliss to go find him. 

Several hours later, Jasmine is sat in her chair behind her over sized desk writing out the paper work, contracts and preparing the new lease of a fresh newly built and decorated building. Alexa walks in and following behind her was @James . 

"Sit down, we've been expecting you." Blooter says excitedly while pulling out a chair for James. James has no idea what is going on and is very bewildered as he is now sitting in front of a leader that wasn't his. What could possibly be going on? 

Jasmine smiles across the desk and pushes some papers in front of him. He scans over them and looks up at Jasmine. "I don't understand.." James says in a shaken voice. "Read them, James. You will be pleasantly surprised." Blurts out AlexaBliss. She couldn't contain her excitement.

James picks up the papers and reads over them carefully. His face lighting up with a huge grin. 


"Yes, James. I would like you to work along side of me in Ballard. I feel like you've been a great asset to Seattle already and I want you to spread your wings now. 

Bursting in through the door was @BlackPanther and TonyCastelli.  "Come on, the others will be waiting." They shout. Jasmine opens her drawer and takes out some keys then hands them to James. 

"Just sign on this dotted line and it's all yours. " Jasmine smiles. "Then we will go over to the HQ to meet everyone else."

James signs the papers and takes the keys from Jasmine. 


Standing outside of the HQ, Jasmine places her arm around James and squeezes him a little as they look at the shiny new building with drinks in hand. 

"Congratulations, James! I know you will do great things. Now all we need to know is what you will call this HQ of yours?" Jasmine winks as she waves over the others to join them in a toast and some drinks. 

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Congrats man it's been awhile since my line has seen your's in bold but I'm excited to see what you will do in your time. Salute.
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Everything was happening so fast, James could not believe what was going on. The hangover probably wasn't helping, but he tried his best to keep his composure as he looks down at the paperwork placed before him. 

Suddenly it feels as though someone has grabbed the corner of his lips on each side and stretched them back, as he lets out a big smile that not many have seen before. Could this be real? He looked up and saw how excited Jasmine was - it was definitely real. 

"I don't know what to say... Thank you!" James exclaimed, still in slight disbelief.

He signs the papers and takes the keys as he sees Godfather TonyCastelli and the one man he knew he could trust to take along with him in his new venture, BlackPanther. They all head over to the new building and stand outside, cracking open a bottle of the most expensive champagne. He feels Jasmine place her arm around him and ask what he is to call the new HQ. Well, James had known for a while what he'd call it if he ever saw this day.

"I got the perfect name. I'ma call it, The Loco Motives HQ. We are a crazy lot after all." He chuckled. 

"Ahh, thanks a lot guys. From town drunk train driver, to running the show in Ballard with Jasmine sipping on the best champagne. Who would of thought it, ay?" He continued laughing to himself.

"Let's get drunk to celebrate!" He says as he raises his glass in air. 

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BlackPanther was a little tipsy by this point, He was a bit of a light weight in that department. He got up from his chair and raised his glass

"Congratulations my dear old friend, I look forward to working along side you, it is going to be a blast. I would like to also thank Williams for my time with him and putting up with me. I will always be a Rubberduck Sailor remember that. I would like to thank Jasmine for her guidance since me arriving here in Seattle we have spoke on many occasions especially in my Noodle Bar but most importantly I would like to thank TonyCastelli and Jasmine for giving me and my new Boss a chance to work on making Seattle better than it already is."

"Oh one last thing James do I get a new car with my Promotion"


BlackPanther gulps down the Champagne and continues dancing to the music in the background
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Sn4k3 stands in the crowds waiting for his opportunity to meet and congratulate James he waits and waits almost like he is in a train station waiting for a late train all of a sudden the crowd seems to die down Sn4k3 takes this opportunity to walk up and shake hands with James 


Well done and congratulations James 

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Tony had been going about Seattle getting a few things settled as he was trying to free up his evening for what was to come. Jasmine was finally going to expand her business in Ballard. They had pondered long and hard over who should help her run things over in that district and eventually one name stood out among the rest. Somebody who had been there since very early on and was quite active in all aspects of Seattle's business. James.

There was a bit of traffic, but eventually he made his way over to meet up with Jasmine and many others who would be letting James know and then celebrating with him....

As they made their way into the HQ to celebrate, Tony put his arm around James to take him aside for just a moment. 

