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The Gate Started by: HunterSolomon on Jul 11, '19 09:28

Gateway or his real name: Cain Hathaway. 

He was now at the mercy of Eobard Thawne and Hunter Solomon, he knew who these two were. On different earths, they were some of the most deadly and powerful speedsters alive. It was up to multiple Flashes to defeat these two. Sometimes, they lost, others they died, and in some, they won. 

Only here he was, in a new timeline and his eyes narrowed because he knew that this should never have been possible. A new timeline, one where Jesse Quick was here and Eobard Thawne was using his actual face. It was odd, to say the least. This was now his life, he knew that they needed him for one thing, his speed force ability. 

He was like Vibe or a Speed Force version of Vibe...he was able to gather energy from the Speed Force and place it into other speedsters but also go into other earths and bring their energy back. He was like a collector of sorts, now he wondered what he was really doing here. He could feel the energy in this world, it was potent, much more than that of Zoom. 

The Hunter who took him, well he was not from this world, he was from Earth 9.5. An Earth where he had tried to become a God, using Team Flash and almost succeeded, if not for the fact that Allen had help in the form of Harrison Wells. It was from there, easier for Barry to defeat Zoom and send him off to whatever fate awaited him. 

"So, you're awake. It's nice to see that you're not hating us by the way, unlike Wells in another block. Come on, it's time to meet Eobard Thawne, the man behind the foggy glass so to speak."

Cain eyed Zoom for a moment, here he was. Hunter, no matter what earth, was never a follower. So for him to be following Thawne, he had to be in some kind of trouble or he needed something. 

"Before we go, I know other versions of you. On every earth, no matter what, you've never been a follower. You were a leader, what are you doing right now? This is not you Hunter Solomon, no, you're after something. Thawne has information that you need, this is something that you could use."

Zoom bent down, his eyes flashing lightning blue for a single second. A smirk stretching his lips as he could see the fear in Gateway's eyes, he was scared and for a good reason, this was the moment where he believed himself a valuable resource. Only he had to know, it was for a certain amount of time. 

"Gateway, you are someone that I find of value right now. You are here because I wanted you to be, while your power is nice, just remember out of the two of us here now. I could kill you and harvest your energy. It matters not to me, I know that in the end, I will get what I want."

Cain nodded, understanding what the speed demon was getting at. He stood up, defiantly glaring at the monster before him. He did not care if he died needlessly, Zoom and Thawne were one of the worst people in every earth that he found himself on, this one seemed to be no different. 

"Oh zoom, you sure do know how to flatter someone, don't you? Let's go then, let us see what the Reverse-Flash has planned for me this time. It would not be the first time he has tried this, multiple earths and so many failures, he has to get tired of this."

Zoom filed that away, wondering just what had Eobard tried to do so many times? Oh, this was going to be interesting...

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Hunter Solomon knew that he had some ways to go, this place with Thawne was soon going to become a bit different. Thawne was not the speedster who knew all but all the same, Zoom had the power to open up a new style of Speed...he had Gateway. The Gate would open and so would the Speed Force, taking him to New earth and allowing him to plunder. All the energy in that dimension would be his. 

"This won't work, we both know who he is. A fanboy, a man that got upset because his hero didn't love him enough. He's not the man to lead the speedsters but neither are you, people like The Flash, they are the ones who can lead us."

Hunter paid Gateway no mind, he wanted to rile him up, he already knew about Eobard Thawne. He paid him no mind in the first place, if the fanboy believes himself above Zoom, he would learn soon that he, Solomon was one step ahead. 

"The Flash, a speedster that has been beaten down, broken by Thawne. Barry is nothing but a puppet right now, he follows orders from Iris West like a trained puppy. He is an embarrassment to the moniker 'Fastest Man Alive'.  Barry Allen loses and tries to get back up, a speedster like him cannot lead all of us, he cannot show you all glory as I can."

Zoom learned a lot from Thawne and surprisingly, he knew that the man was correct in some ways. Barry Allen was weak, even the one on Earth 9.5, he broke his back and that led to him becoming nothing but a foolish speedster. Trying his back to maneuver and then some, only to end up out of a fight. 

