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It's the perfect time for a beatdown? Started by: Mael on Jan 10, '19 08:12

Once Mael had finished with the tailor, he knew that needed to get home, he was not going to be late for his meeting with Koneko. The woman was a real piece of work and she was the same size as him! He should be able to take her, yet, that would be wrong. He was not a fighter, he was more of the stay back, see how it goes and loot the guys after, type of guy. 

As he found himself walking down an alleyway to the Rosevelt Hotel, he knew deep inside that business was about to pick up, he could hear slow steps behind him. It was probably someone else wanting to use a shortcut, then again, he started to walk faster, not wanting to be caught up with the guy, should anything happen. 

As his steps got faster, so did those of the ones echoing behind him, clearly, this man was not using the shortcut and was trying to get to him. Shaking his head in such anger that it looked like he was throwing a tantrum, Mael started to sprint down the alleyway, his feet causing big splashes with puddles that were on the cobblestone ground.

"Oh, bloody hell!"

Mael groaned out as he crashed into a body and looked up as he noticed the punk from before, his eyes had gone wide with fear, before smiling nervously, knowing that he was not here for some of his famous Mapple Juice. He tilted his head, the nervous smile still in place before he spoke out with a stutter.

"Hello, Gentleman, would you know why you're here on my route home."

The punk chuckled, knowing exactly why he was here and he was not here to guide the punk home, he shrugged before kicking the kid in the stomach. He picked Mael up from the back of his neck, making sure that he maintained eye contact with the other members of his little crew. He smirked at them, throwing the little runt back towards them. 

"Mael of the Black Rose, infamous mugger for Nikita, I must say, you are quite the easy person to get ahold of and JackWaltz isn't here to save you now. Let him have it, boys!"

As the beatdown continued, Mael cried out for help, only to find that blood was beginning to build up in his mouth due to the hellish beatdown that he was receiving. He could do nothing but wait for it to be over or perhaps, for someone to save him just this time. He knew he was not that far from the hotel and maybe Cain would wonder where he was, he just needed for them to stop.

"That's enough boys, he's learned his lesson, he'll pay the debt that his father owes. Let's go!"

The thugs rushed out of the alleyway, leaving Mael to lick his wounds and try to get some help, only it seemed that he was slowly losing consciousness as he could hear the rushing steps of the thugs fade as if he was drowning and someone was screaming for him, yet all he wanted to do was sleep....

could he sleep now?

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Koneko and Cain walked the streets of Los Angeles, searching for their charge, knowing that he should have been at the hotel a while ago. They walked side by side, clearly wanting to find the boy that was in their care, their faces were filled with worry. They had arranged a meeting with Ruiz to discuss the business they had with his crew, now? It had to be postponed with the prodigal heir not being available to talk with Ruiz or keep his daughter, Liza, busy. 

"Are you sure that he isn't with Jack Waltz? Those two are like freaking best friends, half the time I swear that I'm going to see them opening a business together."

Cain spoke with a light tone, only then he noticed a band of punks running away from an alleyway, clearly they weren't rushing to get anywhere and it disturbed the security of Mael that they knew it was something to be checked out, they pulled their guns, both of them ready to kill if need be. They sprinted down the path to the alleyway and it was dark, they could make out a body and suddenly an ear-splitting scream had come from Koneko, causing Cain to look at her like she was crazy. 

"Kon, what's wrong? Where is-"

It was then that Cain turned around, catching sight of the battered and broken Mael, who clung to Koneko as if she was his mother. His face contorted with such anger that it would have taken an army of one-hundred men to hold him back, he looked back to the fucking assholes that had done this, running like a bunch of pussies. 

He aimed his gun at one of the fuckers, firing with effectiveness as it easily tore through his flesh and caused him to groan, falling to the ground, clutching his chest, hoping to keep himself from dying. He looked back to Koneko, noticing that she was standing up, carrying Mael bridal style. He had no words on the matter and went inside a small cafe that had a phone, he looked to the owner and growled before calming down. 

