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Feb 21 - 10:47:49
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The drunk and the fool Started by: Arsonist on Jul 12, '18 18:49

It was a rough night for Arsonist. After burning a couple of villages, yes villages, not forests, he decided to drop by the local bar, and by local he means the bar located INSIDE the Care Bear's family HEADQUARTERS. And sooo.. he grabbed a bottle, drank it. Grabbed another one - drank it too! You get where this is going, don't you?

In mere 15 minutes he was drunk as f. He started plamping stuff he shouldn't be saying. Luckily an old hag, a grandpa, miraculously, was invited by his talking. I have no idea how that happened by the way. And soo, the old grandpa managed to somehow get the keys off Arsonist, that held locked three very important doors - Lady Becceh's office, our supreme leader - Funshine's crypt, and Arsonist's blazing inferno room, get it? Cuz' he has no room. He burned it to the ground. And sooo, the grandpa of all the things that he could do, decided to write a note in every person's personal diary. When morning came, Arsonist woke up next to a cow, and had no pants on. Later on his way to the HQ in his underwear, he noticed some ashes, and from them he derived that those must have been his pants.... Why the hell did I burn my pants??? Anyway... he had no idea what had just happened, and could only DREAM of what the reaction of the two would be, once they found out what has been written by the foolish grandpa.

Who is that guy anyway?

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