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For those who are lost. Started by: Nene on Apr 06, '19 12:46

For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel
like home.

-Simon Van Booy

The city is a labyrinth of noisy streets and alleys. The streets are always moving. Cars are honking at each other, people yelling enthusiastically across the street, and of course the smell of fresh loaves of bread from any nearby market stall.

Most importantly though, the six families that formed the crime syndicate in LV, made up the organic part of the city. This was the part that determined the structure and character of the area. Needless to say, people are in the process of establishing close bonds and new friendships. In the bliss of companionship, one can feel free as a bird.

As Nene walked down the Las Vegas Strip, passed by a few fancy hotels and extravagant casinos, she came to a stop at a street corner when she heard some people shouting. For a second, she thought there was trouble, but it turned out to be a joke when she realized that these two guys were play fighting. Random people were huddled in a circle, cheering them on with red faces and sweaty foreheads. Geezus. Nene shook her head and laughed carelessly to herself. This is just a normal day.

At night though, the city is beautiful when it lights up. And there was always something to do. Strip clubs, bars, casinos, libraries, ice-rinks, theatres, and a lot more. Nene appreciated every inch of the city she loved, but she admits… She loves the exotic and luxurious lifestyle that can be offered.


The day progressed and eventually twelve o’clock in the afternoon became twelve o’clock at night. She was currently seated at a bar in a casino, observing her surroundings and wondering if anyone was interested enough to approach her for a conversation. 

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Eli was incredibly out of his element on the streets of Las Vegas. He was wearing his usual urban gray trench coat and a dusty brown fedora with a dark gray band. He prefered the trench coat for its deep pockets, perfect for concealing whatever blades or handguns he felt like for the day. The dull, urban coloring of his outfit usually made it easier for him to disappear, at least, back in the streets of Detroit... Here in Vegas, he stuck out like a sore thumb against all the lights and colors. It was making him uneasy, if he was known for anything, it would be for his distrust of every living being outside of himself, his Godmother, and her Hands.

Eli decided he needed to get off the streets and fast. He wasn't in Vegas for any real purpose besides wandering. For now, he didn't present much in the way of use or problem for anyone, so there was no real reason for him to be worried, yet here he was, escaping from nothing. He stopped dead and pulled a 90 degree turn straight into the nearest building, making sure to close the door quietly behind him, which happened to be a casino... Maybe he should have checked the sign first. Eli hated casinos, the sheer amount of rich, snobby, useless, and disappointing people lazing around watching the cash roll in was mildly sickening. He quickly made his way to the bar and, as is the custom at bars, ordered a drink just because that's what you do at bars. As he leaned over the counter with his arms crossed he spoke to the bartender, "Hey pal, I don't really care what you get me, as long as it doesn't knock me over after a glass or two. I'm not lookin' to drink myself senseless... at least not tonight."

As soon as he'd got his drink, not bothering to do anything other than give it a good whiff to make sure it wasn't too strong or poisoned, he scanned the room and found a table in the corner opposite the door. From there he could see everyone and everything in the immediate vicinity, and more importantly aim at everyone and everything in the vicinity. Perfect. As soon as he'd sat down he just sat quietly, trying to let himself relax in the strange, bright, and obtrusive city. As soon as his stint in Vegas was over he was going straight back to Detroit, that or at least figuring out a better outfit for camouflaging himself in the colorful and busy streets.

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In the middle of watching a game at the craps table, Nene clocked someone very familiar looking nearby. It looked like he was having an important discussion with this other dude, who was waving his arms around and looked a bit angry. Nene wondered what all that was about. Like the curious cat she was, Nene waited until their private talk was over then she got out of her seat and approached the familiar face. 

He wasn't a complete stranger to her. They had talked more than a few times before this, so she was comfortable and free around him. "Hi Mixwell. Everything okay? Not to be creepy, but I was watching you talk to that other guy earlier. Seemed like a heated conversation." 

It was always interesting and sometimes unexpected to bump into other LV mafiosos, especially at this time of the night. Something was always bound to happen. 

