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The Special child Started by: MS on May 17, '18 14:30

It was the early in the afternoon as they drove to the hospital. There were chilly winds blowing through the town, but the day still had warmth to it. The sun was high in the sky and there were only a few clouds. People milled through the town, going on with their busy day. MS stretched out in the back seat of her parent's red car. She was getting impatient as there was a bit of traffic to get to the hospital. She leaned her forehead against the window. MS took in her surroundings as she looked out the window.


"Are we almost there? What's the girl's name again?" MS asked, she shifted in her seat. Her mother, Sophia, turned around in the passenger seat and looked at her daughter.

"Just a little while more honey, be a little more patient. Oh, and the girl's name is Reader, try to remember her name, you can be forgetful at times," Sophia said, sighing to herself. MS closed her eyes.

"You told me her name once..." MS murmured under her breathe.

"What?" she heard her mother ask.

"Nothing, just talking to myself," she replied. Her mother shrugged and turned back around. 'Reader, that's an interesting name,' MS thought to herself. She closed her eyes and hummed softly to herself. She needed to detract herself. After about fifteen minutes or so they finally drove up to the hospital. MS quickly took her seatbelt off.


"I'll go get her," she told her parents. MS opened the car door and hopped out when the car stopped. She closed the door. MS ran her fingers through her hair. Then she entered the hospital. She looked around. "Reader! We are here to pick you up!" she called out. Though, she blushed when a nurse shushed her. She glanced around at the people who were waiting to get picked up. She wondered which one was Reader. MS only glanced back when her parents walked up behind her. MS wrapped her arms around her waist.


MS only glanced at the nurse when she approached her. She listened to what she said before she looked at Reader out of the corner of her eye. When she saw Reader's gaze turned away, she just smiled to herself. MS was amused. 'Guess she is going to pretend she didn't hear me. No one told me she was deaf. I'm going to guess she's not. I did yell loud enough. She's just going to ignore I said anything I guess,' she thought to herself. She turned around to face her parents.


"Is she deaf?" she asked. MS glanced back at Reader.

"No MS. You shouldn't assume people are deaf, it's rude," her mother scolded. MS stared at her mother.

"I practically yelled her's isn't rude if she is going to act like she's deaf," she replied. Her mother just sighed and rubbed her temples in annoyance. MS shrugged and turned around. MS began to walk towards Reader.


"MS, be nice!" she heard her dad whispered loudly. She turned and gave her dad a smile before she continued to walk. 'I'm always nice,' she thought to herself. MS tried to be nice, but it was hard for her because she said things bluntly. MS believed it was better to say things without sugar coating it. She just liked to say thing how they were.


Once MS stood in front of Reader, she just stared at her. She stared for a few minutes. MS looked Reader over, she stayed silent and still as she did so. She knew the girl's dad was dead and mother was in a coma, but she found it rude to ignore someone. It annoyed her when people were rude; MS couldn’t tolerate it. She licked her lips.


"Hey Reader, so, I know you aren't deaf, and I didn't whisper what I said. It'd just be easier if you stop acting like you are. I would like to just leave you here for a while if you are going to act like this...though, I'm with my parents, and they aren't going to just leave you here. They'll probably just wait until you are ready to go. I don't feel like waiting here anymore than I have to. I'm already grumpy from the ride here, there was loads of traffic…now, let's leave. I'm sorry about your parents, but that's not an excuse to be rude. At least your mom isn't dead. Doubt your parents would want you acting like this," she told Reader. MS slightly thought about what she said. 'Wonder if that sounded mean...don't think it did, well, to me it didn't,' she mused to herself. MS just knew she wasn't being mean. She was just being herself.

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Reader continued to stare down at her feet, one hand gripping the edge of the bench and one arm in a cast. The girl had already approached her and started telling her about things and one thing entered Reader's mind and blurted, "Just shut up!" She looked into the girl's eyes, met her stare as her eyebrows met. 

"I never asked you to do any of this so there's no point in telling me this shit. Come back some other time and tell me all those stuff again if you have your dad in the morgue and your mom almost lifeless," This time tears filled her eyes as they raced down her cheeks. She knew her voice was too loud for privacy but she feels worse than being trapped in the car when the accident happened. 

She stood up, grabbed her bag with her unharmed hand, placed the strap on her shoulder and walked towards her parents best friends. Who apparently is this girl's parents- she guessed. The nurse had told her earlier that she will be picked up by these people but she didn't expect that their daughter would be a cruel and insensitive person.

"I'm sorry- I- I'll just go ahead and wait outside," She returned her gaze at her sneakers and mumbled when Sasha's mother and father heard everything. 

She walked pass by them and increased her speed. Once she was outside the hospital she took a deep breath of fresh air and continued to sob.

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