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A friendly reunion gone completely wrong Started by: Vela on Jul 12, '18 18:01

The road Vela was travelling on was far from her destination, seeing as the taxi driver announced they were still thirty minutes away from the meeting house.

She leaned back, looking out at the window and thinking about how the day would turn out. This particular day was a very special day, as she was heading for a friendly reunion, hoping to meet an old friend named @TwoB. "How are things with you, Miss?" The taxi driver asked, sneaking quick glances at her through the rearview mirror while he focused on the steering wheel. "Just peachy! Excited to head to a gathering right now." She beamed, looking at the back of the driver's head. Vela hadn't seen her for ages ever since they both parted ways, back when they were both employed in the same industry, but when she got the news from a fellow associate that there was a reunion for the organization they worked for - she was eager to drive the distance to meet her long time friend again. What was great about this whole situation though is that she wasn't a city away, as TwoB was also residing in the same district, close to the headquarters that Vela was now working at. She doesn't realize she is zoning out until the driver suddenly stops the vehicle in its tracks, the sound of the engine screeching. He turns around in his seat, smiles cheekily and lifts his hand. The driver waves it in the direction of the door, nodding as he did. "There you go, Miss. Have fun at your..." He dropped his jaw slightly, looking around awkwardly as if he'd find the answer in the air. 

"Friend reunion?" She chuckled quietly, giving the driver a tip before she opened the door on her side and hopped out. The driver nodded slowly, the sudden realizaton dawning on him. "Yeah... that's what I meant. Apologies. Well, best be on my way now. Good day Miss!" He gave a salutation with his finger, before putting both of his hands back on the steering wheel. Next thing Vela knew, he was driving off and she was standing in front of a short, but wide hall that was painted in a wine red colour. The entrance to the hall had a wooden door, a sign standing near it in all its glory that read "Mafiosa Angels Annual Reunion". Vela gulped. She had been ashamed in the past to admit to her fellow family members that she was once employed as a professional escort, a fancier term for 'sex worker' in the entertainment business. Vela shook her head, trying to erase the negative thoughts away and proceeded to stalk towards past the sign. She walked carefully inside and was suddenly hit with the smell of apple pie, which seemed to be coming from the cooking area of the hall. Vela couldn't see any sign of TwoB yet, so she resorted to looking for the first person she worked for - ever. The lady was hispanic, her thick accent and unreadable facial expressions that made it hard for Vela to understand and follow her instructions. Ultimately, it was one of the main reasons that Vela moved out of the place, as she didn't feel like she could live up to the expectations of the lady. Her name was 'Lady Tiger', a catchy ring to it, but Vela knew she was more than just a tiger. Vela's old boss was as mean as the devil, her actions reflected those of Lucifer when he was up in the Garden of Eden, throwing out lies to manipulate the people around him. 

Back at where she worked with TwoB,  Vela had once heard many rumours about Lady Tiger keeping jars of her victims nail clippings and piss fluids in a fridge for safekeeping. As she stood in the middle of the hall, laughing timidly to herself, a shiver runs down her spine. Safekeeping? Really? For what exactly? It was quite unfortunate that Vela resigned without finding the answers to the reasons why Lady Tiger did what she did, but she was no where to be seen in the hall. The hall was very echoey, people's voices in the kitchen could be heard by anyone who was standing outside. The space that Vela was in, was larger than how many employees actually worked hard and enjoyed their time working under Lady Tiger. Vela was one of those lucky people, as TwoB was the only person that actually made endless hours of pleasing rude and sadistic clients, enjoyable. It wasn't until a lady walked in when Vela recognized her familiar face. She was ecstatic to her again and she walked a bit too quickly over to her, almost tripping over her dress. Her heels made a click clack sound as she walked. Vela was standing in front of her now, a huge smile plastered on her face. "Is it you? Is it really- AHHH..." Vela exulted, embracing TwoB in a warm hug, keeping her in the position for longer than expected before Vela realised she was hugging a bit too tight. She took her hands off her quickly, smiling shyly. "Sorry, it's just been so long! How's you? Settled in with a new man? Give me the tea, I'm ready to sip!" Vela took her excitedly by the elbow and dragged her over to a table nearby, a plate of chocolate covered strawberries placed neatly in the middle of the round table. Vela sat, eyeing the strawberries with a deep desire, before being succumb to the temptations of chocolate delight filling her stomach. 

"Don't even ask me about my love life. I'm single and I refuse to mingle. I think I'm fine where I am now.  I don't need a man. Pfft." She looked down at her lap, fiddling with her fingers while she chewed quickly on a strawberry. "It has been, what, years since we've last seen each other? What has changed in your life? Give me the deets, girlie."

Vela finally swallowed the strawberry she was chewing on, smiling sheepishly at TwoB. 

