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Bloody Knuckles in New Orleans Started by: JohnMarston on Dec 06, '18 02:46

Bourbon St., New Orleans

Le Boxeur Gym

It was a long ride, but John had been determined on his journey down to New Orleans as it was somewhere that his name was not posted all around. The city provided him with plenty of opportunities to earn money that weren't always available to him in other cities. Partially this was due to the impressive night life that was found here. Although there were plenty of banks, businesses, and other places he could knock over to make a quick buck there was one thing that he had his eye on. 

There was apparently a decently large underground boxing operation which came with plenty of betting. His plan wasn't to rob the event and instead he wanted to find a talented boxer that would be underestimated. Get those odds highly in favor of the opponent and then rake in all the cash at the end of the night. 

The biggest problem with his plan was the lack of a boxer to fight for him. He himself had been involved in a bit of boxing out west and his name was still known out here due to his position in the Seattle underworld. So fighting for his own earnings wasn't really an option as the take would be quite less even if he had somebody else betting on him along with winning the purse. This was why he found himself heading over to 'Le Boxeur Gym' on Bourbon Street. Hopefully he could find a potential candidate there and they would be interested in helping him out. 

As he made his way into the gym he spotted plenty of boxers spread out across the gym whether they were sparring, hitting the bag, shadow boxing, or just exercising in general. A few people caught his eye immediately and he figured that it would take some observation to really find the true talent hidden in the gym. 

"You need something?" An older gentlemen came over with sweat glistening on his forehead.

"I'm just taking a look at the talent you got here. Hoping to possibly inquire about managing some new talent." John figured that it was best to be partially honest and partially dishonest with the man in order to avoid being asked to leave.

"Hmm. Well I don't usually let too much go on in here besides training. Don't need people distracting themselves with the idea of fame. Hard work is what needs to be happening in my gym. But I suppose you can stay for a bit, just don't get in the way too much." The man nodded at John as he went back to the pair that was sparring in the ring.

John tipped his cap at a few of the boxers as they walked by and then went to go lean against a far wall away from most of the boxers so that he could get a good view of the whole room. One man was pounding away at the bag with some great power, although the behemoth would most likely have the odds of any fight leaning his way. Not the ideal target. 

Eventually after some time his gaze landed upon a woman who was shadow boxing in the corner away from everyone else. A brunette with a few scrapes and bruises on her face and arms. She wasn't large, but she was lightning fast. Right jab, right jab, left hook, right uppercut, left jab, right cross. All in succession and with expertise. She was going on and on like a machine without taking a break, the look of determination never leaving her face the entire time. This could be exactly who he needed to win that prize money. He had nabbed the main bout of the night with some small lies and a bit of bribery that he hoped to win back and much more. 

The main bout was going to be against an up and coming amateur boxer known as Christopher 'Battling' Battalino who wasn't large himself. The thing he had going for him was his large amount of knockouts in all his fights so far. The man knew how to take his opponent out and send them to the ground hard. Although he was from Connecticut and underground boxing wasn't exactly welcomed for men on his path he still needed to earn some extra cash. The odds would definitely be in Battalino's favor if he could bring this woman to the fight. Too many men would be distracted by her sex to even contemplate her level of skill or how hard she has trained. The money would be flowing in his direction at the end of the night.

Now all he had to do was convince her that she should fight tonight....

She didn't even notice him approaching as she continued to practice her combos, "Hello miss, my name is John Marston. I hope you don't mind me inquiring about who you are."

The punches stopped flying through the air as she let her hands finally fall to her side. Turning towards John she said, "My name is Rebecca_Ferrari. Why do you want to know?"

John understood her defensiveness to a stranger inquiring about her identity. He figured if he wasn't careful with his words that he might catch a right hook in the jaw. So he chose his next statement a bit carefully...

"Well my business has brought me to New Orleans in order to deliver a fighter for an underground fight tonight. It will be for the main bout and the biggest purse overall. To be honest with you, I've been here trying to find somebody that would be underestimated and help me win some major cash through betting. I think you fit that role perfectly." He watched as her eyes narrowed a bit and her jaw moved about as she wondered if he was being truthful.

"The fight will be tough, but I think you'd have a very good chance of taking the victory. You'd be fighting Christopher Battalino. So it's no slouch. I'd be willing to negotiate your take of the winnings. I've put some money up front to get ownership of the open spot in that fight and I'll put the money up for the bet. So I'll need a good percentage to get my money back and some more. You'll get the prize money and a cut of the winnings from my bet." John looked over as one of the boxers hit the mat after taking a uppercut to the jaw.

"Hopefully you don't end up like that, I doubt you would though. So what are your thoughts on my offer?" John leaded up against the wall and awaited Rebecca's response.

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Rebecca leaned over to grab the towel she had lying on top of her bag and used it to dab the sweat off her face as she studied the man and considered his proposal.  The fact that she was at this gym was happen stance.  She had ran across it after selling the load of coke she had brought down from Detroit and had thought squeezing in a work out before heading to her motel room would be a good idea.

She rolled the man's name around in her head, John Marston.  Something seemed familiar about it, but it wasn't coming to mind exactly how.  As for this Christopher Battalino fellow, she had no idea.  He was probably some local star.  Well it was her first shot at a main event and it was at that level the money really started getting good.   Truth be told she really needed the money.  

Finally she responded, " Alright, but I want 20 percent of your winnings."  Then as an after thought she smirked and added, "... and drinks afterwards."

She took the towel in both hands and flipped it over her head to lay loosely around her neck as she looked at him and waited to see how he replied.

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John smiled at the addition of drinks offered after her initial request of twenty percent from the winnings. That plus the prize money would be plenty for her and his eighty percent of the betting money would cover costs and give him a good profit. 

