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Let's Build a Legacy! Started by: Kat_Pryde on Jun 01, '19 01:14

Excitement coursed through Katherine as for a good week or so now she had been being very secretive around her beloved family mates.  Many of them were really starting to wonder about the tiny young lady.  Before it was a concern to well being, but now it was a concern and a curiosity as to just what held the girl's attention so fanatically.  Los Angeles had been under siege as of late.  Danger and fear haunted them at every turn and yet even so, they fought their way through it.  They persevered and they stood strong together.  They had gathered allies and set to rebuilding Los Angeles even stronger than before.  Through this adversity they learned one thing.  They held steadfast friends and allies in each other and this in itself was a beautiful thing.

In any case, over the last week Kat could be found in corners of the Headquarters with her head bowed over her sketchbook.  If one caught a glimpse at what she feverishly wrote, they would see lists of properties and sketches of many rooms.  They all seemed to hold a similar theme to them...  And today it would become abundantly apparent as to just what the girl was up to!  

She had put out an invitation to all those that resided in Los Angeles.  It was fairly vague, but it was clear that it was from young Katherine Pryde of The Bulwark.  It would bring them to a fairly secluded portion in the Los Angeles business district where a decent sized vacant building rested.  It was clear that it had been the victim of quite the raging fire and desperately needed some love and attention.  The building had not been allowed to burn long so it's structure was still sound for the most part.  But it was to here that she had summoned her family...  Her whole Los Angeles family.

Soon enough they began to trickle in as the appointed time came upon them.  Katherine looked around at them as a decent number of them arrived to find the girl standing proudly before this building, her long chestnut locks tied up in a high ponytail, ash smudging her pinkened cheeks, and a fire alight in those chocolate brown eyes.  A few of her city mates rolled their eyes as they wondered what in the world kind of crazy venture that the girl had cooked up now.  Some even murmured about her wasting their time but she looked unphased.

"Los Angeles!  My friends...  We've been through some hell over the last couple weeks...  And yet here we stand.  On the brink of tomorrow we are still here to see it.  I am thrilled to be standing next to such strong and wonderful men and women and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.  But as for today...  I offer you a place to call our own.  A place to relax, to regroup, to just be us...  But as our dear city does, it needs a little love...  So I called you all here today so that we could take another step, one of many, to rebuilding what once was and even going above that.  Who's with me?  Who's ready to build a Legacy?"

With that, and without another word, Kat moved inside the building and began to set to cleaning it out and preparing it for it's rebuild and repurpose.  It was time for action.

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Baby Beel looked at the ruined headquarters and let out a "Kakaka", his impish laugh. The headquarters were in ruins with ash and smoke. There were corpses with exposed muscle tissue, no doubt from being burned or being in tough scuffles. Baby Beel even saw someone with dried blood that seemed to have dripped from her mouth, whatever that meant. Baby Beel liked the scene of destruction as the prince of hell. However, Baby Beel was also civilized, and he wanted to put some order in the chaos.


Baby Beel, with his usual yellow pacifier, put on a serious look. His guardians, also butlers and maids, started marching to one section of the headquarters. Being a modern person sent to a past period, Baby Beel had knowledge of some of the more recent genres, especially Metal. He took out a guitar from who-knows-where while a butler carried the bass, and a maid was on the drums. He started strumming, and illusory flames followed his fingers. He started playing the song that would introduce his part of the headquarters, "Into the Pit".


"Pi pi pi," he tried to pronounce pit while Marla Singer took the stage to be the vocalist.


The other maids and butlers got to working. Some started hammering while others started dusting. It wasn't long before one section of the headquarters was pristine. Soon, they took out paintbrushes and randomly threw red paint on the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. They installed fireworks on the floor. It was designed to spout pillars of flames that would surprise the visitors.


Other staff brought in cushions, since Baby Beel liked soft chairs. They also brought all the things Baby Beel liked. A counter was set up with rows and rows of milk bottles. For the more grown-up, glasses were placed for the purpose of drinking spiced rum milk punch. They also set tables randomly on the floor. Those tables were filled with croquettes, kept warm by the occasional bout of flame. Some staff brought in anatomical medals with exposed tissue while others finally brought in Baby Beel's toys. There were imps, scary clowns, babies with knives, and other naughty-scary things.


Baby Beel soon stopped strumming to appreciate his staff's works. His eyes shined, and he gave a thumbs up to everyone. The staff clapped.


"Goo joo aboo (Good job, everyone)," he said.

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After a long ride in a trunk, _______ found himself in LA. While robbing a bank, a mafioso with a thick Russian accent approached him about work. Realizing the streets can be rough without connections _______ considered the offer.