"Maybe but he's better than you Zoom, fighting ability, no he's not there yet. In terms of his morals and what he wishes for his city, he is one of the best. What do you wish for besides becoming a god? No family, no place to call home, that is your life Hunter, what it has been in every earth, Maybe you will be the one to break that chain, this is a new timeline after all."

Hunter turned, growling towards the bastard that was Gateway. He dared to question him, he was a foolish meta but he was a brave one. Chuckling as he brushed a hand through his blonde hair, he narrowed his eyes. 

"Indeed it is a new timeline, new earth, new everything. I don't need a family Gateway, still, I thank you for caring. I never knew the chance of my offspring was something that you would need."

Zoom turned around and walked towards the center of The Thawne Headquarters, sitting there and going over something was the man himself. Nodding to him, Zoom placed himself to the side and allowed the speedster to talk with the newest, while reluctant, member of their group. 

"Gateway, it's a pleasure to have you here. We have much to discuss regarding the speed force and how to give Solomon his stability."

Hunter's eyebrow rose at that, he wondered where Thawne was going with this or that this had to be one of his plans. Eobard did wish for them to get a Gateway of his own but this was better, they could mold this one, bring him to see their side of things and what they each wanted.

"I will never help you Thawne or Solomon, I may be neutral but I know what you both really want. You want to kill Barry, whilst Hunter there, he wishes to have the speed to rule the world. This is not something I can allow, I will not be the key or the gate that you need."

Eobard chuckled at that before removing the restraints from Gateway causing him to raise an eyebrow. Thawne was planning something, he was sure of it, clearly, he needed his trust. Only there was Solomon, standing there watching without a care in the world...this was different, were they working together or did they have different agendas?

"You are more than Cain, you are a friend. In other earths, we worked together, we were friends. I would like for that to be true here as well, we would like for you to be a partner with us. This is what we would like for you to be with us, would you accept that? It doesn't have to be now but I do hope you will."

Zoom watched for a moment before Gateway sped away from Thawne with a scoff, he looked at the man-in-yellow. He was planning something but what? 

"You know that he might not come back, right? He's leaning more towards the hero side of the speed force."

Eobard turned away from his work, facing Hunter with an easygoing grin. 

"Oh I know he is, still, he'll come back. Gateway always enjoyed a good partnership."

The way he said it, the words that left his mouth, Zoom could not help it and had to have faith for the man before, he was unbelievable but he believed him. This was the man who wished to break The Flash, would he do so? A man like this, once a fanboy and then twisted murderer of Nora Allen. Was he the man to lead them into the next era or was it him, Zoom? A man with his own set of trauma.

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Zoom would not pretend to know what type of man he was, even he was confused sometimes. When you witness the death of your mother at the hands of your own father, it makes you numb and sometimes a little was he a little crazy? Possibly so, Hunter was not always the most center with himself. 

He knew that much, it was why he made himself think about this now. He had no work to do, he was free to do whatever he wished for now. Hunter decided to study and looked up certain things about this world, he understood some things but even the 1940s were lost on him now. It was here that he noticed Caitlin Snow. 

"Miss. Snow, I would say this is a surprise but the last time I saw you, it was your other persona. Nice to see the more beautiful side of you now."

Caitlin glowered at the man before her, while he may have been somewhat charming and good-looking. She was reminded of the other earth Zoom's, many of them coming to fight Barry and losing in the end. This one though, he was actually talking to her without a plan in mind. She could see that he meant his words. 

"What do you want Zoom? After the thrashing that your little golden boy gave us, one would think that you were going to other earths, leaving this one behind for Thawne."

He chuckled, waving his hand and offering her a seat, she took it reluctantly. Caitlin knew that she could possibly use her womanly wiles and gain some information from the speedster. Zoom's always did seem to have a soft spot for her and that made it much better.

"No, Eobard has other things in mind as do I, this earth is rather nice and I've been thinking of make it a base of operations. It reminds me of Earth 9.5, I was so close to becoming the greatest speedster and then...whoosh, The Flash. It all ends up with being here and becoming a lackey to the Reverse-Flash."