"Call an ambulance, now!"

The owner rushed to the phone as Koneko had set Mael down on the ground, hoping to keep him conscious as he looked like a broken boy, clearly, these guys were sending a message to them and others, he was not safe. No matter what, from now on, he would never be alone.

The owner came back, muttering that the ambulance would be here soon, Cain nodded before telling the owner to call JackWaltz, he wanted to know what the fuck had happened... 

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The house was empty besides the man who resided in it. His wife had gone into town with the neighbor and elected to do some shopping for herself while Jack caught a break from his business in the city. He was sitting in the kitchen, but got up to walk out onto the porch when the phone rang for him. He was initially started by the sound, but changed his direction immediately and headed for the telephone. Picking up the receiver, he heard a voice unfamiliar to him speaking so rapidly that it was hard to comprehend what was being relayed to him.

"Hold on, hold on, slow the fuck down. Who is this? What's going on?" Jack asked.

"Mr. Waltz, its Moretti, the owner of the cafe down on Main Street, your friend, Mael, I've been told to call you. Something has happened, he appears to be in very bad shape. Two bodyguards came and collected him to help him, there's an ambulance on the way for him. They insisted that I call you." The man on the other end of the phone panicked. 

"Jesus Christ, find out which hospital that ambulance is taking them to. I'll be down to your place soon."

"I don't want any trouble, sir."

"There's not going to be any trouble for you, as long as you cooperate. You keep your eyes peeled and your mouth shut, do you understand me?"


Jack hung up the phone quickly and grabbed his keys from the kitchen table. Making his way out to the car, he was visibly infuriated at the news of what Jack could only guess was an attack. Nothing had pissed him off more than the fact that they were beating on a kid when Jack had offered to solve any problems himself. He knew now that it was no time to back off of the threat that he made before if his hunch about it being the same man was true. 

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Moretti ran back out, noticing the two bodyguards had an extra body with them, only this person was clearly not a friend as the stronger of the two had pinned him down with a foot on his chest, stopping him from moving any further. Moretti could not stop eying the two, uncomfortable with such a situation, he had heard the gunshot and was about to close his cafe for the day and call the cops, yet, these two had burst in before he had the chance. 

"Mr. Waltz is on his way here, do you guys need anything besides medical assistance?"

Cain, the calmer, albeit, still pissed off, of the two looked at the man with narrowed eyes. He wondered if the man had heard the pleas for help, Mael had been whispering for them, yet no one had heard, this boy was not meant to be caught like this, where the fuck was they!? Huh!? Where was Jack Waltz!? Fuck!

Cain and his raging thoughts continued as his boot pressed harder on the chest of the goon that had been hired to help in the beatdown on Mael, he knew that he could not lead an 'interrogation' here and Koneko would want in on it when the boy was less of a priority, yet now? He was always going to be a priority, they were going to have security around this boy for the rest of his life, cause fuck him not having any security. 

"No we're good, you can head to back now sir, you are no longer needed."

Cain stated coldly, the man had gone to the back, clearly not wanting the anger of the man to strike unto him. Cain looked back to Koneko who had still not let go of Mael who was now breathing, faintly, his eyes were closed, it was worrying for them, they did not want to see him die now. 

"They'll be here and when I find out who the fuck did this, I promise you Koneko, they will die painfully."

Cain did not need any reassurance or an 'okay' from Koneko, he knew her better than Mael himself, they had worked together for a long time. She would be fucking pissed if he did not go through with making these asswipes pay, it was not going to be a slow and steady war, now? They just waited for JackWaltz and the ambulance, shit needed to be sorted.

"Let the good times roll indeed, like you always said, Charlie."

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Jack pulled up on the block in a hurry, parking haphazardly, blocking the alleyway from anyone coming in without him knowing about it. He left the engine running, the engine roared in the background as he began to walk up to the guards watching over Mael. His first thought was to walk over to the man held against the ground. This had to be one of the attackers, though Jack wondered how he didn't manage to get away in the excitement. 

