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Finding Don Scofield. Started by: RaylanVilmont on Feb 03, '19 11:14

Raylan had just entered his office. It was around seven in the morning and he had already made his morning coffee. He sipped on it slowly as he checked over his itinerary for the day. His work was cut out for him as he just recently was appointed to the position of Right Hand Man for Don Ellie. As he began to work through some very routine administrative duties he received a phone call on his desk line. He answered to hear the voice of Don Ellie. He could tell in her delivery that she was concerned. The message she relayed to him explained her tone. She informed him that their very own Don Scofield had gone missing without a trace and without any notice. Don Ellie tasked him to assemble some associates and to find Scofield, get him to safety, and ensure that any foul play was met with swift retribution.


Raylan agreed that he would complete the task with haste and hand up the phone. He stood from his desk and made a call to the front desk of headquarters to have two associates come to his office. He ordered them to assemble all Chicago associates to meet him in front of headquarters in one hour. Raylan told them to ensure that no one sleep in and that everyone be there on time. He needed things to start quickly and he needed to ensure that the tempo stayed high until Don Scofield was found.


An hour passed and Raylan stood in front of headquarters. There were cars all around and a large crowd formed of able body Chicago associates ready to take on the task at hand. Raylan raised one hand in the air to gather their attention as well as to greet the crowd before speaking.


“Good morning Chicago, I hope I find you all well today. Unfortunately I’ve assembled you all here due to unfortunate circumstances. Our very own Don Scofield has gone missing without a trace. We have no thread of evidence to show where he went or where he is at this time. I have been tasked by Don Ellie to ensure that our brother is found quickly. Don Scofield could be in dire straits as we speak so I will keep this short and to the point. I need all of you to hit the streets with fury to find our Don. Shake every crack head, banker and cop until we find him. If you get information pass it up the proper channels right away. If you encounter any resistance, handle it swiftly. This is not to be treated as a stroll through the park, but a vicious shake down to find a member of our family. I hope to God that he’s simply vacationing and hasn’t informed anyone, but until that’s proven we need to treat this situation as though each moment is precious and he is counting on us all to come through for him. With that said, get to work Chicago, find our man, and don’t accept failure at any point. God speed.”


With that Raylan placed his hat on his head and got into his car with his entourage of bodyguards and drove off. As he drove he could see the entire crowd thin within minutes. Cars took off in all directions. The hunt was on and Scofield would be found soon.

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Stacy woke up quite early today for no particular reason. The sleepyhead is a bit tired, but not too much as she goes to the bathroom and takes a good shower, before having her breakfast which is rather simple — a sandwich with a glass of orange juice to get her started. The vitamins are always good to start the day and be a bit more awake. She was called into the headquarter by @RaylanVilmont. It must be something serious. The upcoming meeting is possibly one of the reasons as of why she just woke up for no reason, as it occupied her mind.

After also brushing her teeth and looking at herself in the mirror one last time to make sure, that she looks good she leaves her house after smiling at herself. The world should however also know her smile as the young woman leaves the place and therefore the first strangers are greeted by it. Now taking care would be easier but Stacy does not even have a car. Just like the rest of her family, she refuses to take public transportation methods. The only acceptable ones are planes as they are the only way to get to cities that are further away. Another reason why she left the house early to walk all the way into the headquarters which is about one hour walking away.

After the hour-long walk, she finally arrives and greets @RaylanVilmont by waving at him before standing in front of him, just as the rest of the people who assembled here. They were all called into a meeting and were here to listen to this man talking. It was about Scofield, the first crew that she joined but never heard back of the leader. Not a surprise, that it was about him and to find him. Someone of importance like @Scofield just disappearing is indeed unusual and weird. The woman nods at the instruction of Ray before telling him, that she´s going to get right to work.

Her brain cells are being used to think about a possible place of where he could hide, as she is walking around the streets of the windy city. She is wearing her usual dress and hat. Luckily it is neither too cold not too windy today. Otherwise, the choice of clothes would have been quite bad. Her left hand is resting on her chin as she slowly keeps walking forward. There are only a few places which immediately pop to mind, some of which make her feel a bit uncomfortable but it is her job.