Caitlin nodded, so he was from Earth 9.5? They would just need Cisco to open a breach, it would prove to be rather easy and maybe they could bring the Flash of that earth to face Zoom, would he be able to what their barry couldn't and win?

"So you lost to the Flash of Earth 9.5? What did he have that ours didn't?"

Zoom chuckled and could actually tell that the difference between the two of them was very different. His Flash, his Barry Allen, he was a fighter and had the spirit to continue even when the odds were against him. Hunter knew that very well, if he had the chance, he would have wanted a better fight, one where he could show his Barry Allen his real skill as a speedster. 

"My Barry is someone who is leaps ahead of yours, he's managed to tap and hone his own skills, even using the Supersonic Punch, he has become a true man of speed and even earns the moniker, 'Fastest Man Alive'. I'm not arrogant as to not recognize the accolades of my opponents, in fact, I respect them."

Caitlin tilted her head and realized that this Zoom just didn't respect their Barry because he believed that their Barry had not earned his respect due to not training, honing his own skills and becoming an actual threat. 

"You're telling me this for a reason, you want him to become a threat. Zoom wants a challenge, not Eobard but you do. Just what are you planning?"

Hunter chuckled before turning his head and looking out at nothing. 

"Maybe I just want to see him reach his true potential as the 'Fastest Man Alive'. He is, after all, my rival and one of the greater speedsters around, of course, this is all just my experience with my Flash. Come on Killer Frost, don't we both want this, a Barry Allen that can challenge Eobard Thawne and the man who killed his Father? Hm?"

Zoom bowed his head, standing from his seat and walking away as Caitlin called for him to wait. 

"We don't both want that, I want to help Barry, you wish to use him. It won't work that way, whatever you have planned, no matter what. I'm going to stop it, as Killer Frost or Caitlin Snow. You'll be nothing but a step stool Hunter, you will not be accomplishing what you want."

Zoom smirked before muttering under his breath, "We'll see about that."

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Zoom was starting to believe that he could win in a full one on one fight with the Reverse-Flash but it had been some time since he really tested himself. Only now this was different, things that he had never done before now, such as enjoying himself in this new fashion. He was now out on the town and enjoying some chips before he noticed Caitlin once again, she seemed to be following him and he would be lying if he said that her company was not welcome. 

"Frost, what a pleasure...wait, haven't we done this before?"

Caitlin glared at the speedster, stepping forward, invading his personal space and hoping to invoke some kind of fear into the man. Only she had gotten a smirk in return, seemingly the man enjoyed the game and all she could do was take a step back as she wanted to continue on this conversation.

"I know what you plan to do. Gateway, he's apart of this little plan of yours. His power, it's different, we never figured out what he could do but we know that it involves gathering energy and even speedsters from other earths. Like a beacon or a collector of some kind, he is the next person that would be of value to you both. It's why Godspeed led the assault and you, the capture."

Hunter grinned, finding her deduction a bit intriguing and he would not lie that he found this side of her, a bit attractive. She was someone that wanted to know the truth and here she was, willing to risk possible kidnapping to go through it, a true warrior. He sat down on an empty bench, neither offering a seat or telling her to leave. 

"That is a rather astute observation there Caitlin, just what would I do with Gateway? I don't need him after I checked, I have my own energy! Why would I need another speedster who could easily prove to be a waste of my resources? Only what Eobard wants, he gets and he wanted Gateway, he has him now."

Zoom was not going to deny that they did not have the man in question, that would prove to be rather stupid as they did have him. Deciding to take another chip, he munched peacefully before noticing Caitlin's glare again, he sighed heading back into his explanation.

"What else is there Caitlin? Do you want anything else? I do believe this is quite over-"

Caitlin stopped him, placing a hand on his wrist as he felt certain things stir up within once more. He found himself grimacing at the feeling, Zoom did not want to get attached, she had used this against him last time. He would not allow this to happen again, removing his hand, he growled under his breath.

"Don't do that again, ever, unless you wish to be missing a hand."