"This is one of the guys that attacked him, right?" Jack asked. "We're gonna have some fun with him."

Jack walked over to Mael, seeing that his breathing was light, but he was still in plenty of pain. Knowing that the ambulance would be here any minute, Jack knew he would have to move his car soon. He walked over to the trunk of his car, grabbing out a pair of handcuffs from a hidden storage compartment. Walking back over to the attacker, he placed the handcuffs on the man's wrists. He had plenty of ideas of what he wanted to do next, but most of it depended on the ambulance not being on the way.

"What do you guys think we should do with this bastard? I was hoping to handcuff him to the bumper and take him along for a nice little drive. But, if you know an abandoned building, that could work to. I'm flexible."

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"Nah Jackie, he's just one of the customers that are bleeding because he fell on his ass."

Cain stated with sarcasm before looking to Koneko who narrowed her eyes, informing him that now was not the time for sarcasm or anything to do with scolding him for not being here earlier. They needed to make sure that Mael got to the hospital and received security, no one would be seeing this boy without their permission, they would pay the hospital staff if they had too.

"Nice to meet you, Jack Waltz, I've heard about you. Although, we can introduce ourselves later. For now? This little piggy needs to be kept somewhere before the ambulance pulls up. I know you're not a taxi service, he will need to be interrogated and not in the police matter."

Cain walked towards the little shit that was still breathing, he kicked him over, causing him to groan, looking back at Jack, he smiled. 

"Oh, what do we do with someone like him, eh? I believe he knows where to find his buddies and from there, we will see."

He continued looking at Jack, waiting for him to pick up the guy and put him in the trunk of his car, did he say that a little too subtle. Maybe he did and instead, he walked over to the young kid, blankly staring. 

"You going to pick up that body and put him in your trunk? Or will I?"

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"Come to think of it, I know a spot."

Jack grabbed the attacker by the back of the neck and threw him into the trunk of his car. When he fought against the trunk closing, Jack grabbed a nearby pipe and very forcefully cracked it on his knee. Jack knew better than to hit him in the head when he wanted some information from him.

"Little bastard. Fight back again and see what happens to you." 

Jack closed the trunk and then got into the driver seat. He looked over to the others as the ambulance pulled up to the curb besides them. Jack moved his car and then stopped just past the alleyway. 

"I'll be at the hospital in two hours. Don't let a soul into that room with him."

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"Oh Don't worry, no one will be allowed inside that room."

Koneko spoke softly this time, almost as if she was his mother, in this situation, she was. She never noticed Cain removing Mael from her grip, very carefully, Koneko was simply staring blankly at the boy, the one that she was supposed to care for and did she? No, she allowed him to be beaten, she was not there to protect him and that was her own stupidity, she should have been there to help him. She would have taught those fools a lesson or two. 

"Koneko, the ambulance is here, let's go, come on! You cannot sit there and act like this is your fault, cause it's not, the bastards that did this will pay, I will personally see to it, understand!?"

Cain spoke forcefully towards his fellow guard, knowing that she was blaming herself for the attack on their charge. The medics rushed inside the cafe and looked over Mael, noticing that he was bruised, had a few cracked ribs and blood pouring from his mouth and nose, he was clearly in a dire state, yet they had maneuvered him enough that they were able to get him on the gurney and into the back. 

Koneko held Cain's arm tightly, whispering darkly in his ear as they both watched Mael being loaded into the ambulance. 

"You know, this was calculated, right? They waited until we were not there to help him, they knew Jack would not be there, there is something bigger at play here and something tells me that it has to do with our late friend. Let's go."

Cain watched as Koneko entered the ambulance and so did he, after her. The friend that Koneko was referring to had made plenty of enemies, only for one of this standard? It screamed 'Honored Society' and Cain was going to find out who, no one fucked with Mael and got away with it, they drove to the hospital, things were oddly picking up now.

