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Lonely Started by: Sabrina on Jun 13, '18 22:15

The woman is just walking around in the streets of Chicago while looking all around her. She wears her typical blue dress, despite the bit colder weather. It does not bother her too much. She takes a look at her left and right and then mumbles ''quite nice here.'' She does not yet know too many people and would like to change that if possible. Finding a few more friends and friendly people in this big country and city would indeed be refreshing for the woman in her mid-20s. She wanders all around the town while staying away from dark corners and only going to the well - lit areas. Smiling at most people as they pass by, hoping to find some new, but interesting people.

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lackPanther notices a young ladie in her mid 20s walking along the streets looking around hoping someone would at least give her some kind of conversation, BlackPanther had to speak to her she was drop dead gorgeous in her little blue dress.

"Hey there how are you doing? My name is BlackPanther, I could see you were looking around for someone to talk to, So I thought I would come over here to have a little conversation."

BlackPanther could feel her breath close to his and realised he hadn't had any mints today so wondered if his breath smelt.
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The woman continues to wander all alone in the well - lit streets of the still rather new place for her. And not only that, it was also damn huge compared to her original country. This whole city was already probably bigger than her whole country. Due to this, she is accompanied by a feeling of excitement, curiosity but also a bit of fear. So far no luck is what the young lady thinks and just sighs. But just at that moment, she notices someone in front of her who introduces himself as BlackPanther. The man meets her smile. A charming one as well, while her eyes meet his.


''BlackPanther is it? Nice to meet you!'' she adds, clearly happy about that encounter and that more than just one person so far would actually talk to her. ''I really appreciate your move. If you allow me to introduce myself as well, I go by the name of Sabrina. The same name as my great-grandmother from my father´s side'' she explains. The pace quite fast, as she is slightly nervous and her social skills can be lacking, when she does not know the other person well.

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Heartless was walking to his Cake House when he noticed a lady looked at him and smiled. he took a second and smiled for her. he walked to her and said "you look newcomer in the city, how did you find Chicago ?" he smiled for her again and said "ehm oh yes I forgot to introduce my self, I'm Heatless"

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The woman continues to keep her eyes on the other person and then sees a new one approaching. She keeps smiling and then nods at him. Listening to how he introduces himself and lets him finish before she, then also starts talking ''Heartless it was? I am glad to meet you. My name is Sabrina! I flew to Chicago about 2 weeks ago. The city is huge, so it is kind of easy to get lost. It is also kind of hard to make new connections if you almost don´t know anyone.'' She adds to this while giving him a warm smile

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he said "Sabrina ? what a beautiful name" he continued with a smile "yeah I feel you, I was like that the first time I was in Chicago, but you will get used to it" Heartless felt how the weather in getting cold and how she is feeling cold, he take off his jacket and put it on her shoulder "you will catch cold like this, better you stay warm Sabrina"

She smiled and thanked him, "so how about walking you around so you get familiar with the city and invite you at my cake shop, I'm sure you will like our homemade cake and it is warm there" he looked at her eyes excitingly. 

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She heard him saying that and smiles brightly. ''Well thank you!'' who does not like to be complimented?  The woman continues to look at him and listens to what he is saying. His story as for how he arrived for the first time in Chicago. He is not wrong. She will also certainly get used to it someday, but so far it still felt strange for her, despite already being here for two weeks. A big reason for that was that she does not know many people. In fact, she knows about two.


She smiled again as she puts the jacket on her shoulder and it is indeed cold, so she welcomes his kindness as she wears his jacket now, instead of only her dress. Feeling a bit warmer and this is ideal for her. Not too warm, not too cold. ''Thank you, Heartless. And getting to know the city better as well as having a cake certainly sounds good to me. I love cakes!''

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Seeing a couple figures from Detroits underworld Somny goes over to say hello. They seem like a pair of lovebirds the man just having put his jacket over the young woman to keep her warm.

Hello you two, out for a stroll this fine evening?

Somny sent Sabrina a winning smile.

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On her way to a bake sale, ClanksMother cuts through the park. Wow it was a beautiful day out. The sun was beating down all the woodland creatures, birds were chirping, babies were giggling. It was just a fantastic day. If she hadn't had a plate full of chocolate chip cookies to bring to her smoochie poopsy (her son, Clank) she would take a seat in the green grass and spend the rest of the afternoon in the park. What a darling day, just like her darling son. She wished he could be with her on a such a great day, but he was off taking over the world. Her son would rise to be the most epic mob boss this world had ever laid eyes on. 

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The woman continues to look at Heartless and they slowly but surely continue to walk through the city while having small talk. It does not take too long until a person approaches them. Just a moment after it she can see that person much closer before she returns the warm smile ''Well hello there. You can say so! It is a good day after all. I guess you also just wanted to take a walk?'' she now asks, while they slowly continue to the delicious cake shop

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