Caitlin smirked, realizing that she sparked something within the speedster, she could possibly use that in the future. Bring him onto their side or maybe that was just hopeful thinking, she decided to think more on it later as she had gone back to looking the blue-lightning speedster in his eyes. 

"Ah well, I just wanted to know, what was the Caitlin of your earth like? Hm? Just what were you like with her?"

Zoom remembered the Caitlin of that earth, she even tried to help him at some point. It was not something that he wanted but he found himself doing all the same, Hunter knew that it was not bound to last. Only he allowed himself that one last sense of feeling, no matter what he truly became, he understood why he did it and even fell in love with Caitlin/Killer Frost. 

"She was amazing, nice, caring. She knew who I was, as a speedster, she did not tell Barry Allen yet because she believed that I was worth saving. I, who had been a mass murderer, it was rather surprising. Only I allowed myself to fall for it and I only made the heartbreak worse, there is no changing someone who is too damaged beyond repair. I was the monster in the books, she was the sweet little princess."

A cold smirk stretched at his lips, only it did not reach his eyes, it was clear that this was a simple facade he was placing.

"Only this story, well, it didn't have a happily ever after."

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Hunter looked at Caitlin and found that she was looking back at him. There was a glint in her eyes, something there that he did not like as if she had just learned something valuable. He already knew she could use this against him, Zoom did not wish harm upon her but he would take great pleasure in passing that punishment unto her fellow comrades.

"Well, what if you could change that? I've met many of your other counterparts, they are particularly different. Some even wished to become God's as your saying but the others were more damaged from watching their father murder their mother. They just needed help and I was willing to do that."

Caitlin leaned forward, catching Hunter's eyes as he felt this was going down a very different path. She was planning something, he knew that much as how could someone do a complete 180 and not harbor some anger towards him? It was not possible, he decided to bow his head and play off the act that she wanted him too. 

"It would take a lot for me to change Snow, I am not going to be wooed by some woman who is against me and just five minutes said she would stop my plans for her dearest scarlet speedster. You said it yourself, Killer Frost, you've said it multiple times. You would never join me and I find that to be one of the better versions of you, this time, it's you trying to manipulate me."

He chuckled, a bit sad at the prospect that she is the one doing it this time and her feelings, no matter what they might be, do not outweigh the loyalty and safety towards Barry Allen. She was a fighter, he liked that but he could not have someone with split loyalties. It made for a messy situation and he was far from that right now, he was not going to be that type of person. 

"So maybe you should stop using your womanly wiles on the man that broke The Flash, I'm here to do what I always wanted to do. Become the greatest speedster alive, I know that you wish to stop that from happening. You believe me a tyrant, a man without respect or honor. You're so very wrong, this is who I am. You heard the story of my Flash, yours is but a cheap version. I wish to have a real fight, not a playfight."

Caitlin smirked, placing her hand on his once again. This one time, he did not remove his hand or threaten her. He seemed to relish the feeling for what it was, even she felt something in her that reacted to the speedster and it was rather interesting in itself. She knew that it had to be the other side of her, Killer Frost, reaching out to the dark speedster himself. Maybe that is why she felt so connected with the man himself. 

"I do not believe you a tyrant, I believe that you are misguided and I want to help. Please, Hunter, allow me to help you."

Zoom stared into her eyes before he leaned forward, kissing her cheek and closed his eyes with a sigh. 


A single word left his lips, destroying her hope of trying to reach out to him. Caitlin could hear the sound in his voice as it all but cracked, this was surprising and it was ultimately something that she knew he did not wish to do. A voice in the back of her head spoke to her, was he protecting her?

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Zoom had left Caitlin after that, he did not want to remain with the woman as he knew that she was persistent and was not going to let this go. Instead, he ended up in Corktown and was having a look around, people were relaxed and just enjoying their time. It seemed to be quite the time for enjoyment. He did not join in as he felt the air around him shift, it seemed another Speedster was here. 

Only this felt different to Zoom, he felt the air shift and only then he felt a massive amount of Speed Force energy, wasting no time, he sped to the source of where this was coming from. To his complete surprise, he felt this coming from everywhere...almost like a Gateway had been opened, his eyes widened and he sped to the more drawing gate of all this.