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Jack pulled his car into an empty lot on the outside of town. The dirt flew up in the air, causing a light stir in the air, a cloud of dust that made it even harder to see into the city for a moment. He shut the car off and pulled up on the trunk, opening it and yanking the punk out of the car. Jack lifted him up, dragging him over to a tree and then removed a single hand from the handcuffs so that he would be able to handcuff him around the tree.

"Alright, you want to attack a kid, we've got a couple of ways to deal with that. You can tell me who else was involved, or I can force it out of you in a very long, slow process." Jack said. He removed his suit jacket and hat, placing them in the car before he rolled up his sleeves to nearly his elbows. 

"I'm not telling you a damn thing. We know all about you, Jack. You're not the protected from us. I promise you that."

"I dare you."

Jack walked closer to him and started throwing punch after punch at his midsection. He could hear the breath escaping from his captives mouth. Jack was knocking the wind out of him, over and over again. Deciding to move his punches up to his chest, he could hear the ribs crack and break. Threats were not taken lightly, knowing that this guy was working with other, he held no mercy for him. 

"You ready to talk yet?" Jack asked.

"Not a damn chance."

Jack went back over to his car and started it up. He had a plan, something that might work better than any physical abuse. He walked back over to him, taking out his knife and thrusting it into his leg. He could see a light trail of blood coming out of the wound. Jack turned and walked away. Without looking back he drove, ready to get off the lot.

"I'll be back, you better hope you're still alive when I do. On second thought, you might just want to pray for death. You might have a chance to save your friends that way."

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Flashback: A Month Ago...

"Heh, here you are bossman, here you are, dead, in the ground. This is somewhere you should have never been, somewhere that should not have come to you easily. Yet, here we stand."

Koneko gazed down at the grave of her esteemed mentor, a man that taught her more than she thought possible. She learned everything from making money to losing it all in one day, as he always said, Dice was a bastard and yet, the thrill always added to it. She chuckled, he always was the light of her life, even though she did not have any romantic feelings for her boss, she found that she would have if the right circumstances had called for such a union. 

"I never thought that I would be the one to guide him, I wonder where she is, traveling the world? Running from certain demons? Who knows, huh? You have left us here, to care for the future, what a load of bullshit. He's inherited all your enemies and none of your strengths, he has inherited all of your weaknesses instead, how do you expect him to lead us? How do you expect him to become you?"

Koneko heard a noticeable cough, someone clearly trying to gain her attention. She turned around, noticing Cain, she smirked, she often wondered where Abel was. She shook her head, knowing that now of all times was not the times for jokes, instead, she did not pay Cain any intention, not out of diserespect, she wanted to focus on her departed mentor first.

"You know, I don't think that he would want his son to become like him. How much has he gone through? I think he wanted his son to embrace those weaknesses, to allow them to mold him, they will help him become something his father was not, what that is? I know not. Only that he is not destined to lead or even sit at the right or left, he is only going to follow and be the man that he wants to be."

Cain walked forward, placing a hand on Koneko's shoulder and cautiously, wrapped his arm around her shoulder, making sure that he did not upset her any more than she needed to be. He noticed that she eased into his hug, clearly, she was not wanting to be alone. He heard a sniffle, it seemed like she was crying.

"What's the boy's name? Cain? What is the boy's name?"

Cain shifted on his feet before tilting his head, allowing it to fit oddly with Koneko's. 

"Mael, his name is Mael."

Present Day

"Lady! What is his name? I need to know his name."

Koenko was caught up with memories of her past as she watched Mael, remembering the days that she had first heard of him, this was the moment that it finally hit her. He was much more to her than just a simple charge and cash cow, she was not using him for any of that, she had a family with the boy, she had a life with Mael, he was a son to her, he was a brother, he was a light, like his father. She would not allow that light to fade away due to this vicious assault. 