In the end, she decides to go and pay the brothel a visit. Maybe the leader was just frustrated or lonely lately and needed to compensate for that feeling there. She does now know, but it is indeed worth a  try.

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Mitch laid awake in his bed staring at the ceiling while the constant tick of the clock on the wall filled the room. Seeing the sun start to peer through the window, he decided it was time to get up. He washed himself and dressed in his expensive imported Italian suit. Adjusting his diamond encrusted silver cuff links, he made his way to the kitchen for breakfast. A coffee with a hint of whiskey. Perfect. Once finished, he left his cup on the side and made his way to the safe hidden in his new home to grab his essentials. His trusty 1911. It was a gun that showed it's age but was still noticeably well maintained. He also grabbed a wad of cash, closed the safe and made his way to the door. The door's 8 point deadbolt mechanism was loud as it opened, Mitch looked around the street outside. Always careful of new faces. He turned his back to lock the door, the loud deadbolt locked back into place. He fiddled the door nob to make sure that it had locked completely and made his way to his brand new black automobile. It wasn't very fancy, but it was his first car that didn't have rips in the leather seats. The engine roared as he turned it on and made pace to the headquarters for another days work.

He pulled in to the curb around the back of the building, checking the time on his pocket watch. Right on time. He got out and made his way around the building to enter from the front. When he reached the last corner, he heard a voice that was unmistakable. It was @RaylanVilmont. As Mitch made his way closer to the crowd, he starting identifying people hearing Raylan in the background.

"These are all of our associates.. Looks like everyone's here" - He thought to himself

Mitch stopped in his tracks the moment he heard that Don Scofield mas missing. He didn't believe that he'd disappear voluntarily without saying a word to anyone. There had to be foul play. Mitch quickly doubled back to his car, walking fast with his head down thinking what could've happened. He need information and he needed it fast.

He reached his car and slumped in the driver seat, he took out his weapon and popped the magazine to double check it was full. He put it back and checked the barrel was clear then reached into his glove box and removed four more magazines.

"Better safe than sorry" - He said to himself with a smile on his face

Handling a gun always brought a smile to his face. Mitch put the car in gear and made his way to the brothel. He had a couple of lady friends that are known for having information that is generally hard to come by. Seemed like a good place to start.

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Mangler slammed his fist onto the desk next to his bed in Bentley Manner, he was slowly recovering from a night drinking with friends and he picked the phone up. "Yeah, it's like seven am for fuck sake?" Mangler croaked. "You're bein' asked for by the Boss." came the hesitant reply from his trusty bodyguard Freddy. Mangler slammed the phone down, frustrated that his sleep had been ruined, he had known the reason why he probably wouldn't had been so pissed off. He got ready quickly, throwing on his tweed suit and slamming his flat cap on his head he came down the stairs where they had his coffee ready, Bentley's Manner in Chicago sure knew how to look after their clientele. He rubbed his weary eyes before climbing into his roadster and shooting off towards the HQ, a car trailing behind carrying the rest of his entourage.

Upon hearing the news that Don Scofield has gone missing Mangler rubbed his chin, bumping shoulders with his friends and family he frowned. Someone who went missing in this world tended to not come back up again and that worried Mangler. Running a hand down his face he knew he had to get off to a headstart and waited for Raylan to finish the final few words before he jumped into his car and went on the prowl for the Don. 

Mangler thought much like himself Scofield would be heading to a bar to get a drink and that the strains of the world had caused to him to fall into a pit somewhere in some bar. Mangler would go on a bar crawl until he found the man he thought to himself. Beginning at the former bustling Brothel which had now become a little bit run down, he started with his first beer as he looked around. @Stacy walked through the door and Mangler caught her eye by waving his bottle. "You seen him yet?" knowing that Stacy was at the meeting this morning. 

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Mitch parked his car a block away from the brothel and went the rest of the way on foot. It pays to be cautious. He went in and nodded at the bar keep that noticed him entering. He wasn't a regular, but people knew who he was. Mitch made his way straight up the stairs to the second floor where the ladies were working. As he reached to top, he removed his 1911 from it's holster pulled the slide back.