Zoom felt the energy of the Speed Force, all of it came from Bricktown, all of it and he knew that Eobard had not given the kid some leeway in using his abilities. He had to put a stop to this before Barry or Jesse Quick felt this much as well, Solomon did not need another Flash or him in this world, it was too much already. 

Finally, he caught the Rogue Speedster, here he was, using his powers and standing with him was someone that he had never seen before. It was another speedster but when they both turned around to glance at him, he had stopped for a single was his Flash, the Silver-Flash, the Barry Allen of his world and all too soon, Zoom realized that they had been played. He had been distracted with Caitlin as Gateway opened the gate to get his Barry from Earth 9.5

"Zoom, I see that you've changed. You got stronger, this time though, no Time-Wraiths will save you this time. We settle this and I know that you'll be losing this time!"

Zoom smirked under his cowl as he removed to glance at the future-flash, the Gate had been open but there was no doubt that Eobard knew it was open and left it to him to deal with. Only Hunter had an advantage, he had been in this world a while now, as to this Flash, he had only just come here...his energy, his speed would fluctuating, trying to compensate and bring it to a reasonable level. 

"Your speed is already going to be failing you soon, this time, I will break The Flash. You have no Killer Frost or Jesse Quick, Vibe, or even Iris. This is where you die, this is where I finally become the greatest speedster alive!"

Zoom dashed forward as did Future-Flash, both of their own lightning trailing after them. A Battle of Silver vs Blue, Zoom vs Flash, Savior vs Tyrant...

In the distance, Eobard Thawne watched the fight with a smirk stretching his lips. This was interesting, no one would have been able to see this coming, except him obviously. Zoom was a great partner and all but he needed to see if he was worth it. Truly worth it to let in on his plans.

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A huge shockwave of energy would have been felt by every single speedster in the united states, two powerful men, two speedsters going at it as they had for centuries. A fight between these two was always destined to happen, the Silver-Flash vs Zoom...this was something out of the Earth 9.5 History books. It was out of this world, rather literally if one thought about it too much. This was the fight that people had seen a dozen times, and it always ended with Zoom losing, nearly dying to the Silver-Flash. 


Zoom weaved out of the way of Barry's trusty speedy fists imbued with the famous silver lightning. Allen always had a way of catching him off-guard like that, he would not allow that to happen this time, grabbing Allen's arm he moved to slam his elbow down on the forearm, hoping to break it.


Silver-Flash using his speed force energy reversed the hold and decided to use Zoom's momentum against him, already tackling him to the floor below. Hunter looked up at the glaring eyes of Barry Allen, the man of speed, the trusted Justice League member. He was here before him, damn Gateway to hell!


Blow after blow landed on Zoom, his cowl nearly being destroyed. Half of it was destroyed to the power that Silver-Flash used, seeming like he had gotten more powerful without Zoom to hinder him further. He was vibrating his hand, seemingly about to go for the killing blow, only being pushed off by the so-called God. 

"You've gotten stronger, rather impressive."

Zoom grunted as he sped away from the Silver-Flash, knowing that within a matter of seconds, his opponent would be giving chase. It was a wild-speed chase, one way of putting it as Silver and Blue streaks clashed together. It was mesmerizing to the untrained eye.

To that of a speedster, it was the clear sign of a war between the two of them. This seemed to be filled with hatred and a desire for vengeance, more so on the part of the Silver-Flash. As he was showing a thirst for it, the blood did not phase him and he was ready to end the puny speedster. 


Zoom tracked back, heading back to the scene where Gateway had opened the breach to Earth 9.5 and soon, he waited there for the Silver-Flash. Trying to feel his energy and he felt it, so potent, raw, and full of life. 

"Any moment now."

Hunter turned around as he saw the Silver-Flash and he dashed forward, his right-hand imbued with his blue speedster energy. He felt it, once more, it was fluctuating...his speed force energy and he was going down now! 