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When first TwoB learned that Vela might be at the Reunion she was glad "it's been along time,very long time" she told herself ,
but when TwoB took a glimpse of Vela she wasn't just glad ,,for the first time in years she felt Happy she felt Alive

it was a strange feeling for TwoB a feeling that she is not used to at all ,TwoB  wanted to stay at that moment for as long as she can
she didn't wanna think or remember the horrors she saw so she just ignored them and stayed the moment .


everything to TwoB was euphoric everything , the very small details like the way Vela looked while sipping her tea ,like how she looked with desire jumping of her eyes at those Strawberries like how innocent she was made TwoB feel so happy.

"Don't even ask me about my love life. I'm single and I refuse to mingle. I think I'm fine where I am now.  I don't need a man. Pfft."

Seeing the words coming out of Vela's Lips TwoB was relieved more like pleased or thankful 

maybe she felt that way because she knew that she is better off without men TwoB know first hand what some of them 
are Capable of , or maybe because of something else! .

What has changed in your life? Vela

"Well first off i think you know that i got a respectful work at a famous family around here , they are really kind to me  and i like the work , if not at work i either train or hanging around the HQ ,My life is better overall"
answered with gratitude. 


"And before you ask yes am single i just cant stand men anymore i cant and don't wanna to" 
said those words with rage ,more like hate you can see it through her eye when she is talking about them.

"enough about me am not that interesting!, Tell me How's you life,What are you up to , Are you happy"

             TwoB asked with a simple smile while looking at Vela's eyes Searching and waiting for answers. 


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"I'll be real with you right now girlie, I am not happy but... I am content with life right now. Not good but not bad either, kind of in the middle." Vela paused, thinking back to that day she discovered that Ely had gone through with his retirement and many members got lost in the process, leading to each of them having to find another family. There was still hurt in her voice and she tried to not break down right then and there, but she already went through all the grieving now it was time for her to shine. "I am settling in with a nice crew as well and usually you'd find me just goofing around in the headquarters.... while working hard of course." She pursed her lips, rolling her eyes playfully before laughing quietly and grabbing another chocolate covered strawberry. Vela loved to interact with her fellow associates and she would often appear shy at first but when the others got to know her, she turned from the shy nerd to a nerd with a loud mouth. Sometimes that was a good thing, but for the most part Vela knew at times when she needed to shut up to get work done. A little fun don't hurt nobody though, she thought to herself as she popped the candied fruit in her mouth, looking at TwoB. "Nothing has drastically changed though. I am still the same shy, bubbly and witty girl except I am not so naive like back then when we used to work together." Vela grinned, appreciating the taste of the strawberry in her mouth. 

"Remember when I had this one client who told me once to run away with him so he could spoil me for the rest of my life? I remember jumping for joy hearing those words but it ended up not happening because I found out that he had a lovely wife and two kids." She conceded, shaking her head like she was ashamed of herself. "You wanna know how I found out? I followed him home once. Curiosity killed the cat." The memory could be remembered like yesterday, as she dug into the depths of her mind and searched for what she was looking for so she could tell TwoB about her naive interaction with an elderly man. "I was just casually hiding behind the bushes when suddenly I noticed he was carrying behind his back the same exact looking rose he gave to me at work!" Vela shouted and a few people around looked at her weirdly. A blush crept on her face and held up a hand for defence. Vela mouthed the word "sorry" before her eyes trained back on TwoB. "So, anyways, I see him hiding it behind his back then next second this stunning, and I mean, like, model material type girlfriend opens the door and places a kiss on his lips!" Vela  continued, trying hard to lower the hostile tone in her voice. She looked around and noticed some people were still staring, so she smiled in an exaggerating manner in their direction. They looked away embarrassingly, moving slightly away from the table where Vela and TwoB was sitting at. God, why was everyone so uptight in here? Vela grumbled in her thoughts. 

She was probably talking like a crazy woman, but Vela had missed the company of another girlfriend. Someone to talk to when the times were rough, someone to lean on when she felt like there was no one else, someone like TwoB. Vela hoped she was listening attentively because as she was telling the story its like she was reliving it as well. In her imagination, the walls of the hall morphed into tall grass hedges and the kitchen area turned into the porch leading up to the front entrance of the man's humongous mansion. Vela's eyes was fixated on TwoB again. "That story is also probably why I quit working AND why I don't want a love life. What do you even do with a guy? Do you have to feed him and stuffs? Is it like taking care of a dog?" She rambled on, popping strawberries in her mouth making her pause a little bit between her words. Vela was gasping for air at this point as she couldn't believe it. "Anyways so the next morning I was supposed to meet with the man again, though I was outraged, I still went because as you know Lady Tiger would probably kill me for turning down a top dog like that. He had some good money, I'm tellin' you." Vela took one more strawberry, promising herself it would be the last one.

