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A state of Delirium in Pasadena Started by: Infinite on Jul 11, '19 21:16

It was a wonderful day as Infinite received the news that her proposals, plans for the future of Los Angeles, and her hopes for a bright future looked to be coming true right before her eyes. The powers at be were in agreement and today she knew that she was not alone in her obsessions and ideals for rebuilding such a wonderful city. She took her time preparing to make her first appearance into the streets. She would valiantly lift her chin up high as a leading member of society, certain in her own abilities with the one clear goal, to bring honor to her city, everyone she represents, and all who put faith into those abilities. She took to the streets and with a crowd of supporters, the media, friends, cameramen, and passersby she smiled and spoke clearly.

"Of all things I come here to you all with pride in my heart and gratitude to those who have placed faith upon me to do my best for the beautiful city of Angels. I especially thank my dear friends, Xanxus and Nexus. The lessons that I have learned serving you will certainly be carried over, knowledge gained and experiences lived while in Detroit will be an asset to my ability to lead my organization here in LA."

She stopped for just a moment and smiled once more.

"I apologize for that slight pause my thoughts are truly all over the place right now, as I am excited, burdened with responsibility, and really more than anything hopeful for the future. I suppose one could say I am in a state of Delirium."

Unable to control herself she grinned, slightly giggling at the statement.

"Coming to Los Angeles, in the district of Pasadena, I introduce Delirium. As the leader of Delirium I welcome all to come out and celebrate this humbling moment with me. Thank you all for your time and I look forward to working alongside the fabulous leaders to build a better future!"

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Good luck Miss! I know your going to smash it! :D

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Nexus had a busy day setting up his new headquarters over in Corktown. He went back to the old HQ to collect some last remaining things to move across town. He was hoping for a helping hand from Xanxus, but the ole boss was presumably busy with more pressing issues. 

As he entered THe First Legion HQ, he headed straight up to the bosses office, there sat Xanxus and Infinite. Xanxus had a stern look on his face, and Infinite with a look of suspense. Xanxus instructed Nexus to take a seat, which he duly obliged to. 

He then began to speak, and inform them about the move Infinite was about to take out to the west coast. She was to get a bold suit, and lead a crew in Pasadena, Los Angeles. 

Nexus was delighted to hear the news, he knew how hard Infinite worked to get to this position. 

"Infinite, congratulations! You truly deserve this. I have no doubt that the future of Los Angeles will be bright under your stewardship. I'll be down to the city of Angeles a lot more now to check up on you"



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Jimmy steps out into the street as he hears a little commotions. He notices infinite standing there with a construction notice from L.A.

He smiles as he walks up to Infinite. He extends his hand and offers his congratulations


Congratulations Infinite. 

You will surely do the city of L.A proud.


Jimmy flashes another smile as he makes way for others to congratulate Infinite

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