A resounding crackle of lightning meeting flesh, of bone-breaking, was all that would be heard from anyone within a couple of feet of the two speedsters.

Zoom stood above the Silver-Flash whose face was destroyed, completely bloodied by the savage punch that he had just delivered unto the Earth 9.5 Flash. 

"I told you, things have changed. You came to a new earth, you'd better be prepared to have some of your energy gone."


Another blast of energy alerted Zoom, he knew who was here. This earth's Flash and Jesse Quick, turning his head, he noticed Gateway stood behind them with Killer Forst and Vibe. This was interesting. 

"Flash, Jesse Quick, Gateway, Killer Frost, and Vibe. This is a great team but as you see, I've taken out someone far more powerful than you all. You don't want this fight, I am imploring you, Frost, go home now."

His eyes flash for blue for a second, showing that he was ready for whatever action they would wish to take.

"No, it's time to be stopped Zoom."


Hunter craned his neck to the side with a rather regretful sigh. 

"As you wish."

The Battle of Zoom vs Team Flash had just begun!

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The Flash dashed for Zoom along with Jesse Quick, both of them looking to end the speedster as Killer Frost supported them with icy waves. Hoping to impede Zoom with his speed, rather quickly they had attacked, showing that they had been training since the attack on S.T.A.R Labs.


The familiar sound of crackling lightning was heard all around as Zoom was bombarded with a fury of kicks and punches, he was at the mercy of Team Flash as they delivered justice unto the Speed Demon. Hunter had taken the blows with ease, reckoning that he could take the blows as he did with Silver-Flash. 


Gateway dashed forward, opening a breach and all the Speedsters felt the rush of energy, including Zoom. His eyes glowing an unearthly blue before he growled under his breath, his speed energy gathering around him in multiple streaks of blue, white, and yellow. 


The energy was potent, it was almost raw and Zoom had it all, due to the energy that Gateway had released with his opening of the speed gate. Team Flash stared in shock at the sight before them, never knowing the hell that they now unleashed upon the world and upon themselves. 


Zoom dashed forward, the energy flowing within him causing him to almost transport himself in front of Killer Frost, almost like Savitar. He was becoming a God, this was the moment that he needed, it felt like he belonged in this world and he knew it would only last for a short while before he reverted back to his state before he received the power-up. 

He grabbed her by the throat and choked her for a moment before slamming her onto the ground with a massive thud that shook the ground. His power obvious to all those present, he felt the rush of energy behind him, turning his dark blue lightning eyes onto the speedsters who tried to blindside him. 


The Flash and Jesse Quick doubled their efforts, using their own speedy punches to connect with Zoom's face, upper body, and side. Nothing seemed to faze him until Barry growled, gathering his own speed energy and ramming a palm into the center of Hunter's chest. 


Zoom stood and knelt on one knee as he looked up at Barry Allen, a cold smirk stretching his lips out. Hunter would not pretend to notice the change, how he used the speed force, it was clear, he used it as a last resort. The Flash was weak in that regard, craning his neck to the side, Zoom dashed forward...


Zoom grabbed Barry and Jesse Quick by the necks before they could even notice, speeding away as he channeled some of his own energy into his hands. He was essentially electrocuting them as he ran with them like a couple of dolls, he threw Jesse against a wall, her body slumping against a wall in defeat. It was not clear if she was conscious. 

"Barry Allen, The Flash. An embarrassment to the name, a true man of speed would have fought with everything he had, he would not hold back! Is this the best that this world has to offer? Where is the challenge, you have Killer Frost, Gateway, and Vibe. All of them here to become a part of your team!"


Zoom slammed him against the wall, trying to get Barry to see his side of things. If this was the world of the 1940s, then it needed a true kick in the ass. It was useless, it had no men of speed that could truly give him a run for his money. 

"Wake up! Become the man of speed, become the man I need to fight to become a God! Silver-Flash has met his end! The Barry of my world is weak right now, only you have the power now, what will you do with it? Stop me or just resort to being a fool?"

Zoom did not allow for him to answer, dashing back to the spot where Gateway and Vibe were still standing. Both of them knowing that they had no chance against Zoom right now, he threw Barry Allen to their feet.


