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Aug 18 - 23:27:04
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Site wide Sports Betting Started by: Giuseppe_Ligambi on Jan 19, '19 15:25

Currently running Football with more to come. Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, UFC, etc. If it has action and a fan base we'll cover it.

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Slight change in the rules in an effort to make things easier for the bettors. We've automated things a little more and will continue to work with bettors feedback. Below is the link to the new and updated back alley sports book. Be sure to check the updated rules with a detailed walkthough and introduction to sports betting.


With the new system we'll be able to cover the action on any listed game for any listed sport. Happy betting everyone!


-Uncle Joe

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With the start of the Superbowl nearly upon us betting will only be open another 26 mins. Good luck to all!
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Still in operation :)
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Good thing, never give up mate ;)

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like this, ill get involved 

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have other way of betting so keep on betting there instead of here ;)

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