"Alright, I can do twenty percent. I assume that I'll be paying for those drinks as well." He smiled and extended his hand towards.

They shook on the deal....

"So, how about we get you some water and I can go over a few details on the fight and who it is that you're fighting." John motioned towards the water fountain and a couple of benches sitting up against the wall.

He could see the old man still keeping an eye on him, but hopefully their business would be done soon enough that it would get John out of the man's sight till later on. As they approached the other side of the gym, Rebecca_Ferrari went for the water and John went for the bench. 

"Alright. The man you're fighting isn't a big feller. He's about five foot five and falls into the featherweight division of the amateur circuit as he makes his way towards going pro. The thing is with this guy that he has a very strong lower body and he uses that along with his quick hands to land some heavy punches." Rebecca was still taking a few drinks from the fountain and nodding when she could. 

"He may dance around a bit at times, but he'll try to get you to attack until he finds his opening to land a few powerful jabs. The problem with his technique is going to be the fact that he is slow to move his feet mid punch as he uses his legs as anchors to put that power into his punch. Essentially he's patient and powerful. My advice.....try to side step his attacks and catch him on the side of his head. Sure he will probably get his gloves up every so often, but it should hopefully give you a few times where you can land a good solid punch to his jaw." John pulled out a small bottle of whiskey and took a swig from it.

"I mean, I don't know much about how you fight so this is all just in theory. It'll be up to you to take the bastard down once you're in the ring with him." She finally sat down next to him and looked at him.

"So how much money am I looking at for this fight?" She asked. 

John chuckled at how much focus and confidence she had. She seemed only worried about how much she would get once she won as if it was a guarantee. 

"The fight will land you a nice $25,000. Which is good for an underground fight. If the odds end up anywhere near what I'm expecting then you'll get another $30,000 to $50,000 from your share of the money I win from betting on you. Overall, it's a good nights work and it might grab the attention of some men with contacts in pro boxing." He looked around at the men who were still training around the gym.

"You know, most of these shmucks won't ever do a damn thing when it comes to a boxing career. Maybe you can and this is a good starting point. A sneaky deal with a outlaw from Seattle. So, I assume you're in?" He smiled at her.

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"Yeah I am in."

Rebecca pulled her foot up to rest on the bench and she casually laid her arm on top of her knee that was pulled to her chest. "Most of my opponents tend to be taller than I am so my fighting style tends to be closing the gaps and working the angles.  It usually tends to mean more body blows, but by keeping it close I take away the long arms, you know?  You said he was 5 foot?"

John nodded.

"Well that takes that fighting style out.  To near the same height, but if he is fighting light weights he may not have experienced a smaller opponent and close fighting may be un-familiar to him.  I will just have to see."

Grabbing the corner of her towel she wiped some of the sweet that had fallen into her eye.  "If his power is in his legs than I will need to focus on attacking in the corners and against the ropes where he will have less ability to plant and drive.  It will be important for me to keep him off balance as much as possible.  That kind of fighter needs proper balance to maximize the power in his punches."

Laying her head back against the cool wall, she looked at him a moment.  "From Seattle huh?"  She nodded to herself, "Now I remember why your name rang a bell.  I don't suppose you are the same fella who runs a family out there named The Outlaws are you?"

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John listened keenly to her strategy and knowledge of the ring. There wasn't much that seemed to be left out when she was considering a strategy. Another thing that helped his confidence that she was the right choice for this fight and that he wasn't going to regret this chance meeting. Then she finally made the connection of his name to where he came from...

"Yeah, the one and only. A decent sized gang and making our mark on the city. Honestly I'm still trying to expand operations and connections for the gang. That's one reason I'm down here in New Orleans and trying to get into the underground boxing business. Definitely some good money in boxing." He stood up from the bench and stretched.

Rebecca_Ferrari stood up with him, "So when is the fight and where do I need to go?"

"Fair questions. The fight is going to be at Midnight. Although there will be a few preliminary fights that will start at nine o' clock. The fights will be over in a warehouse on Eden Isle not far from where the bridge lets out. If I have it right, it's not too far down Oak Harbor Boulevard. I'll wait outside standing with a few of my bodyguards so hopefully you can't miss it." He took one more swig from his bottle of whiskey. 

"Don't be later than ten o' clock. We'll want to get you ready starting by at least eleven. I think it'll be good for you to watch a fight or two before you end up in that ring yourself. You'll want to see how these fights can go. Although they try to keep them clean, it can get a bit dirty every now and then. So you should be prepared for anything." He put the bottle away in his jacket and began to walk towards the old man who owned the gym.

One last thought popped into his mind, "Oh, this crowd will be filled with plenty of criminals and low life pieces of shit. So come dressed appropriately in maybe some sweats or gear and carrying your gloves. That'll hopefully turn away any scum and help you avoid getting into any preliminary fights of your own."

He chuckled at the thought of her putting some scumbag into the dirt, but it was a genuine piece of advice as he didn't want her dealing with any shit prior to her fight. 

"Basically, just be careful and smart. I should be by your side from the start, but just in case we don't find each other immediately. I need to go arrange a few things and put you in as my fighter. You go get ready for that fight. Make sure you eat something that isn't too heavy, but eat something to make sure you're good for the fight. Can't have you fighting on an empty stomach." He nodded at her and continued walking away.

"This'll be the easiest money you've ever made John Marston!" Rebecca yelled after him.

She couldn't see it, but he smirked as he knew that would most likely be the truth. The old man came over to the ropes of the ring as John approached.

"You finally done with your business in here?" The old man growled.

"Yeah, I'm done. Thanks for your hospitality old timer." John handed the man a stack of hundred's and made his way out the door to get ready...

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