Well, it would definitely be the last one since she ate everything on the plate already, leaving nothing for TwoB. Oops.

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TwoB was so joyful that she is with Vela it reminded her how life sometimes can be enjoyable ,, the whispers of people talking around her their laughter the noises the smell of the fresh pies and the liqueur everything she didn't notice them all ,, they did not exist at that moment in her mind ,, it was just her and Vela in their table she felt the air full of jasmine and lavender her favorites ,,That made her for a moment 
forget how dark life really is.

Noticing  the tone of Vela she felt her sadness she felt that Vela was ashamed she wanted so speak to tell her that she shouldn't feel like that 
but she didn't she feared any words about the subject wouldn't help but just open the old wounds 
so she just waited and let Vela continue

While listening to Vela's story
TwoB was like an eagle focusing on every word Vela said  every move that Vela made  She saw that Vela was feeling like they were happening right now , She understood Vela like She could hear her emotions with out telling them like she can read her mind or see through her heart it was as if they were Connected 


though I was outraged, I still went because as you know Lady Tiger would probably kill me for turning down a top dog like that.

 Vela Said 

"Yeah she would definitely kill you" TwoB said ironically with a laughter as a joke  just to try and make Vela forget and laugh

meanwhile TwoB was talking in her own mind saying nope that Devil Lady tiger would have killed Vela for real That women puts Satan himself
to shame TwoB knows that Lady Tiger did alot worse things then killing for far less reason or no reason at all if she liked it 
​​​​​​​that women is an abomination That women is evil! 

TwoB was glad she got out of Lady Tiger business it talk her long time to get out but at least she did when she could 


 What do you even do with a guy? Do you have to feed him and stuffs? Is it like taking care of a dog?

 Vela said 

"Your a smart a girl your absolute right there is a quote i really like it says 'A man is like a dog if you're either a good or a bad owner they're still dogs  they will bark they will eat they will be dogs  you can't change dogs mind if you talk to them about you feelings it's like telling a dog how to assemble a gun well dogs doesn't understands this things' so why bother if dogs will be dogs anyways ?"

Growling sound comes out of TwoB stomach her cheeks colors became pink she was shy and a little embarrassed ,,TwoB looked around for the waiter so he can bring them something to eat and to get more of those sweet strawberries that Vela enjoyed so much ,, she couldn't find him anywhere .

"Give me one minute will look for the waiter or will help myself and bring us something" TwoB said while standing up from the table looking for the waiter 

She walked while looking for him and couldn't see him she went to grab a plate she smelled an apple pie and got two pieces while going to get some of the strawberries  she finally saw the waiter his back was turned to her she was just going to shout 'Hey! i was looking for you, cant you do your simple dam jop' but then he turned around and she saw his face that wasnt the waiter who served us from a while ,,did his shift end or maybe he did swap places with some one else ,, she was skeptic she felt something wrong her instinct told her this isn't right not just the waiter but there is something going on she buts her plates away and she listened to her instinct  TwoB looked around to examine and see if there is    in fact something going on or it's just nothing she looked at the waiter thoroughly 
he was wearing the uniform a black vest underneath it a white shirt a black pants and a white shoes his hands was rough and his knuckles was a bit red it like he hit something hard , she continued examining him and there was it a red tiny spot on his shoes she told her self maybe it's wine or something but she knew better she could tell when she sees blood.

she looked around her surroundings trying not to be suspicious  and there was two big guys talking to one another with some serious muscle wearing black suits they looked at a third guys the same type he looked at them nodding and turned his face pointing at Lady Tiger 

she just realized shi* is going to happen , all that time she was lost enjoying her time with Vela forgetting that this isn't just Vela and TwoB reunion it's The "Mafiosa Angels Annual Reunion" bad people are here like Lady Tiger and many more This night is going wrong she told her self she thought maybe Lady tiger missed up with someone big someone that wanna her dead she remembers the rumors 
she knows about the Fridge maybe Lady tiger tried to blackmail someone big with the stuff she have it works on those rich idiots who betray their wife they would pay a good chunk of cash just so they dong get embarrassed and destroyed they have no choice 
but if this happens to someone wealthy and have the power he would send his thugs to to get rid of the problem TwoB knows that Lady tiger Deserves it 

​​​​​​​TwoB realized if she and Vela stayed put doing nothing they would Die because they will be a witness and she knows that situations like this ends up to be a massacre for anyone around
if they  do something stupid like screaming or just trying to running it will go bad also 

their only option to just get out without raising any alarms that they know !