What's you're name? Where you from? You got any connections? 

The Russian was firing question after question. _______ had no answers. He had been beaten to a pulp and dumped on the streets of LA a couple days ago. He remembered nothing.

Come on, let's get you cleaned up. The Russian said. We can make you real cash and protect you.

This sounded good. _______ needed to do something, anything, everything. _______ nodded to agree.

I'm Vladimir by the way. Lets get to the HQ. It's under construction but will do for now.

Vladimir signaled for his driver and they got in. It wasn't long before they were at the HQ. People looked at him strangely when he arrived.

There's a flat upstairs you can use for now, Vladimir said. @Kat_Pryde is in charge of the reno but everyone can help. 

Vladimir looked around the HQ and saw the new additions. Looks like Baby_Beel has been here. Anyway, get upstairs. I'll find you later.

_______ nodded at Vladimir and went upstairs. He took a shower and was fast asleep within minutes.

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Thomas rested his palms on top of the long oak table that at in front of him. Analyzing it for a while he let his mind drift asunder, to times when things were easier for him, when he could walk his beat down the streets of Los Angeles with total confidence on his mettle, a lifetime ahead of him and the certainty of inexperience. To when his brothers were alive and they all still gathered in his house to plan robberies, heists, extortions and later on, rackets and murders. Business as they called it. They gathered around this very table, and discussed, argued, joked and he even recalled falling asleep with his head resting on it once or twice. All around this very same piece of furniture. It was just furniture in the end, but having it rest with no good purpose but to awaken that venomous snake we call nostalgia, resting on the living room of an old thug like himself is no good a reward when it had served him and his family so intimately. No, it deserved to be the grounds to which new stories found their starting point, to be a homely place for the new generations of his city.

He sighed and looked around for a little bit. The air didn't smell of ashes or blood anymore. It smelled of old oak and of the ocean front invading Kat's new bar. He looked over at his friend and said: "It's settled then, I think it fits this place." She hadn't aged even a little bit, despite having been around since those early days. There were many who would certainly find Kat's new place a good starting point, and she was a after all a tactical person in the plans for restoration.

While both her and Baby Beel's efforts had been astounding, there were more who would certainly want to add something more to this corner of their city. So while he waited he helped Beel's many stewards alongside _______ in putting things into their right cabinets and filling the shelves with the best liquor their money and connections could find.

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"The city of Angels" Jax mumbled to himself while approaching his new homes head quarters. It hadn't been long since he had stepped off of the boat to carry on his family legacy.

Gangsters, they had all been gangsters, and he had grown up wanting nothing more than a gun and a hustle.

Jax took the steps slowly, choosing a flat on the uppermost floor of the mostly demolished building. This wasn't bad, he had lived in worse.

He sat at the desk that had been left by the previous occupants, cut up a line of coke, took it to the dome through a rolled up hundred dollar bill, and began making calls to arrange the renovation of his new office.

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_______ wakes up to music blaring downstairs. He feels like he has slept for days. After a quick shower he ventured to the HQ.

_______ looked around. Baby_Beel has shelves, full of what he wasn't sure. What was in those baby bottles? That is a question for a later day.

_______ wondered what he could contribute. He walked the HQ and found a room at the very back. It was almost 20 feet square. He hoped he wasn't overstepping his bounds since he was new. What the hell! He went for it.He called in carpenters and quickly the walls were redone. Tall cabinets were build around. A large center island nearly 15 feet long with a mahogany top was built. The shelves on one side had hooks; the other side were normal shelves.A door was installed with double locks. _______ was given 3 sets of keys. Oak hardwood floors were installed. A trap door leading to the basement was installed in the far right corner. Access was gained by tapping the area twice.

_______ Made a few calls from the main parlor. Soon his supplies began to arrive. The first thing was 60 violin cases with Tommyguns and ammo. He put them in the first wall of cabinets.

The next thing that arrived was 4 crates with Sawed Off Shotguns and ammo. The next wall of cabinets was filled.

He was getting tired of waiting on the rest when a large delivery came. Finally the Browning, Colt and Smith & Wesson's were here!
The first two crates he opened were the BAR rifles. _______ looked at it lovingly. The M1918 was his favorite. He kept one for himself and put the rest in two cabinets with the ammo. 

The second crate contained Colt R80 MMR. _______ didn't care for these but they were light. He thought they might come in handy. Since the clips only held 20 rounds he had ordered lots of extra clips.

The remaining crates contained the handguns and ammo. There were a couple hundred. There were 38 Specials, a prototype gun called the 357 S&W Magnum, the 45 calibur Colt M1911, and the Colt FN 1900. He pocketed a Colt N 1900 and ammo for himself then stocked the island with handguns and ammo.