As Nene stood by Mixwell, her head turned and she saw a man sitting alone. He looked deep in thought, a bit out of place, and maybe fed up? Casinos often cause people to feel that way. Hitting a jackpot sounds appealing to some, not all.

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"Hello nene - Nothing creepy about asking a question! Unless, you know, it's a creepy question?" Oscar said as he looked around, very shiftily. Las Vegas casinos were a place of success, aspiration and above all, money.. Or in actuality, casinos were a depth of despair, desperation and depression.

"Yeah, fella was arguing over something stupid, a joke at that. Can you believe that guy?" He said as he rolled up his hand into a fist and made a gesture of annoyance.

"I sure do love the environment here at the casino. I can see all the success, all the smiles when people hit big and the friendliness when people win near you, a lot of comradery" He said to her as he looked at the blackjack tables, often watching people angrily leaving the tables after losing a hand or two. "What people don't want to see though, is the loss, the disgrace of losing. Imagine losing your kids christmas gifts on the blackjack table? Hoping to win big?"

He laughed a little. "And you Nene? How do you feel about all of it?"

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Nene parted her lips and made an 'ohhh' sound as she nodded. "I see, I see. Well hopefully it won't escalate to anything." She started to walk around the casino while chatting to Mixwell, easily amused by all the people shouting and playing. At least she wasn't alone now. Nene didn't want to go home and instead wanted to see if there were any other familiar faces here.

She followed Mixwell's gaze and her eyes landed on some grown adults, acting like children at the blackjack tables. It's crazy what people will do for money. Nene nodded once more, and let out a sigh of sheer disappointment.

"Yeah... That's a yikes moment right there. But I do love the environment too. I feel rich and broke at the same time," she gave a half shrug and smiled.

She gathered her thoughts about the whole thing, and replied. "I can tolerate the gambling lifestyle. It’s just not my thing. I guess I find more excitement in things like human interaction and nature.”

In the corner of her eye, she saw Video having a laugh with Tony-. A delighted smile was instantly plastered on her face and she rushed over to them. Nene looked behind her to see if Mixwell was coming and curiously asked, “are you going to be busy for the rest of the night?”

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Clint was busy playing poker in the high rollers lounge when he was distracted by the sounds of a woman coming from the bar area, intrigued he quickly ended his current game, collected up his chips and headed towards the bar in search of this voice. He reached the bar and sat down at one end of it, he caught a glimpse of a lady standing with a few gentlemen she was one of the most beautiful ladies he had seen.

"Barmen?! send that lady down there your most expensive glass of wine and tell her its from me." Clint slipped the barmen $500 and he went out the back to grab the most prestigious bottle of wine he currently had, he arrived back carrying a glass of it that he took over to the lady with the gentlemen "This is from the gentlemen at the end of the bar." He said to the mystery woman.

Clint watched carefully, saw the woman look up into his direction and gave her a cheeky wink.

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As Nene was conversing with her friends from LV, she was so kindly interrupted by the bartender, who was holding an expensive bottle of wine. She looked up at the bartender, tilted her head slightly and raised an eyebrow. In her head, she was thinking, 'who the hell would bring me such a gift', then she saw him.


With his slick attitude and cheeky wink. Her cheeks went bright red. She didn't really want to approach the guy though. Bit creepy... Don't know.  She wanted to thank him, however. Nene excused herself from Video, Tony- and Mixwell then went over to the guy who gave the bottle. 

Nene set the heavy bottle on the bar counter and laughed nervously, failing to keep a keep composure. She decided that she would just lean her body against the counter with her elbow resting on the top to stop herself from fiddling around. She pursed her lips together, then plastered a sweet smile on her face. The red lipstick on her lips was beautiful - but, she didn't think so. She was always insecure for some reason. "Um.. Ha.. Thanks for the bottle. You really didn't have to though. How are you doing on this fine evening?" 

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Clint watched the woman approach him and place to bottle on the counter in front of him, he hoped she was not just going to give it back to him, then she saw her smile and those red lips, she spoke to him and for the first time in his life he was nearly lost for words.