"I wanted to say thank you, James. For all the hard work you've put in over time helping us when we were in Summerlin and while in Pioneer Square. You were a hell of a recruiter, an earner, and a pleasant person to have around the headquarters. Now we have the real challenge. All the other stuff was rookie ball in comparison to this. Now you're heading for the pros and you'll need to make sure you get up there swinging for the fences." Tony took a puff of his cigar.

"The Loco Motives crew will need to work hard. Show us and the rest of this underworld what you're made of. Even if I'm not always over there in Ballard, I'll be keeping my eye on how you're doing. I expect big things." Tony turned and shook James' hand before joining back up with the rest of the group.

He smiled as people raised glasses, congratulated James, thanked Jasmine, thanked Tony, and just had a swell time drinking. Eventually he rose up from the table and waited as everyone quieted down. 

"Now, I know some of you may have been surprised by this decision. At the end of the day Seattle is one large family. James and BlackPanther have both showed their worth to us here in Seattle. Even though BlackPanther has been here only a fraction of the time that James has, I know that he has done well and impressed many of us. I see this almost as a greater way of cementing this city as one large family. We have James a member of Atlantis, BlackPanther a member of the Rubberduck Sailors, and Jasmine the former right hand woman of Villainy Incorporated. We are all interconnected and we will continue to forge strong bonds." Tony paused as he looked around the room at all the familiar faces, "To Seattle and to the future." Tony raised his glass and then tipped his head back as he drank.

Eventually Tony finally found time to take Jasmine aside.

"Well, I'm happy to finally see you expanding over there in Ballard. I know your own family has been growing and doing quite well, but this was definitely something I wanted to see happen." Tony took another sip of his drink.

"I'm very proud of what you've been able to accomplish so far. You've been such an amazing partner in crime and I can't have done much of this without you." Tony smiled as they clinked their glasses together.

Tony watched as Jasmine returned to the group. He decided to sit there a moment and look out at all the people around him. Those that he had mentored, worked closely with, and built strong bonds with. Seattle had a bright future that he was hopeful for. 

As he began to feel a bit too sentimental, Williams and Furd began to sing some absurd song about the ocean and how cruel she was. He just shook his head and finished off his drink....

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PeterMcNeil hears a commotion, it's loud, it's vocal, but in some of the few instances of this thing of ours it doesn't appear to be hostile.  Wandering over to check it out he sees that it is a proud leader handing over a bold suit.

Many congratulations on your auth.  I hope you do well for your city.

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Alexa passed drinks around for everyone, this was a party and she was going to make sure everyone celebrated. James new HQ was complete but Alexa could not help but feel he was missing something, a splash of pink was needed, it was the national colour of Ballard after all. Alexa hung up some pink paper chains and wow it looked perfect!

"Congratulations James, it will be a pleasure to have you around the streets of Ballard."

Alexa gives James a hug and goes about handing out more drinks to people

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Klejnot came up behind James, moving along side him and patting his back. "Congrats hun, I am sure you will do many great things. Everyone here in Atlantis will miss you and hope you dont forget us too soon." She smiled and stepped back, looking at him then the hq. She turned and went back to her duties.

She stopped and looked at Tonycastelli and smiled. "Jasmine picked nicely for one of her captains." 

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N0b0dy came late to the party. The room was already buzzing with people from every corner of the country.
All here to give their blessings to James. After hanging up his coat and hat, he started to mingle with the crowd.

Many praising things we're said. Bold stories and funny anekdotes mostly. But all spoke off him with much respect.
One phrase kept returning though. "He's one hell of a guy, but he can be a bit loco!"

I spotted James across the room standing by the bar. I sat on the empty seat beside him and grabbed some glasses and ice.

"Sorry I'm late James! I brought one of my finest bottles of single malt whisky to make up for it! Lets toast to a great future!"

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LooseChange makes his way over to the celebration. He had got wind of the move earlier, but was across the country hustlin like he does. He steps in and slowly glances at the scene. As he stands with his head on a swivel, he slides his index finger and thumb across the front of his fedora, feeling good about the celebration. He finally spots James and makes his way over to him, he reaches in and pulls out a blunt and lights it. He walks over to James as he takes a drag of the blunt. 

"Hey Brother, congrats on the up. Looking good and glad to see the movement."

He says as he passes James the blunt looking around at the crowd in attendance. 

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