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Truth in the Loop Started by: Apache on Jul 12, '18 23:05

Apache was sitting behind his desk in the headquarters filling out paper work, when he received a call from his boss Salvatore_Luciano.  He hurried to answer in case it was an emergency.  Salvatore said very few words over the phone.

”Marie_Luciana and myself are going to be stopping by to meet with you!”

After Apache got the word he quickly straightened up the office clearing all the paperwork off his desk and getting dressed into something more presentable.  He got out a few cigars and a expensive bottle of gin.  Once the couple arrived Apaches bodyguard instantly showed them to the office.  Godfather Salvatore and Godmother Marie sat down on the other side of the desk.  Apache held a cigar out offering a smoke to his company. Salvatore took the Cuban and lit it.  

“Do either of you two want a glass of gin!”

Apache poured three glasses and sat down, wondering why this meeting had been called. Marie was the first one to speak.

”I was talking with my husband, and he said that you could help me out!  We need some more leadership over in Chicago!”

Sal quickly jumped into the conversation.

”We have done a lot of talking and you have brought Ghost— to my attention!”

Apache looked at the couple in awe. 

“Yes Ghost— would make a superb leader, and we would be honored to help out the family in anyway we can!”

The meeting lasted about another 20 minuets or so.  Mostly between Godfather Salvatore and Apache discussing further business in Detroit.  Then when it was over Apache walked them out.  He turned around and went to find Ghost— straight away.  He was in his office looking through files of family earnings.  Apache knocks on the door and takes a seat.

”Hey man I just got out of a meeting with the bosses, We all have decided it is time for you to take on the responsibility of running your own crew.  You have done very well here, and hard work pays off!”

Ghosts face lit up with excitement.  He wanted to know details.  Apache told him the plan and pulled a envelope out of his pocket.  Leaving the envelope on the desk the two walked out to tell the rest of The Black Crows the news.  Apache put a arm around his good friends shoulder.

”Listen up everyone, today is a great day! One of our own is taking the next step to help out the betterment of Detroit and Chicago.  Ghost here will be leaving us later tonight to start his own family under Godmother Marie_Luciana.  I want everyone to send him gifts and congratulations for his promotion.”

The whole compound went insane, with clapping and cheers.  The bartender automatically knew what to do. She started pouring shot after shot to try to keep up with the whole family.  After everyone got a shot glass in there hands Apache stood up to make a toast.

”We will miss you around here brother, don’t forget to stop by every once in awhile.  I am proud of you, And so is the whole city of Detroit.  This is to Ghost and his family! Truth is going to the Loop!”

The whole crowd began to cheer, and within a hour there were gangster and bosses from all around the country showing up to party at The Black Crows headquarters.

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It was a bit difficult to find as he had not been there before, but eventually he made his way to the Black Crows HQ as he had heard that there was a celebration for Ghost-- that Apache was throwing due to him getting his own crew launched in Chicago. He made his way up to the door and knocked, a man in a suit who seemed to be security let him in once he figured out who he was and his ties to the Chicago Mob....

Once inside it was quite the party and he was very happy to see some familiar faces including some from Chicago and some from Detroit. There was plenty of alcohol for those who would partake and then plenty of smoking options as well. He saw Flexx-Mitchell puffing on a joint already and knew it was going to be a fun night.

Eventually he found his way over to where Ghost-- and Apache were standing and he shook both their hands.

"First of all, thank you Apache for inviting me to this party. Secondly, a very big congratulations to you Ghost--. I am glad to see growth in Chicago after so much loss, with your crew being set up. Hopefully we can all give you a good sendoff and somewhat a welcoming party here tonight. I know that Apache will miss your presence in the HQ here, but I am sure that you will do great things in Chicago." He handed over a bottle of rum and a bottle of whiskey, "I wasn't sure if you drank or what type you preferred. So I hope that these two top shelf bottles will do nicely for you. Even if you save them for your own office." 

Calimero chuckled to himself as he hoped that he was a drinker since he himself partook only rarely, "So let us celebrate to a new crew and wish Ghost-- the best of luck."

He patted the two men on the shoulder and then made his way off to see who else was around for the congratulatory party...

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As soon as the boss finished his words, every single member cheers up with the freshly nominated crew leader in Chicago. Ghost-- is like a brother for Slinger, he founded him months ago on the Streets and was "the guy who putted him on the railroad" of this thing of our. After an intense accolade between Flexx and Ghost--, Slinger went to his "Mentor" saying: "This is a day that I wont forget, thank you for every single thing that I've learned next to you. I hope to make you proud of me, that you didnt a mistake Congratulations brother !". Ghost-- replied with a clear smile of happiness, then gived something to slinger. Few hours later, notorious members, local chiefs and higher personalities were in the Black Crows HQ. "That's what I call a party ! ..." said the actual RHM Flexx-Mitchell, he was rollin a huuuge blunt and at the same girls were next of him. Slinger blowed from this high quality stuff that unfound only by Flexx. Calimero-DiGrazie did what a "man of honor" should do. He gived his respect to both crew leaders.After they ended their talk, he tooked some drink at the Open-Bar, where liquors are from different coutries and of luxurious brands. Everybody was celebrating and this is the perfect time to make contacts and share out experiences on the crime life-style.

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Flexx was making his way around the HQ, everyone was enjoying themselves while they celebrated the moment. He saw Ghost- at a distance basking in the moment. He was ready for his up. Flexx was making his rounds not hustlin, but making sure the party went smooth. Him and a few of his guards were in attendance. Flexx walks over to the bar, and tips his hat at the bar tender.

“A shot of cognac and an ashtray for me please”

He says as he turns to look at all the mobsters in attendance. Flexx love the sight of success coming together, and love to be a part of it. The tender brought the drink over and Flexx takes it as he sips his drink lighty, as well as puffing on his blunt. The hustle in any state of mind was always on, but there was a moment to kick back for a bit. Flexx pulls out a sack of dank, and tosses it on the counter. He looks over at the mobster next to him.

“Go ahead and twist that up”

He says as the mobster takes the sack and thanks the boss. Flexx gets up from the bar and he makes his way into the crowd to mingle with the rest of the family and friends. Seeing the man of the hour, he approaches Ghost--  

“congrats brother and hustle hard.”

He takes a drag of his blunt and offers it over to the new leader.

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