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The Break Started by: GavinAndTaraByrne on Dec 07, '18 02:45

Tara was pacing in her office. Usually, she paced when she wasn't sure what to do. Considering options, studying information... that wasn't what was happening here. She knew what she had to do- what she wanted to do. 

She just didn't want to do it.

Against her will, she forced herself to the desk and picked up the phone, dialing the number for Kacey Adams. 

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The phone rang startling Kacey who was cooking up a can of soup, not thinking he'd be disturbed today.  Just another quiet evening alone with his most recently purchased novel, 'The Yearling.'

There really were only a limited number of people who would be calling him and so he smiled as he went to the table and picked up the phone.

"Hello?  Kacey Adams speaking."  He said.

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"Kacey, it's Tara. We need to talk. Can you get free? Good. Meet me at Washington Square park. 15 minutes."

She hung up the phone before he could say anything and focused on finishing getting ready. She was not looking forward to this. 


Ten minutes later, she arrived at the park. Kacey was already there. She smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek, knowing that he could read the troubles on her face.

She moved quickly away from him toward a secluded park bench; as he sat next to her, she took a deep breath.

"Kacey... I care about you too much to beat around the bush. The last few months have been great. I don't know if I've ever been so happy with someone. But this isn't working- it can't work. I just... I haven't been honest with you. I know you took a risk getting involved with someone linked to the mafia... but it's not just Isabella or my brother."

She closed her eyes for a moment.

"I'm Jack Mezzo's right hand. I'm behind the scenes, mostly. But I... yea. I need someone that I can share that part of my life with. And it can't be you. You're a good man, Kacey. And you'll find someone you can be good with- be good for. But it's not me."

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Kacey sat quietly for a moment.  He'd wondered if this was coming ever since that night her brother had been kidnapped.  Things had been distant between them ever since then.  While he treasured every dinner they snuck in together and the mornings after, it never felt like it was something that would really last despite what he wanted.  In truth, she'd been like water in his hands this whole relationship.  He was always struggling against something unseen, trying to hold onto her just a little while longer.

"You always knew who I was."  His voice came more from his chest than his lips, a low rumble like thunder.  "You knew from the first moment that I was a cop... and that I liked being a cop.  So the only one of us who ever had any illusions about the truth of things ... was me."

He shook his head forstalling any insistence about how he'd stopped her from telling him,  "After I figured you out," he admitted that he knew.  He always knew he'd tell her he'd figured it out, he just hoped it would be under different circumstances, "I flirted with the idea of joining you in your world, that's how much you mean to me ... but I think we both know I got no place there.  It's got nothing for me. I don't want money or power.  I only ever wanted a simple life with you."

He sighed, "I just tried not to think about the danger you're in every day and I gave you the space I assumed that you needed.  I always figured if you were going to leave that life behind then it would have to be on your own terms.  I figured you would only take the leap for something better than what you had with them."

He shrugged.  "I guess I just hoped that as time passed maybe a life with me might be that something better that you found yourself wanting... probably never as much as I wanted it, and even that was okay, but I hoped that maybe you'd want it more than whatever it is that keeps you warm at night over on Race Street?"

He reached out and touched her cheek, he looked deep into her eyes the way he did when he wanted to kiss her, but this time he didn't.  She'd made it clear how she felt and so, he resisted the allure of her eyes pulling him towards her.

"I hope one day you realize how good of a person you really are, Tara.  You're better than any of them deserve and no matter how your life started out ... it doesn't have to have a tragic end like my wife's.  I hope you realize that before it's too late." 

And then he looked away.  

"Look,"  He drew a deep breath and stood up, "I'm not going to sit here and make you feel worse.  Clearly, you've thought a lot about this.  So, unless there's something else?  I'll just go now."

He wanted to tell her that she could call anytime, that he'd always care for her or that if she changed her mind he'd be waiting - but he already felt pathetic enough.  He was angry, not at her, but with himself for thinking this was going somewhere when clearly they were from two very different worlds.  If he said more he worried he'd say something he'd regret.  Maybe it would be hateful and full of the hurt he felt.  Maybe it would be weak and make him feel even smaller than he already did.  Or worse, maybe he'd grab hold of her and kiss her no matter what she wanted, and make her admit what a poor choice this really was.  Whatever it was, he couldn't bear to find out, and so he needed to go.

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Tara looked back at him steadily as she felt Kacey's hand on her cheek, resisting the urges to either turn away or leap at him. Instead, she waited until he pulled it back himself. She stood slowly, hands in her pockets.

"... thank you, Kacey. For everything. In another lifetime... well, who knows? But in this one, this is what's best. But if you ever need anything... well, just let me know."

Suddenly, she ran out of words. She smiled, sadly, and walked past him. She resisted the urge to trail her hand over his shoulder- or to look back over hers- as she exited the park.

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