He knew which door he was looking for. He went to the far end and forcefully entered the room on the far left.

"Hey Cindy, did you miss me" he said as he lifted his weapon.

Cindy was with a client, which understandably wasn't too happy to see a man knock a door of it's hinges while he was with his trousers down to his ankles.

"Gosh darn it, Mitch. I'm working, what the hell do you want?"

Cindy shouted angrily from under the man, which jolted backward against the wall with his hands up.

"I'm looking for Don Scofield. What do you know?" Mitch said calmly

Cindy rolled her eyes and replied:

"Come back later, I'm busy right now."

Mitch cocked the hammer and lifted the weapon towards her client.

"Or I can shoot him, talk to you and then you find another one"

The man panicked as he heard Mitch talk and shouted to Cindy:

"Please! Don't shoot me! I can leave if you want!"

Mitch smiled and lifted his eyebrows at Cindy then stepped from the door and waved his gun for the man to leave. The man wasted no time and moved as fast as he could holding his trousers to his waist. Mitch then holstered his weapon and walked to Cindy, taking his wad of cash out and peeling off $200.

"Can I have a moment of your time now gorgeous?"

He stood over her as she sat on the bed and threw the notes on to her lap.

"For the love of god Mitch, you're giving me grey hairs. I haven't seen nor heard anything the Don Scofield. I did hear that some little Irish group was looking for him. I think there was a debt somewhere for something. They run the Ol'Patriot on South Side. That's all I know and I don't even know if it's related."

Mitch contemplated the information he received. While it is possible that they could of tried to catch Scofield before he caught them but the chance of success on something like that is slim to none. But Scofield was missing, so any information at this stage was going to be taken seriously.

"Thanks doll, I'll be seeing you"

Mitch winked and went for the door, he was half way down the stairs when he hears someone shouting. He looks around the bar and spots @Mangler waving his drink at @Stacy. He moves to the bar and positions himself next to Mangler. The bar keep poured a whiskey on the rocks and served it instantly, without needing to even take the order.

"Hey Mangler, no luck yet. I've come across some information, but I doubt it's any good. Seems there are some little Irish fuckers that were in debt, they may have tried to take him off. Unlikely since Don Scofield isn't one to walk around unprotected and a gun fight would have made news. But I'm thinking of checking it out. If anything, I'll get the payment. Anything on your end?"

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The young woman now arrives in front of the brothel after walking for about twenty minutes. Now the SODOM brothel is not the only one in the windy city. There are quite a few other brothels, which are furthermore a lot cheaper as well so would probably be more worth it to visit. However, the SODOM one is known for its very high quality in customer service and the beauty of the women working there. Therefore Stacy decides to visit this one, instead one of the bits less known ones.

As she arrives, she slowly goes inside. She has no,t been inside here before. Of course, she does feel slightly uncomfortable as she enters the location. Seeing women in very skimpy clothes and being half-naked, while holding onto the hands of their customers as they lead them onto their bedrooms. Stacy rolls her eyes and slowly but surely walks in the direction of the bar.

As she arrives there, she can see @Mangler, who is waving the bottle around. Not only him but also @Mitch. She waves at both of them while even smiling at them and then raises an eyebrow 
''Of course men would come here... Mangler, you were once working here. Can you ask one of the staff of the brothel if Scofield is here? If not we can continue to look somewhere else.'' 

Stacy then turns her attention towards Mitch and asks him a question too ''Did you check any other place already? This brothel is the only stop that I did so far''

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She was woken very early to the phone ringing.  Still in bed, she rolls over with a groan.  Who in their right mind would dare bother her this early.  This had better be good.  She sits up and yells for someone to bring her coffee before answering the call.  Listening intently, her face shows concern.  It was Raylan, explaining the situation and the search for Scofield.  He asks for all available mobsters to meet at Ellie's, ready to search.  She hangs up, coffee finally at her bedside table.  Taking a sip, she gets up and gets ready for the day, trying to remember the last place she saw him.  It seemed like just the other day she was talking to Scofield.  He had disappeared for a few days, but she thought maybe he was taking a vacation, or had important business to attend to. 

