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Jun 26 - 06:28:47
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We Need YOU to Join Us! Started by: Avenger on Oct 11, '18 15:33
Yesterday, a strike was taken against a misruling CL. Epiphany decided that it should be a capital offence to talk on the Streets.

Well, for the murder he committed, we killed two of his members and narrowly missed a third.

This is a message for you. You reading this. Fed up with the CL's doing nothing except taking money and stopping you do what you want? Are you wanting some excitement, some sense of belonging?

When you look back at the history of this thing, those that operated incognity have invariably had a brave and honourable effect on this society.

We need a variety of people. Triggermen, for sure, of course. But we need men of vision, to cover for the triggermen. We need silent partners, to send us the messages that the CL's will send out when trying to work out who we are. We need people to hold cash for us - reliable people who can sit on $10M and send it where it's meant to go, when the private jets need booked.

We need spies, too. People who will report back on what's happening so that we can effectively target our enemies.

Every overture will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

If I am murdered, leave a message with my undertaker and my son will get in touch.

I am OC of the as yet unnamed.
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I have an alternative offer.

Tell me what it is you want. Not "So-and-so" dead. That changes nothing, really. Their kin will return, they'll continue being who they are.

I try and shape things around what people want to achieve. You say "stopping you doing what you want" but what exactly is it?

This offer is open to yourself, your cohorts and anyone considering joining your band of merry men. You're here in this life for a reason, I expect it is the shared interest and appeal taken from being a criminal. 

Well, let's fulfill that together. 

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Yes, what Mr. Mezzo says.

Also why would you attempt to recruit stupid people for your cause? Or let me rephrase it into a different question:
If people show up at your possible funeral after your invitation, how do you think the leaders of this world will appreciate this appearance?

In fact, it would be best to instruct a coffin-maker - if that is an actual profession - to carve some Panamanian bank-account into your new, and latest home that affiliates of you might have access to. Unless of course, you didn't think of this yourself, which doesn't make your possible recruits stupid, but it makes you somewhat stupid and it limits the chances people would want to work with you.

Apart from that, let's ask yet another question: If we could turn back time, say 24 hours: Who would you be? The same rebel you claim to be now or yet another subordinate that silently accepted everything you want people to revolt against right now?

I'm interested in your possible answers. In the meantime, let me extend my services to you. I'm a very reliable money-holder. My Panamanian bank account is 'c8d46fe6d7a0c7a40398a534d496af56'. I don't have the subtlety to be a spy however. I'm pretty confident that your money is safe with me though. No one will ever get it!

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I'll be a bagman for you... send me 10 million and I will hold this for you until you need your private jets. One time offer.

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