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Jun 26 - 06:02:09
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The Ballard removal Started by: Coltrane on Oct 10, '18 23:04

Colt stepped forward, clearing his throat. He had hoped to never find himslef in this situation, but alas, here he was. 


Hello everyone. You may have noticed the names of the two Ballard leaders in the obits, Tyki_Mikk and Trixxy. This wasn’t an easy decision, but at the end of the day, one that had to happen. Before Joy died, Tyki was planned to be authorized. So when Joy passed away, I decided to follow through with it, having heard good things about him. However, this is where I started hearing rumors about the two of them, being power hungry and looking for more power. I decided to brush those off but as the days passed, more people came to me with the same claims. Those rumors became hard to ignore and amplified when Trixxy was authed. So the decision was made to remove them. It’s a tough loss for the city but ultimately for the better. 

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Oh wow, cute excuse. Your city was nothing before Tyki and will be nothing after. There was rumours spread about everyone, you lied and lied to everyone's face by saying you believed none of it.  You were simply afraid of our mother and father, you acted first. Though to give a chance to someone then give him no chance to explain or defend himself of these rumours is just poor judgement. Perhaps you are the problem, perhaps you shouldn't be giving people chances you do not fully trust. 

Tyki did everything for your city, my mother simply assisted. You are not worthy of that title you hold, you do not have the right mind for it.

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This was a very big mistake.

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"You know I respect Godfather Coltrane, in what ever decision he makes, its not like he wanted to do it, but he had to make those decisions, and what was best for the cities people, and to keep the peace, and sometimes as a godfather, you have to make hard decisions no matter how mean or nice, I am sure one day you will understand once you become a godfather, but until then, let us just move on, and do our jobs, and grow as a family, so if you can't trust your family? who can you trust? no matter the what...I will aways have your back godfather." He said, as he stepped down.

He then bowed, and walked back into the crouds, leaving a respectful message, hoping it was the right then to say, because it was how he felt, and Coltrane was like his brother, and he hoped the godfather felt the same.

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Good doggie.

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Colt grabbed his buddy Richard and brought him back to the HQ. Probably alcohol...

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Let's be honest, Tony Costa was the real franchise. Sorry to see this happen rip to the fallen
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