_______ took a look at his work and nodded. There were a few extra cabinets and space in the island for other necessities. This was a good enough start for him. He hoped the Boss liked the new addition. He was ready for a drink!

_______ took the keys then locked the door. He hung a sign on the door that read


<font face="courier, Courier New, monospace">OFF LIMITS</font><font face="courier, Courier New, monospace"> STAY OUT!</font>


He put the keys in an envelope marked for @ThomasLauren. The note inside said "Thanks for taking me in. I hope you like the renovation." He handed the envelope to Kat_Pryde.

My work is done for now. These are for ThomasLauren, he said to her.

He headed into the streets.  It was a great day in LA. He was going to take advantage of it!!

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At first he was asked to wash and iron some of LadyF's outfits. He understood that the new people in the crew just would have to do some dirty work, so he accepted the job and put his heart in it. Rudy would remove every single blood stains from each of her outfits. The war had made a mess of many of her clothing stack. Especially those white blouses were a pain. He hoped she wouldn't mind some had come out pink.

The cleaning was a bit too monotonous for his mind, he felt like a machine, washing shirt after shirt, his mind drifted off..
Was this a normal thing to have to do when you just join a crew?
Should I maybe not have volunteered?
Would it have been better to suggest to walk LadyF's dogs instead?

He stared, washed, rinsed, fluttered and wrung clothes until he looked well at what he was doing..

Why on earth am I actually ironing ghostdog's underwear??

After realizing that actually half the pile was not even LadyF's, Rudy returned to the HQ Main Hall, determined to confront ghostdog with the mystery of his dirty underwear's appearance in LadyF's laundry basket.. Yet, as he entered, the first person he saw in there was Razor-Blade-Mario, offering him a small leaflet with his name written on top of it.. Being pretty new here, in the City of Los Angeles, Rudy was pretty surprised to see an invitation being handed out to him. He thanked Mario and read the invite.

It sounds rather fishy, does it not? He mumbled..
He hesitated going there for a moment, but then considered the choice of either  returning to washing ghostdog's or setting foot in something new, he decided to opt for the latter.
He arrived a bit late in the building that was mentioned, and his hands were wrinkly. But at least he was there. And there were more people at the scene. Some were placing bottles in to place, others were just well.. busy.., he listened to Kat_Pryde's mysterious speech. Rudy immediately wanted to step up and scream

Too many mysteries here! First ghostdog's underwear, now this said legacy! We, the people, we want clarification! We want transparency!

But he bit his tongue, understanding that most attendants wouldn't care about the underwear..
They should know of the state it is in, Rudy mumbled, as he stayed pretty quiet for a bit.

He noticed Baby_Beel's babbling. It was pretty cute. Then people reacted and it felt like people understood the baby babbles..

How!? These mysteries start driving me insane!

As he asked the person next to him, Jax-Everett, who the people were, that were stocking up the bar a bit further on, Jax told him these were Don ThomasLaurel and _______. Rudy looked at Jax-Everett straight in the eyes.


This person does not have an Identity?

Jax had set his mind on other things than answering his question though, as he was taking care of his nostrils now.

Rudy stepped forward and raised both his voice and his hands up in the air

What? What legacy, Kat_Pryde? And how? Yes, I'd be willing to help! But I need at least one of these mysteries unraveled!

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_______ noticed some guy raising his hands and demanding answers. He had no idea who this guy was or what clout he had to make such demands. _______ had no intentions of answering this person. Were they drunk? High? Who knows but shouting in the new headquarters didn't sound like a good idea. 

_______ had received a message that Kat_Pryde had been asked to move to Seattle which left our new HQ without an architect. Having the credentials, _______ stepped up to fill the void. He tried to rally the LA families to get this done. If not, he would get his contractors in here and finish it. He hung a notice on the door.


LA Families

Our Headquarters needs repairs! Send your best architects!

We are in need of many things! Among them are:

Builder's Choice (YOU make your own space)


Billiards Room

Dining Room

Poker Room

Lift Repair





_______ tacked the notice up and looked around the place. He went to the phone and called his contractors. It was time to get to work!

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Jax-Everett sat in his bare office, save for the desk and chair he was sitting at, and a phone. He sat impatiently waiting, as today was move in day. Just as he was snorting a line from his desk a dozen of his bodyguards  came filing into his office, each of them carrying something. He had ordered everything new just for this. "What the fuck took you so damn long!? Put the icebox in that corner over there! Get this ratty desk out of here and put the new one in it's place!" The desk was an expensive dark mahogany with two hidden compartments and a swivel for jewel, his sawed off shotgun to rest in underneath. Off to the right hand side there was also an eight inch by eight inch mirror set into the top "Yes, all of them! I want all the mirrors on that wall, fucking cover it, funny how they all match up to perfectly fit huh? Stupid!" Before Jax could get anymore angry, his most trusted Bodyguard and his lackeys came walking into the office, carrying the supplies he had REALLY been waiting for!