"His name is Mael, just Mael. He's 15 and he has no allergies or reactions to certain products, he does have an aversion to needles though."

She chuckled bitterly, remembering the moment that she learned that, as they were driven to the hospital, she noticed that Cain was looking at her oddly, almost as if he knew what was going in her own mind, something that disliked. She knew that working closely with such a man had come with benefits and disadvantages, this was in the middle.

"You know, staring at him like that, you make it seem like he is dead already. If that happened, then his family in England would not be happy, you know that right? They do not know of his existence, I wish to keep it that way."

Koneko raising an eyebrow looked at Cain with a frown, wondering when did Mael have family across the pond? She had never known that, if that was true, that meant Mael should be with them, once again, Cain looked at her with its usual boredom in place and his bright green eyes had gone dull as if the light had been snuffed out. 

"No, they will not be informed and no one besides us knows, people who do know are either dead or in the old country, understood? He goes to the hospital and we tell him when the time is right."

Koneko nodded, before turning her head, continuing to look at Mael with eyes of sadness before she straightened herself out. No longer looking like a sad little girl, instead, a protector stood in her place. 

"You'll be okay Mae-Kun, you'll be okay. You're almost safe."

Cain sighed, knowing that the fault of Mael not being protected fell onto him, he was supposed to be there, now though? He was sure of other Mafia involvement, it was clear as day. If it was one organization that had a bone to pick with the Pavanno family; it was the Buffalo Crime Famillies. He remembered the deal that had fallen through with the death of Mael's father, no one had been able to pick up the scraps and make it their own. 

"You know who did this, don't you?"

Cain nodded, clearly not wanting to think anymore on the matter, it had hurt him too much. A teen under his care had been assaulted by thugs who were no doubt under the employ of one of the famillies, he would find out who, he would make sure that their blood rained down on all the states. He would not be allowing anything to go unanswered, if it was a war that they wanted, it was a war that they would no doubt get. They would fall like dominos.

"Yeah, I do. I'll handle it with Jack, you get Hendrickson and Ulf, none of you are to leave his room, he is protected no matter what."

Koneko nodded, both of them knowing that they were going to be busy for the next couple of days, consequences be damned if need be.

The medics had soon parked the ambulance, allowing them to step out as they wheeled Mael through the doors and heading to the room, which was number eighteen.

"Take first shift, I'll be out here."

Cain whispered as Koneko stepped inside, sitting by Mael's side, making sure that she gripped tight, not wanting him to think that she was not there, she would always be there for him.

​​​​​​​"I'm here Mael, I'm here."


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Jack pulled up to the hospital in a hurry. The tires screeched against the pavement in the parking lot as he parked the car haphazardly in a parking space near the front door. Jack quickly got out of the car, not bothering to put his jacket or hat back on, and slammed the car door shut on his way up to the front door. He knew where the inpatient rooms were, all he had to do was find one of Mael's men guarding the door. He found them along the side hallway, removed from sight of the main hall.

"How's he doing?" Jack asked. "I couldn't get the guy to talk, yet. He's currently occupied with a tree outside of town."

Jack walked into the room and saw the young kid on the hospital bed. He seemed to be stable, with the care of the hospital staff it appeared that everything would be going easily, as long as they could keep any nefarious bastards away from him. Jack hoped that they could trust all of the hospital staff.

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Cain noticed Jack almost speeding into the hospital, his feet causing a rather loud echo throughout the hallway, something that had him shaking his head, knowing that he was curious of the fate that was being decided by whatever deities. He placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him from going any further, knowing that Koneko would not like such a disturbance.

"He's doing fine, the doctors are running some tests, he may be here for a couple of weeks, then placed on meds from there. He's a fighter, he doesn't look like it, yet, he is one of the greatest fighters I know."

Cain spoke softly before guiding Jack into the room, clearly being careful of the moment shared between Koneko and Mael, or at this point in time, a surrogate son. Making sure to be as quiet as possible, he watched as Jack eyed Mael, before looking around at the hospital nurses that rushed inside, checking on him and making sure that he got the best care possible. 