Her private car was waiting at the entrance, she jumped in and told the driver to head to Ellie's.  A few blocks later she is there, jumping out, met by a large group of family waiting for directions.  Making her way to the front, she listens to Raylan.  A few people were already headed out, she tried to think of a good place to start the search.  Many would be looking in Chicago, so why not another city.  He could be anywhere honestly, especially if any foul play was involved.  Back in her car, she sat contemplating where to go as she headed to the airport.  Arriving fifteen minutes later, she chose a city.  Probably best to start close, search for a while then move on.  Walking into the airport, she booked a flight to Detroit. 

There were so many places to check, the best way was to just ask around.  She had a few friends in Detroit, maybe they could offer some help.  Her first stop was at the bakery, probably not the best choice, but she needed more coffee, it was going to be a long day.  Waiting in line, she asked a few familiar faces if they had seen him around the city.  The answer was always no, as expected.  Grabbing her coffee, she headed back out to the streets.  Maybe some of the local bars would be a good start.  Scofield didn't seem like much of a bar goer, but maybe someone had seen him.  Her thoughts wandered to the alleys behind the bars, hoping her search didn't lead her there. 

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Ellie was absolutely beside herself.  Where had her Scofield gone?  He would never have just up and left her willingly.  They were going to build the city together with Hayley, then Argus...  All their hands...  Their family!  Chicago was going to be beautiful and people were going to be happy.  People couldn't be happy when they lost their beloved Leader!  Something terrible must have happened, of this she was certain!  One could be certain that the little ferret was going to at least attempt to do something about it.  So it was that she communicated with her beloved Raylan.  He had stepped up to stand at her right in the family shortly after she requested that her beloved Argus start his own family alongside her.  She knew and trusted Raylan and knew that he held the same ideals and hopes for Chicago that she did...  It was almost as if the two of them thought as one!  Which was mildly frightening to say the least, but she wouldn't trade it for the world.

Today, however, was to be a search.  They had to find Scofield, to do their best to do so.  They had to bring them home if they could!  Anything less would be an insult.  So it was that Raylan gathered the family.  Ellie sat up in the crowd, careful not to get her little form squashed.  Then again, her care was almost not needed as most gave her a wide berth.  Either that or graciously allowed her to perch upon their shoulder out of harms way.  In any case, she remained in the crowd listening, mostly out of sight.  Once her family was dismissed, she knew what she had to do.  She would consult with the best eyes and ears in this city.  

After the passing of her beloved Dogfather, Ellie had kept communication lines open with his canine cohorts.  In return, she helped to keep them fed and housed.  They continued to help her with protection as well as information.  Although her canine speak was a little rough, but they managed.  Today she would visit the bloodhounds.  They knew Scofield's scent but even they admitted to not having caught a whiff in some time.  This saddened Ellie and she really hoped that either she did not understand them correctly or they had just missed him...  But they didn't miss much when it came to smells.  Ellie would give them thankful nuzzles before requesting that they keep on the look out for even a trace of the scent that she so dearly desired to locate.  

Systematically, Ellie would visit with each of the canine packs that lived upon these streets and yet none had seen their beloved Don.  Ellie felt a bit down by this revelation and certainly hoped the rest of her family was having better luck.  They just had to find their fellow Chicago Leader!  And soon.  She knew that every minute that passed by could be another minute he might be in true peril.  Not to mention he was very sick last time she had known!  Good grief, when she found whoever was responsible, they were going to have quite the ferret bite to contend with!

On she went through her city checking with any four legged contact she could find that could give her any information.  She even checked with some birds who promised they'd keep an eye out from above.  They'd find him if it was the last thing they did!  Heartened by the scouts she had dispatched, she would wander toward the business district just to see what information she might be able to dig up.