"Joe! Thank God you're here. It all goes in this corner here. No don't worry about unpacking it, i'll set it up myself." After some hushed conversation between himself and joe, Jax kicked everybody out of  his office and set to work.

He could be seen from the doorway to his office setting up some sort of lab in the far corner, he had taken off his suit jacket and shirt and was only in his pants and suspenders. At 5'9, 150 lbs, and muscle rippling from under every inch of skin, he didn't look too damn bad. Sweating profusely he mixed a little bit of this with a little of that, transferring unknown liquids from one beaker to the next, and occasionally dipping his belt knife into the large container of white powder that he had been adding to the concoction he was creating, and snorting it.

After several hours of this Joe came in dragging a sickly looking man with him, Jax hurried to the doorway and ushered Joe and the sick man inside, looking both ways down the hall before slamming the door behind them.

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Well there were many things that kept Kat hopping as of late, but she had not forgotten about the task that she had started.  She knew that she had solid people standing with her, also eager to realize this dream.  But her move to Seattle had caused a bit of an awkward situation with her spearheading this project.  But for all intents and purposes, it had been her project and she would see it finished if she had anything to say about it.

So it was that she rushed back at the soonest opportunity to her beloved city and to the plot of land that she had begun rennovating only to find it much further along than she could have imagined!  Tears stung her eyes but she staved them off as she held her head high and walked puropsefully into the building, moving about and dodging city mates moving about and creating a haven not just for their respective families, but for the city as a whole, a place to call their own.  In her mind it had started out a simple bar, perhaps a lovely area for music, some rooms off the side, but it had morphed and changed into so much more and it thrilled her to her very core.  She couldn't help but beam like a little kid in a candy store.  

But some very confusing words drew her attention and she looked to the man she recognized as Rudy.  She wasn't exactly sure what he was on about, but she smiled sweetly to him.  "Calm down now...  One subject at a time.  This place is to be a place for all of Los Angeles.  It's to be a place where people can come to gather, a place to plan, a place to be together as the inhabitants of this city.  Sure others from other cities will be welcome to, but it will be a place for us, made for us, by us."  She smiled almost sadly as she still used the word 'Us' even though she knew that she would no longer completely be a part of it.  To an extent yes, but her 'us' resided hours away.  "Ask me your questions Love, we won't keep anything in the dark if we can help it."

She conversed with Rudy as long as he needed to, but as she cast her gaze around, she spotted Identity tacking up a sign.  "Please excuse me Love, I will be back to talk if you would like to talk further."  And with that, she would wander toward the exit, only pausing as she saw ThomasLaurel and she gently ran her fingertips over the table he was working on.  It was different from the others, unique.  But she loved it.  Smiling at him with a clear message in her eyes, she would bow her head in respect to the Los Angeles Leader before moving to approach Identity.  

Reaching Identity in a few short steps, she smiled warmly to him.  "Thank you..."  Two simple words but the profound feeling was only accented by the gratitude in her eyes.  "I meant to speak with you before this, but it seems you have read my mind.  This dream for LA...  I'm glad it's not just my own anymore."  She spoke softly before nodding.  "I fully intend on erecting a similar structure for Seattle.  Sister cities, I feel it's only fair that we share something lovely in common."  She gently placed her hand against a wall, movement catching her eye as she spotted Jax-Everett disappearing through a door.  Blinking a couple times, she shook her head a little.  "They need a name...  Los Angeles' and Seattle's...  What do you think of The Gemini...?"  Her eyes moved almost coyly to meet Identity's as she mulled the name over in her own mind.  It seemed fitting to her.  The zodiac sign depicted by a pair of twins...  Together, unified for eternity, so would they be as long as any of the original inhabitants drew breath.  This much she was sure of.

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Everett sat in his office after a long day working out new details for his company Mobster Energy, when a thought came to mind. Valentino and Elettra were probably his favorite couple from...well, anywhere actually. And business owners now as well!
And thus he pulled a pen and paper from his desk, and began writing a letter
"Dear Valentino and lovely Elettra, I would like to invite you to my office at your nearest convenience. You have been wonderful additions to our family and this city as a whole; as such I would love the chance to show my gratitude"
Jax then called for Joseph, his body guard and asked him to deliver the letter in person. He pulled a Mobster from his desk drawer, popped the top, and chugged it down. It was time he visited the shops down town.
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