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Young Dino - Chapters I-V Started by: Dino on May 17, '18 10:12

Dino like many youngsters had it tough growing up. His mother worked 3 jobs as a cleaner at local shops and bars and yet still managed to wash, clean and cook for her brood. His father on the other hand didn't work much at all. Picking up the odd job here and there but none of them lasted long due to his heavy drinking. Many a time his mother would have to hand over her hard earned pay to settle gambling debts when people came knocking.

After seeing his mother cry for the first time in his life after settling yet another debt for his wastrel father he decided he needed to do something to help. He started hanging around on street corners against his fathers instructions and picked up the odd running job for some local hoodlums.

His mother would be mortified if she knew and his father would definitely take his belt to him but nevertheless he carried on and took whatever jobs he could get. Saving every cent in an old cigar box hidden under his bed. It took what seemed like forever but after a few weeks he had saved his first buck! He noticed a few of the older boys aged between 10 and 12 seemed to be doing better than him so he observed and ingratiated himself into their group. He was the youngest by at least 2 years and they gave him some of the low paying jobs that didn't interest them.

It felt good to be part of a gang even if the other kids were bigger and better dressed than him. He swore to himself that one day he would be the "top dog." First though he needed to learn his craft and impress the right people to get noticed.

This happened after only a few months. His best friend in the gang was a 10 year old Jewish boy named Reuben. He wasn't loud and brash like the others. Instead he was quiet but you could tell he was the brightest of them all. One day whilst sharing a bottle of soda Reuben had propositioned Dino into helping him with a job. He made him "pinky swear" not to tell the others this was to be their job alone.

Dino swore and listened intently as Reuben explained the plan. After a few questions were answered satisfactorily they agreed to a 50/50 split and arranged to meet by the Steelworks down near the docks.


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He awoke earlier than planned due to his father returning home drunk and banging into the table in the hall knocking the side lamp crashing to the floor. Lights came on and an almighty row broke out between his parents. Now was his opportunity to escape through his bedroom window and down the fire escape.

The streets were deserted and very dark. He ran all the way down to the waterfront where the industrial area was situated. It was covered with warehouses and piers. Adjacent to these were miles of railroad yards dotted with innumerable sheds and small buildings for use as storage and as workshops for mechanics, machinists, and welders.

He waited patiently for Reuben to show. When he did he was not alone. This threw Dino as it was meant to be just the two of them and now it was going to have to be split three ways! The new boy on the scene was called Jack_Diamond. He was a little older than Dino but almost twice the size.

"I've brought Jack along as I can trust him and we will need all the help we can get." Reuben explained.

Rather begrudgingly Dino agreed and him and Jack followed Reuben to the biggest warehouse of the steelworks. Following instructions they clambered up onto the roof and waited.

"Stay quiet, try not to move. If we get caught we will just say we were messing about like kids do." instructed Reuben.

They waited patiently and watched. It didn't take long for them to spot their first "mark."

"There!" Jack whispered.

The other two clambered round to Jack's position and watched as a workman in overalls snuck into the weeds surrounding the west side of the building and place something wrapped in a rag there.

"OK remember the location and watch for others." Reuben ordered.

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In the next few hours at least a dozen workers repeated the same as the first one.

"OK that should be enough, we won't be able to carry it all so we will just select the best ones." said Reuben.

Dino's body was pumping with excitement as they carefully descended back down onto terra-firma.

They dispersed quickly and went to locate their booty. They came across drills and all manner of tools. Grabbing all they could carry they gleefully ran as fast as their young legs would carry them. After about a mile they stopped to catch their breath and to compare what they had looted. It was a good haul.

Reuben went on to explain how the workers steal items and hide them so when they are checked upon leaving work they have nothing on them. Then they go back to where they had hidden it.

"You're a genius Reuben!" Jack and Dino said in unison.

Taking all the plaudits Reuben responded modestly. "I couldn't have done it without you guys. Now lets go and find a safe place to stash our illgotten gains. We don't want the same thing happening to us!"

This was to be the start of a lifelong friendship between the boys and the first of many escapades!

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