"Good, although, I doubt he will talk. His employers, men like them, they make sure that they won't talk. His friends, they will have left the city or gone underground, my guess is the latter. Don't worry, he will talk and if my guess is correct on who did this, business will pick up. More men will be coming and I don't think it'll be for the roses that decorate our city."

Cain watched Mael, before looking back, he noticed a nurse seemingly eying their room before turning away. He was suspicious and the look that the nurse had given was not one of malice intent, it was curiosity.

"I can see the look in your eyes, we can trust them, for now, JackWaltz, for now, we have too. When the other security team gets here, we can handle our friend who has the date with the tree."

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Jack sat down, waiting patiently with Mael's men for the next security team to take guard over the kid. Jack was trying his best not to be restless in his seat, but the thing he had always had trouble with was waiting. It didn't bother him, but it caused his mind to race, leading to him thinking too much. 

"What plan do you guys have in case something should happen? We know they won't stay underground forever." Jack asked.

Jack stood up again, walking over to the window. He couldn't see much out of it, it seemed that they hadn't cleaned it in weeks, though it made it easy to conceal who was in the room. This would work to help them, with less opportunity for someone to find out where Mael was staying in the hospital. Jack could only hope that they didn't use the boys real name when they checked him into the hospital.

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Cain leaned against a wall, noticing Koneko did not even notice or pay attention to their conversation, too focused on Mael at the time, something that he knew would not stop and no one could do anything to stop, it was truly amazing how she protected him, looking out the window, he noticed a couple cars pulling up, the security team were obviously arriving. 

"In case something happens? Nothing will happen, they don't have the numbers or the backing, all they got was a job and they fucked it up. We'll find them and if they come out from wherever they're hiding, that makes it all the better friend."

Cain looked back to Jack with a smile in place, wanting to see if the man that had been thrust into the position of mentor disagreed in any way, knowing that he must have cared for the boy's protection, otherwise, he would not have been here otherwise. 

"Koneko, Hendrickson, and Ulf are here with their team, we're going to handle it now, protect him."

Cain walked out, already noticing Hendrickson and Ulf entered the room, he waited for JackWaltz, knowing that he was going to be driving for them. 

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"Make sure that we're keeping a close eye on everything. Never know who might be leaking information out. I hate nothing more than a damn rat." Jack said

Without another word, he left the room and began to make his way down to the parking lot. He stopped at the Cafe on his way and grabbed a coffee to go. It was a short walk out of the way, and well worth it for him. Jack then proceeded out to the parking lot and noticed how crooked he had parked. There he saw Cain waiting for him beside the car. Jack walked to the other side, unlocking the door and letting him in. Before Jack got in, he lit a cigarette, taking a break to smoke before they headed off. 

"You know who did this, huh?" 

Jack got into the car once he had finished the cigarette and fired up the engine. Within seconds, they were at the edge of the parking lot and Jack was following Cain's directions to get to their destination. 

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As Jack drove, stopping at the cafe, Cain started to think about the Buffalo Famillies, wondering who had the most to gain from Mael paying the debt. It could have been any of them, only Leo 'The Gent' could not have done it, considering he was currently in the hospital and his son, Gino had taken the reigns for his crew. Many other crews had made up the Buffalo Commission and famillies, it could spell an all-out war, something that Cain knew would get many other people involved. 

The Casino, Gomorrah, The Casino that was going to be operated by Race Street Company and The Buffalo Mob, each getting fifty percent control. Yet War had broken out, Charlie died and his ideas went up in smoke. Nikita and Itachi had moved to Los Angeles, not knowing of the ideas that Charlie planned, the only ones that even had a single clue were Isabella and Tara Byrne, he even doubted that they knew that much of the process.

"What did you do with the money, Charlie? Is that why they are after Mael?"

