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PA State Bank Job Started by: DominicG on Jan 07, '19 16:57

Dominic was sitting in his office at the headquarters of the Black Label, when his bodyguard walked in holding manila envelope, smiling up at his bodyguard waiting to hear what he had brought him. Dom sat back in his chair as the bodyguard placed the envelope on his desk.


“Alight boss, this is the plans to the building you requested. Let’s say this didn’t come cheap.” His guard instructed him.


“That is no problem, this is something that will put us on the map.” Dom spoke with such confidence in his voice.


He grabbed a pen and some paper, writing a quick note. Handing the letter to the bodyguard smiling at him, “Run this to our associates. Read this to them let them know asap.”


As the bodyguard left, Dom started to clear off his desk. Cleaning off all the paperwork and book keepings he had going. Leaving his glass of whiskey and ash tray on his desk. Pulling the blueprint out of the manila envelope, rolling it out on his desk getting a full view, placing some weight on the corners to hold document down.


Picking up his glass and sipping it as he looks down at the print. Waiting for the associates to show up.

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*knock *knock. BendOver pushed the door to mr Dominic's office open and walked in. He watched the boss' face waiting for permission to speak. Dominic inspected him for a couple of seconds and gave him a nod.


"Hello, boss. Looks like I'm the first one to arrive. Should we wait for the others to gather before we begin?"


Dominic nodded again and BendOver leaned on the wall waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. As his eyes caught a glimpse of the plans laid out on Dominic's desk, his mouth could not resist forming a perverted grin for a second, before his usual calm demeanor returned.

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Syr headed to the Black Label headquarters minutes after having received the note from the Right Hand Man: he had been patiently waiting for a high-responsability task, and it looked like an opportunity to impress the upper family members had finally presented itself.
He walked in front of Dominic's office, knocked on the door and said: 

"Hey boss, it's Syr. Can I come in?"

Hearing an affirmative answer from inside the room, he walked in.

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The Skeleton was outside the city doing some work there, he received the note to go back to his headquarters and that is a call from the right hand man, he stopped his work and started to pack his bags to go back to his city as he was asked to be there.


The next day he was there he walked in hurry to Mr.Dominic office, he knocked the door before he came in, "Sorry for being late sir, I just came back"


he took a seat looking forward why he was called to be back fast, when looked around he saw the envelope but couldn't guess what their mission will be.

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I had been busy getting myself going when a message arrived. I flew home quickly, as I did not want to screw up already. I knocked on the door before entering, and found others here as well. I took a seat a waited for orders.
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Dominic looked around the room. Stretching as most of the group was here. He would look around at all of them, a chill went down his spin when he saw the skeleton man. Bringing his glass up to his lips, sipping it slowly. A smirk would then come across his face, his bodyguard had re-entered the room.

"I went to everyone I could find boss." He said quickly. "No worries, I think we have enough to get started, if more show up we will fill them." 

Clearing his throat after taking another sip of his scotch. "Alright most of you are here.." Realizing no one else had a drink he looked to his bodyguard, "Pour them all some scotch." The bodyguard did as instructed.

"PA State bank. I happened to have a friend who got me the blueprint to that lovely establishment." Taking another sip. "We are going to need a few things to get us started. First, we will need some drilling equipment, judging by this vault its pretty hefty." 

Looking around the room, "Second we are going to need a get away van, no plates, no vin numbers, which means one of you will be in charge of getting the van and being the getaway driver. "

Taking rather large gulp finishing his scotch. "We are going to need one or more people to do crowd control, that means keeping civilians under control and any cops that may arrive. I will need someone with me on the drill team. Now I have bags, masks, and jumpsuits for use to wear. We just need to find the drill equipment and a getaway vehicle preferably a van."

"With that said who wants to do what?"

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To say Syr wasn't the best driver would be an euphemism, and he also knew jack shit about drilling equipment. There was only one role left that fit him.

"I can take care of the civilians, boss", he said to Dominic. "I'll make sure they don't cause any problems. I'll just need ropes, and some adhesive tape. You can leave the rest to me."

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BendOver jumped in:


"I'll get the wheels boss. I have something special in mind."


His eyes were shining with excitement.


"Everyone brings their own barf bag though. I don't want to have to wash any puke off the loot."

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Just as he sat down for the supper the doorbell rang followed by a few hard knocks on the front door. Sulla sighed and went to open up. There was another series of hard knocks on the door and this time someone shouting his name.

"Calm the fuck down, I'm coming."

He recognized Sizzle and for a moment he was surprised to see her;
"Sulla, you need to follow me now, you will get the details on the way. There is a car waiting for us, hurry up."

Sulla nodded and went back inside to grab his jacket and his tools.
20 minutes later they arrived at their destination. The chilling evening air greeted him as soon as he stepped out of the car, He folded up his collar and waited for Sizzle to get out of the car. He recognized the building, as did he with the man across the street, it was one of 
DominicG's bodyguard acting as a lookout.

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Skeleton was listening to what dominic said and he was thinking about it, he took sip of his glass, asking himself what is the best thing to he may do, he saw how his mates took the control of people and the other one will bring the car.

He took a deep breath and another sip, "I think I will go with you Dom, I will help with drilling thing" he said that while he was smiling.

He planned to get more information about this thing when he back home, and till then he can't wait to know what is their plan to succeed. 

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Clown walks in to mak a withdraw so he has some cash on hand  walks up and fills out his paperwork for the transaction and runs into an old friend  Zoom  he shakes his hand as he greets him a wonderfull day as it was ... got his cash and on the way out he runs into his boss  wow Clown says this is great running into 2 well known friends  LouisMezzo was there doing the same withdrawing a lil cash great to see you here. Clowned was pushed for a soon flight to another city and says goodbye' to all..

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Dominic looked around the room of his office proud to see his associates coming together and wanting to get this job done. Raising his glass before he took a sip and clearing his throat.

"Here is to familia. Now we have our marching orders. Anyone else coming into the job late will be crowd control."

Dominic looked to BendOver"You get the wheels take Syr with you for help."

Then looking to the skeleton Brook "Come with me, I got a guy that we can use that has some good drilling equipment."

"As for the rest of you wait here while we go get the equipment I want to get this done asap."

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