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Frank had been up for days trying to get a fix on where Don Scofield could be.  He was highly upset with himself he asked Scofield several times to change his routes to very his pickup and to allow him to run the security.  Frank wanted to build a wall around his boss now his boss was missing.  Frank was beside himself and with all his connections on the streets he came up short.   He wasn't even in the ball park.  

They say that after 72 hours of no sleep you start to hallucinate.  Franks top three lieutenants were now worried about Frank.  Gus had been on the streets making inquires Tommy was on the phones calling in favors and Augie had the troops turning everything over.  No stone would go unturned until Scofield was found dead or alive and god forbid if he wasn't alive.   

Frank owed his capo a debt and he would repay it one way or another.  Frank called in favors from Detroit to New York.  In Philly Don Bella was looking as well as a favor to Frank.  He looked to Seattle, LA and Vegas and everything kept coming up goose eggs.  Frank was not one to give up he offered a hundred grand for Scofield safe return and yet he got no telegrams or telephone calls.  Frank check with every button man the Chicago outfit had and still nothing.

Frank sat there looking unkept and in need of a shower he had to go meet with the godmother Don Ellie.  Frank didn't know the out come of this meeting.  It could be his last day on earth to be sent for was never good.  She sent Mangler to pick him up that was never a good thing.  With Mangler he comes to pick you up and take you for a ride and you don't return.  Frank went and took his shower then he looked at his watch knowing he was going to be pressed for time. 

Fully dressed and unarmed he put on his pinky ring and his gold cross and then his dark grey fedora which matched his suit.  He gave himself a smirk is he looked in the mirror.  He walked out of his pent house and into the elevator heading down where Mangler was in a car waiting.  He had Augie with him and then thought on it as he turned to him.

Hey Augie sit this one out for me my friend, ArgusFilch is running Scofields crew now do whatever he tells you.  Keep your head down but your eyes open.  If I'm not back in two hours fagiddaboutit.

Augie gave Frank a look of worry but understood that Frank was trying to save his life but who would save his life should he be called on the carpet.  Don Ellie never took a prisoner she had one model execute them that need execution immediately.  Frank took one last look at the building he called him.  He didn't call his uncle Joe in Detroit nor his friends across the united states.  Frank's family believed in oaths once sworn it was your word and you obeyed.  He slid into the car and away they went.    

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Ellie had come up short in her checks with her eyes and her ears in the city.  She had heard wind of one puppy saying he had seen someone who looked like Scofield being loaded into the belly of a huge and noisy vehicle.  This she wasn't sure what to think about.  Every vehicle was huge to her and she worried that it may have been a police car.  But if he had gotten out of the prison, then it was likely that the authorities would be on him.  So it was that she would wrack her brain trying to think of what another vehicle could be that he would have been loaded into.  She returned to her headquarters feeling rather defeated and highly upset.  She lowered her head in confusion and sadness as she tried to figure out what she was going to do next in their search.  Where else could she have her people look?  What if Scofield was hurt...  What if he was in danger...  What if he- Wait...  What if he was hurt...  

Her mind began racing a mile a minute.  The loud vehicle that she had all but dismissed from the pup!  Her heart beat hard as she thought about her next moves.  She knew that there were many pieces that would have to mesh together all at once.  Instantly she called for her beloved Frank-Cali and RaylanVilmont. Two men that she needed to converse with in order to move things along.  ArgusFilch had been set up to take on Scofield's members to keep the crew together but she knew he had his hands full with that task.  So she called two more of those she trusted deeply to reassign them.  She would leave the others on the task of checking out the other places as she knew they were doing just in case she was wrong.

Frank arrived first and he didn't look very pleased.  Confusion reigned in Ellie's heart, but she didn't have much time to explore this.  Churring softly in greeting to the man in hopes of alleviating what was ailing him.  She figured he was just as worried about Scofield as she was, perhaps even more.  She knew this man had worked very close with him.  

Quickly penning out a note to the man, she would move over to offer it up to him.