"Oh yeah, erm hi." Clint paused for a second he looked away from the lady in front of him wondering to himself what the fuck he was doing, the man usually so confident and outspoken could barely get out a mumbled hi. Clint turned back round took a sip from his glass on the counter and composed himself he offer out his hand for the hand shake.

"Sorry, Hi the name is Clint, I was just over there playing some poker with the guys, I thought I was having the worst luck, but then I heard your voice." Clint laughed at how incredibly cheesy that line just was but he carried on speaking.

"Anyway,why do you not have a drink with me, I have a private room here if you want to go somewhere more quiet?"

Clint popped the cork off the bottle of win and poured the lady a drink "Also may I have a name?" He winked at her again and gave her a smile.

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Nene almost got secondhand embarrassment while the guy was trying to speak. Nene didn't understand. Did she do something to make him stutter? She couldn't help but giggle though. He is making the effort to be friendly with her, at least. She smiled back, took his hand in hers and shook it firmly.

"Nice to meet you.. Oh, right.. I'm sure," Nene shook her head and made a funny expression in response to his bait line. Or whatever it was. She had come across many guys before, all of them with their pick up lines. Nene appreciated Clint's charm, and forced herself to laugh at it, but ended up actually finding it funny. Then she paused when she heard him talk about a private room.

"Maybe later. I like the open air. Being in a room, a private one at that, makes me feel trapped," Nene tilted her head slightly and pouted. She looked at the drink he poured, feeling grateful. She brought it to her lips before setting it back down on the counter. 

"My name is Nene. Yours?" The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile.

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Eli was at least glad he'd worn his fedora when he saw the woman turn her head right towards him. Perhaps it had been enough to at least partially cover his face. The last thing he wanted was to get in trouble for eavesdropping on what appeared to be a few members of at least a couple other Families. Maybe if he joined the conversation he'd at least be a little less obvious... But what did he have to speak about with any of them? Not to mention it looked like there were attempts at romantic action being made. It was amusing to see the guy tripping over his own words, almost enough for him to chuckle, not that he thought he'd be any better in that situation. If he was interested in a girl that beautiful he'd probably be serving up a royal word salad too.

Eli was mildly intrigued to hear the woman, who's name he now knew to be Nene, and the first guy, Mixwell's conversation about the atmosphere of the casino. He half wondered if it wasn't being spoken about just for him... seeing as Eli seemed to be one of the few that wasn't either enjoying his time or heavily rethinking it. Honestly he didn't care about winning or losing. He didn't play the games, so what had he to worry about? His main beef with the whole idea of casinos was that people weren't really earning their "earnings" as far as he could tell. In fact, it was all a game to them, you win some, you lose some right? Then there were people like himself and countless others, who actually had to work to bring in the dough, or in some cases were lucky enough to have a job they enjoyed. Of course he realized that most of the people who went to casinos had to have a job or some source of income to start their whole gambling thing, but what was the point of getting something that you didn't actually do anything for? Sure, it'd be nice to have a bank full of your money, but Eli had always been at a loss as for how getting lucky at a game of luck was really a success or a cause for... elation. He always felt successful after the money was taken or earned and the bodies were buried...

He decided to stay in his corner until he was either called out, called over, or asked to leave. Or until the group started talking about something worth the breath. That, and because getting in between a Family man and his girl was almost always a bad idea.

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Video and tony- continued to laugh about some joke about something crazy. The two of them weren't actually gambling themselves in this casino as much as they were waiting around. The boxing match had just finished and many people found themselves still lingering in the casino, Video and Tony were two such people. 

After a few he noticed Nene walking towards them. He smiled and embraced her. She felt like a younger sibling to him so he never hesitated to check up on her. 

This place is quite packed tonight huh? Did you get to see the match? 

As he was talking he noticed a young muscular guy with a blueish tie approach Nene. He introduced himself as Clint and basically asked her if they would like to get to know each other better. She looked back at Video and he smiled. 

You have to go on dates once in a while. Its good for you! 