TwoB walks back to the table she looked at Vela and told her "i need to tell you something but first Look at me i need you to listen and keep calm we need to get out of here this night is going the wrong way don't worry i got you if anything happens i promise i will protect you no matter what"

TwoB heartbeat was so fast she  knew she cared about Vela but she didn't know that she would protect her over her dead body she cares about Vela's safety above all,

is that even a thing ! i didn't know i could care about someone that way that i would protect them with my own life ! she told herself

Then TwoB told Vela what she just saw and what she realized 

"if we get out now before it starts we will be good if not we will fight our way through we need to walk slowly to the exit just act as if we are so drunk and we are going home they  wont care as long as we don't look suspicious or raise any alarms ,your okay or what do you think ?" 
TwoB said to Vela 

TwoB be normally wouldn't care she doesn't give a shi* about her life but she worried about Vela she tries to shut and hide or her emotions so they don't get in the way.



She looks at Vela with confidence that they will be fine waiting for her answer 


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The chance of walking out the hall alive was slim, as they would be easily seen in everyone's eye and Lady Tiger or even one of her bodyguards may stop them.

Vela took in the sight of TwoB, who was panicked and speaking urgently about the situation. "Fuck." Vela hissed quietly, looking around the hall for another way to escape besides the entrance. Out of the blue, a scream echoed throughout the halls, making Vela jump and her body tense. "Oh no.. TwoB... Lady Tiger." Vela pointed to a woman laying dead in the middle of the hall, a man towering over her who was wiping a bloody pistol with an expensive cloth. Members who initially came for a friendly reunion was now finding themselves in a murderous event, no one knowing what to do other than panic and whisper incredulously. Currently, there were two bodyguards guarding each side of the front door, few more bodyguards at the kitchen plus Lady Tiger and her associates were here. Vela knew if she were to walk out with TwoB in that moment, they would be asked to say a legit reason. "It's best if we don't start any more trouble, involving us. I have a plan. Hear me out." She suggested, standing up from her seat and taking TwoB by the elbow. Between all the screams and frantic faces, there was two desperate ladies in there trying to escape. Vela and TwoB used to be associated with the Mafiosa Angels, but it was a mistake that they even came back for a reunion knowing what Lady Tiger had up her sleeve. 

"Ugh I had a bad feeling this morning, but I didn't know it was going to come to this." She grimaced, rubbing her temples. "I think we should just go for broke. That's the option we have left if we really want to survive tonight." Vela fretted, her eyes travelling to the front door as she thought about what their next moves should be. If they couldn't get through the front door, the glass window could also be a way to get out. Vela remembered she had been eating those chocolate-covered strawberries on a plate as an idea came to her head. "The window. In the corner. It's out of everyone's view. We need to break that, a hole big enough for our bodies to climb through and run as fast as we can." Vela dug deep into TwoB's eyes, searching for her approval. "Please. Trust me on this. Alright go to the window, quick." Vela paused as she saw a champagne bottle in a bucket full of ice on a nearby table. "Here take this with you. Pretend you are drunk and you need to use the window to go have a puke." Vela advised, pushing TwoB gently by the small of her back, before grabbing the white plate that was sitting in the middle of their table. She looked back to Lady Tiger, still bleeding on the floor and the man looking over her, whispering his harsh thoughts in his ear. Vela was not surprised that years and years of building up her business had come to this, as she suspected way earlier than this that a lot of people had bad blood with that vicious woman. She was really known in the sex working industry as one of the richest women alive, but she also scammed a lot of people with their money and investments. 

Vela dragged her feet over to TwoB, nodding quickly and showing her the plate she took. When she was finally there with TwoB in the corner beside the window, Vela looked at her and took a deep breath. "You better move out of the way for this." Vela warned, making sure she was out of the targets way. She held the plate in her hands, before raising it slowly... 


Just like that, there were pieces of shattered glass falling down on the floor and the window had cracks going through it. Vela turned her head swiftly, the adrenaline in her veins coming to an absolute high. "Her bodyguards are running here. Fuck! Lets go TwoB. Climb through the window NOW." She snapped, turning her head back to the window and waiting patiently for TwoB to climb out before doing the same. When it was finally Vela's turn, she felt a grip on her shoe. "And where are you going?" One of her legs was already out, as she struggled to get out of the tight hold. Vela looked back to see who caught up to her, finding out that it was Lady Tiger. "Get the fuck off me." Vela barked, using all of the force in her body to kick Lady Tiger in her jaw. She took a step back, cupping her chin in her hands with a scowl on her face. Just before multiple bodyguards would be able to get a hold of Vela, she now had her two legs on the ground. 

"Okay TwoB, we need to get a hold of that car. Fast. Before they come chop our nipples off!" Vela shrilled, pointing to a shiny, black roadster parked in the distance. 

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