Cain knew that he would have to take a trip to Canada and visit Leo The Gent, see who on the Commission knew where the money last was. Sighing to himself, he noticed that Jack had gotten back inside the car, asking him who did this. He had an idea, yet he would have to visit an old friend of his. 

"Go to the Los Robles Social Club, we'll find someone there, don't worry, he's a friend and he's a lead on where these other fuckers are held up. There is something bigger at play Jackie and I intend to find out what happened and why Mael was assaulted for these little games. They wanted Koneko's and my attention, they got it."

Cain said nothing else, instead choosing to stare out the window, knowing that it would be a long day ahead of them.

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Jack continued driving, following Cain's directions throughout the town. They were hitting every stoplight on the way. Rotten luck, Jack thought, but nothing that he could do about it. Jack chose to remain quiet on their drive. He had a lot of plans for his future in the city and he wanted to make sure that his friends made it through to live it out with him. 

As he pulled up up to the Los Robles Social Club, he took a second to himself before shutting off the engine. It was already beginning to be a long day for him, and over the last couple weeks, days like this seemed to be coming more often than he would like. If they could get to the bottom of this though, business might return to normal and then he could truly settle down into his role in the family. 

"This is the place that your guys are at, huh? Let's see what they know."

Jack got out of the car and put his suit jacket on after he rolled his sleeves back down to his wrist. He set his hat on top of his head, the last thing he wanted to do was make this look like it was a casual social call. He was well versed in the expectations of his appearance when it came to taking care of business.

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"Right, let's go, no sudden moves. I don't want to be explaining to the chief of police why you were killed, keep your hands visible at all times, these fuckers are more than happy to blow our brains out."

Cain got out of the car, entering the social club, he noticed a couple of people that used to be former friends of his mentor, he nodded to them in respect. He did notice Ruiz of the Illario Cartel, he was not surprised as Ruiz did business with the mob and was their main source of income regarding the drug trade.

Continuing to look around, Cain noticed Tom Papalia, an associate in the business. Word going around was that he might be getting his wings soon enough, although that had yet to be seen. Calling out to him, Tom raised his head, giving Cain a small smile before waving him and Jack over. 

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, Cain, how the fuck you doing?"

Cain shook his head at the language that Tom used as if he could never live without it, he found it amusing. He sat down at his table, noticing a couple goons had scattered, leaving Tom to talk his business. He shook his head though, never remembering the guy to have any goons around him, this was a cause for suspicion, wondering what need he would have for muscle. 

"What's the need for muscle Tom? You guys are acting like you're gearing for war, onto that later though, this here is Jack Waltz, member of a little Rose Picking business. Jack, this here is Tom of Buffalo, a wiseass and someone who needs to stop gambling but he ain't listen, not one bit."

Tom flipped Cain off before sighing and looking around, leaning in and whispering to Cain.

"I know why you are here, Mael was attacked, right?"

Cain was too shocked to answer as he looked at Jack and back to Tom, wondering what the heck was going, how did Tom know of the attack?

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"We need to find out what happened earlier today and why it happened." Jack said. He was cautious in this area, being unfamiliar with not only the location, but the people that he was dealing with. It was clear to him that he would need to get out more and see what else he was missing out on in this city. 

Watching the exchange between Cain and the men in the room, he was glad that Mael had people close to him that had connections like this, though the past was unknown to Jack, this may be a little bit more tense than a usual social call, Jack was unsure how serious that Cain had been about these men wanting to put a bullet through them. Regardless, they were here on a mission and Jack wasn't interested in anything more than finding out what happened.

"We just want to know what we came here looking for answers for and then we will be out of your way. Are you going to help us out or not?"

Waiting for an answer, Jack grew to get slightly irritated and impatient in the silence. He didn't like the thought of being ignored, but knew to watch what he said in front of the wrong type of people. He suspected that they were people Jack wanted to avoid, but Jack also knew that he needed to stand his ground.

"Jesus Christ, he's a fucking kid. Tell us what the hell happened."

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