Before either of them could even voice their anger towards the Speedster, Vibe was left standing with the bodies of Barry Allen, Killer Frost, and Silver-Flash Gateway and Jesse Quick nowhere to be seen, this was unfortunate

Eobard Thawne watched from the distance, knowing that Zoom was standing behind him. This could go two ways and he knew that it could end in his death.

"Zoom, I see you did well and you brought me-"

"Not for you, not anymore,"

Eobard's eyebrow rose, he had not suspected this, was Zoom going to let him live?

"You are not the leader that Speedsters need! I will be! See you soon Eobard!


In a matter of moments, Eobard had lost three powerful speedsters, a man of speed was on the Rogue list for him. Well...he guessed that he would just have to wait for the first Crisis...

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Zoom stood over Jesse Quick and Gateway, both members of Team Flash were knocked out after the gruesome fight that had just happened. It reminded Zoom of his current position, both of these people, they had no idea what he could do, what he could really do. He knew that he was becoming more stable on this earth, something that would prove to be a great boon to him. 

"Zoom...I heard the news, you've finally escaped his sights and can now truly begin the plans. Who do we have here? Hm, interesting, they put up a fight?"

Godspeed inquired with a calm tone, his business in Chicago had been taken care of. Now having returned to the side of his leader, he found himself missing it quite much. It was the rush of fighting side by side with Zoom, it sparked something and made him wish to partner up with the blue-lightning speedster further. 

"They did, not a good one but something that made me believe we could have true fights on this earth. I do need to tell you something as well, I do not wish to become a God or a man of tomorrow, I want to be Hunter Solomon, breaker of The Flash."

August chuckled underneath his cowl, while he would have applauded Hunter and his desire for breaking The Flash. He was becoming a real Eobard Thawne, knowing this, he would have to nip it the bud real quick and bring the man of speed to see reason.

"You sound like a fanboy, like Eobard Thawne. How wonderful, this is not 2017 or fucking 2045, this is where men and women are mobsters. There is no Lucky Luciano who created the modern-day mob, no this is different, women are respected and feared in this world just as the men. We are in a different world, you have to learn that not all rivalries should come with us as well."

Zoom removed his cowl, glaring at Godspeed who stared back without a hint of fear in him. It was clear that he had changed and now had the guts to stand up to Hunter Solomon. A man that he could tell had recently gotten an upgrade, this was work and was never going to get easy. Hunter knew that his obsession was not good but Barry Allen had to pay, they all did!

"Don't you know what they did to me!? Huh? You were not there, people do not know you as the man that was beaten by a rookie speedster! The Flash had barely defeated Eobard Thawne before challenging me!-"

Godspeed outright laughed, neither caring that Gateway and Jesse Quick had since woken up due to the raging screams of Zoom. His eyes were not on them for now. 

"You did that! You made The Silver-Flash challenge you, with this challenge, he brought himself to new heights and that was brought unto you. You killed his father, every speedster knows the story because we've been to your earth or heard the rumors! You challenged your Barry Allen and lost!"

Zoom growled, almost using his speed to pummel August into the ground before a rather deliberate throat clearing was heard. Both speedsters turned to the source and noticed Jesse Quick look at them with a coldness that put Killer Frost to shame. 

"What do you want Speedster? As you see, I am quite busy, do you wish for round two? Cause so do I! With a whole lot of anger to go with it!-"

Hunter's emotions being all over the place, looked to challenge Jesse Quick once more, who in return had not wanted to show fear and glared back defiantly.

"Woah! Woah! Let's all calm down here!"

Godspeed pushed Hunter back, causing the speedster to growl at him before he sped off, going to calm himself down as August led the talks with Jesse Quick and Gateway. 

"Jesse Quick, daughter of Harrison Wells, who is here, by the way. He's down the hall to the left, its where we keep our more valuable guests...I warn you though, try to escape and I will not stop that fight Zoom wishes to have with you, understood?"

Jesse nodded, speeding down the hall to her father while Godspeed turned back to look at Gateway with a toothy smirk. 

