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Oct 18 - 19:41:56
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Whos the favorite help desk member thats no squis Started by: awhoreablesidekick on Oct 09, '18 00:46
Vote and when you vote put why

Squishy is not In the running cause he would obviously win

Who will win the favorite staff other then squishy award
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Not Warrior - he's Scottish!

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Shocking Optimus!! And technically I'm British!
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I love Scottisch whisky, so you got my vote, Warrior.

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Do they have to be current staff? 

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Either way, WebSpider for the win.

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Gotta agree with Zoom.

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Sorry, Warrior - you'll always be Scottish to me ;)

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I would have said Warrior but sorry Bunny is more attractive then Warrior so she gets the vote

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Warrior - definitely.


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I'm gonna shake it up and say Syn


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I am going to completely shake it all up and say Helpdesk is my favourite.

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Nice shake up Arina. I'm going to shake it up a bit as well by being a tad more definitive.

Any man or woman that volunteers their time to assist in any questions or concerns dropped in their mailbox are all number one. Not to mention the insults and disrespect they put up with. My kin can attest to being rude. And I apologize for that.
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