Looking back at Clint_Barton his smile turned more into a stern look. 

Treat her well. 

With that he winked at Clint and continued talking to Tony about the fight he just watched. He continued to look around the casino and seeing familiar faces he couldnt feel happier. 

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Clint took another sip of his drinking trying not to show he was bothered by the rejection he had to play it cool, he sat silently for a few moments thinking up a plan when he noticed Video giving her a stern look, he made a nodding gesture in his direction as if to acknowledge what he just said and then he looked back at Nene.

"I tell you what, I was going to leave soon anyway, if its open air you want my Jaguar is outside, lets take it for a ride." He smirked sliding his keys across to Nene he finished off his drink put back on his jacket and stood up holding his hand out towards her.

"Comon, what do you say?"

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Nene goes with Clint outside after accepting his offer to take his Jaguar for a ride. She was freezing in her thin dress, but she wasn't that worried about it when she was going to spend the rest of the night with Clint. She did want him to get home safe too, so there's that.

She looked at the keys in his hand and smirked, "can I be your personal driver for the evening?" 

Nene wasn't her timid, shy self anymore. Here she was, seconds away from snatching his keys and taking his car for a spin. She was a good driver though. Nothing to worry about. But there is no say what might happen tonight. She waited for his response patiently. 

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Clint could not help but notice Nene shiver in her thin dress, he stopped a second to admire the view that was in front of him before following her outside as he walked outside and being the gentleman he put his jacket around her to try and keep her warm.

"The car is your for the evening, we can go where ever you like." He said to her giving her a cheeky wink, He opened the door to his Jaguar and let Nene climb in, again as she pulled herself in he could not help but check her out and smile. Clint shut the door and run around to the passengers side and climbed in also. he looked around and realised he had forgotten something so jumped back out, to put the roof down.

"It may get colder now." He laughed jumping back into the car.

"Lets go wherever you want."

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'Twas a fun night. Sadly though, Nene had to leave early when she suddenly remembered she had to go run some errands in the morning tomorrow. She kissed Clint on the cheek, waved goodbye and hailed a taxi cab to return home. 


"I think I'm going crazy." She was talking to herself, looking at her reflection in the mirror, afraid that her mid-life crisis had come earlier than expected. Nene was going through a series of emotions that morning. Clearly. Actually, she's always been like that. Never had any control over her emotions. They owned her. 

At least at work she's a little more controlled since she's constantly getting distracted by tasks. When she was by herself, there is a little more vulnerability.  

Nene drove to work, nothing particular on her mind. She walked in feeling a little hangover but other than that she was walking in a straight line and functioning well. She might have looked like shit though. Just a little. She went to go say hi to TonyRomano, but for some reason he had a surprised look on his face when she approached him. 

"Um... What's the matter? Do I have a booger or something?" 

Little did she know that it was more than a booger. It was on her neck rather than in her nose. And it was a deep shade of red. What did Clint do now... 

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Tony wolf whistled. "Congratulations, Miss Nene. Glad's someone's having fun tonight," said Tony. He was always happy for people who got their fun. Inwardly though, he was a bit lonely. He left his girlfriend in Italy and only got a letter when the mail arrived. He shrugged his shoulder and sported a goofy grin. "It was another good night in the city, I see," Tony commented as he himself had his fun. "Shall I walk with you to your place?"

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Nene laughed as she flicked a piece of hair over her shoulder. She couldn't stop blushing over last night, sadly it ended too soon. "I enjoyed the moments. Anyways, no need to escort me back home. I got work to do at the office. You go have fun, though. How's your love life going by the way, Romano?" 

She smiled. She was teasing him a little bit. Also, she really is genuinely curious about how his relationship is going - if he has one, that is. 

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Tutte just got pretty curious when seeing this For those who are lost he just wonder who are lost, not me or any he knew, must be something weird about this line since being lost are pretty sad and when your lost your lost and cant come lose.


He asks Nene just about whats lost an hope to get an answer on this since he is very interested in lost things and also in lost risks in life where you just dont can get intouch with lost people you really want to not being lost with.

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