"Now you, well, you're not getting freedom anytime soon! You've made it clear that we cannot trust you! You'll be kept in the pipeline until then, we do not have need of you for now but...we can't have another Flash here, can we?"

Gateway gaped at Godspeed for a moment and tried to negotiate, he hoped that he could play to the arrogance of Godspeed, only to realize he would not be able too. He was no longer of value, then why keep him? They either wished to save him for something else or parade him around like a prized turkey.

"Enjoy your time Gateway. We will be sure to see you soon, for now, enjoy the uh...solitude."

Godspeed mocked, walking away as he knew that things were looking up and he needed to get Zoom to see the bigger picture...because they had a crisis coming and he hoped that the Heroes and Villains would be able to put it to rest for now, for the world needed all of them united against this threat soon enough.

"World's will live, World's will die, and the universe will never be the same..."

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Zoom loomed over Detroit from the building that was to be his newest Base, of course, this plan had barely been set in motion but for now. He could dream, he felt the presence of two people behind being a member of the speed force and the other was Killer Frost. He need not turn to know that they were aware, it was something they both knew deep down. 

"How is Silver-Flash and Barry Allen?"

Zoom grunted under his breath, continuing to gaze down at the city that was to be his home. A loose smile tugged at his lips before the cold voice of Frost alerted him once more. 

"They are recovering, Barry is distraught, believing himself to be weak, insufficient and a useless member of the speed force. Just what did you say to him?"

A part of Caitlin seeped into her voice and it was clear that the Frost side of this identity found it annoying. Only Zoom did not, he found that it gave her the humanity needed to assess a situation and to not get overconfident. It would allow her to become much better if she accepted herself, only he was not a shrink, he would not be what she needed as a crutch or a friend. 

"I stated the truth, what he was and what he could be. This world, this city itself needs a hero like him. I'm not that hero, I no longer wish to be a god and you may find it a bit odd but I do not wish to rule like a tyrant. I just want a good fight and a place to call home for once in my life."

A part of the kid he was seeped into his voice, unlike Caitlin/Killer Frost who was still trying to accept herself. He had long accepted that he was no longer a child but due to his father, due to the cravings that his father had once upon a time. It changed him, even Hunter could recognize that. 

Hunter still listened to the voice in the back of his head sometimes, the boy he could have been and the boy that he should have been at that age. Only that was robbed from him, knowing that he could not go back in time and somehow prevent the death of his mother. Not only due to being on this different earth entirely but the fact it would cause some ramifications upon the timeline, it was not worth it, even he knew that. 

"So this is all you want to do? Fight the best and be done with it, that sounds pretty mediocre, why not do something fun hm? We're in the roaring fucking 30s! This is the time to have fun, relax, and see what kind of things we can get into heh. It would be a big leap but I know you would enjoy it."

Hunter chuckled at the speedster, he had a certain way with words that made their partnership a lot more better than the first time they met. It was here that he focused on Killer Forst, wanting to know what else she had to say. 

"Cisco has some news though, he's been hearing some rumblings across other earths. Apparently, someone has been gathering Meta's and Kryptonians...there is something coming Zoom and everyone has to be on alert."

A questionable eyebrow rose at her, wondering what was going on that would cause to be on guard like this. Bowing his head, Zoom wondered before Godspeed stepped in, supporting Snow.

"She's right Hunter, something is out there. During my time in Chicago, people were supporting a being, a being that has far-reaching powers. They are preparing for a war and they have a saying and it's not exactly good for what world we will be in..."

Zoom turned his head, eying his closest ally with what seemed to be crossed between bewilderment. What was gathering this army? More likely, who was gathering this army? Whoever it was, they had to have some powerful Meta's working for them. 

"Just what is this saying Godspeed?"

August removed his cowl, his eyes holding a small amount of fear in them. His partner had to be prepared for the future...

"World's will live, World's will die and the Universe will never be the same..."

Zoom hummed, hiding his own fear at the moment as he knew that they needed a leader for Earth 10. This earth, it needed a leader and it was not going to be Barry Allen.

They had a Crisis to deal with...

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