My dear Frank...  I appreciate all the efforts that you have been performing for this city and in helping take care of the smooth transition of Scofield's members over to Argus' headquarters.  It is my wish that you would step in beside Argus and help him to keep the crew together and build a new beginning for them.  I'm sure this would be Scofield's wish and I know it is already the path we're headed down.  Thank you for standing firm and sure in this tumultuous time.  Keep it up my friend.  I've heard rumor as to where our dear Scofield is.  I'm afraid he is hurt and needs us...  I would like you and Raylan to scour the local hospitals and see if we can find him there.

She churred softly again to him as he read her statements and cocked her head to the side.  She winced inwardly as she realized what might have been ailing him.  It wasn't always good if she sent for someone in this manner.  But she needed him here quick.  She'd have to change out outlook on how she ran things and see her Beloveds more often.

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Clown is upset his goodfriend has been missing for some time and began to ask around himself all over in each city,  he always like chasing him to the codes,sadness is still the Clown wonders.something has to show up soon .and strolls down a back alley.

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This awsome guys is many missing, very sad no one seems to know what happens to him thouhj, hope its not any bad things and that he is well and so...Could be anywhere and its hard to not knowing since he was a guy who spread joy each day in here.

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For days Ellie's city searched...  They scoured the countryside, cities, and beyond in hopes of finding their beloved Don.  But at each turn they came up empty handed.  Ellie continued to follow her hunch.  A hospital...  Something had happened to one of her beloved city counterparts and she longed to find out what it was.  So it was that she scoured the hospitals, both in a physical sense and any patient records she could manage to get her paws on.  She didn't figure he'd use his real name although she could be wrong.  The jail had no information for her and she could only assume that her dear friend had escaped and was on the run.  But why hadn't he contacted her?  Did he know something that she didn't?  Honestly that would not have surprised her in the least.  The man always seemed to be one step ahead of her...  Challenging her to climb to new heights, daring her to try things she had not yet thought of...  Bolstering her to become more than she'd ever dreamed possible.  And yet now...  He was simply gone.  

But she was going to find him.

About a week went by when Ellie received a call...  One of her associates had found a record of a 'John Doe'.  Ellie had told them to pay special attention to these when found and they would investigate them.  "It's him El...  I'm sure it is."  He had said.  This shot her into action.  Without so much as a hesitation, Ellie went to the hospital to check it out, accompanied only by her bodyguard, Rain.  She was all but left in the dust as Ellie moved through the hospital heedless of those that might try and stop her.  She had found a room number and she was finding her Scofield. 

With Rain and some plucky nurse hot on her paws, Ellie moved with purpose and speed.  Thankfully for the humans, her legs were short.  But before too long she came to the room number she had been given and despite the protests from the Nurse about how she simply could not go in there, Ellie bolted inside.  Jumping up on the bedpost, she felt her heart all but stop.  There laying in the bed was her Beloved Scofield...  She had found him.  "He's in a bad way...  Found him on the side of the road and brought him here they did...  Dinna know his name or nothin'...  But we're treatin' him.  Treatin' him the best we can..."  The little nurse spoke softly as she could see the concern both in the eyes of the ferret as well as the woman that accompanied her.

Rain looked to the little nurse, putting voice to Ellie's soft chitters.  "What's wrong with him..."

The nurse shook her head gently, her eyes softening as she held her clipboard close to her chest.  "That's what we can't figure out...  Nothin' we've tried is workin'...  Not a thing.  'E just won't wake up..."  The little nurse seemed genuinely upset about this.  Clearly Ellie was too.  Rain's face remained absolutely clear of emotion but something in the way she held herself would tell you that she too was upset by this.  Ellie lowered her head and them moved from the place she had chosen on the bedpost to crawl carefully upon his chest.  She chittered softly to him as if imploring him to awake.  Nosing his hand gently and yet he didn't even stir.  So it was that the tiny ferret curled up upon his chest almost daring anyone to try and move her.  She had found Scofield...  At least she had found his body.  It was as of yet uncertain as to whether he was more there or not.  Rain moved off in silence to contact the others.


(Out of character: Hey hey, hope you all don't mind, but I felt this story deserved to be finished.  <3  I will post again but anyone who has posted earlier may post now again should they choose otherwise I will wrap it up in my next post soon. <3)

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