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Redrum: An LA production feat Chi-Town Started by: Aladdin on Jul 12, '19 08:36

Aladdin had spent the last some nights working on this piece of paper he was scribbling at his desk. The last some nights had been eventful, he had to fly around the country for the LA takedown. The armories had been unlocked, men had been put in motion and at the end of it all, two cities layed to waste. It was never a pretty sight to level cities, too much death and blood. Not something Aladdin particularly believed in, but also understood that it was a part of the job. Tired of swirling in his chair, he walked out his HQ to a crowd that had surrounded the palace stairs. Aladdin looked out to the anxious crowd, pulled out the piece of paper and cleared his throat. 


See there was a point as I was writing this note. 

Aladdin takes the paper out his front pocket and waves it infront of the crowd. 

When I just thought about coming out here and basically saying. The rumors will always be considered more than what us leaders have to say. And hence I was going to rip this up and let you guys investigate the reasons for this takedown. Thats until Chicago got involved. And there was quite a bit of loss of life that wasn't needed perhaps. 

Aladdin took his hat off, and had a swig of his whiskey that had the limited edition of Crown & Cork in it. 

See what happened was, we all got together in the house that Valencia built in South Philly. We had some fantastic drinks and then the red rum started flowing. I wasn't really sure where we acquired rum from, since she was in the whiskey business. But it was fantastic and we had one too many drinks and well then King Luis started talking. He gets a little drunk that one...and then Petah starts doing card tricks. And well Cece..

Aladdin laughed. 

Well anyways. We had always heard about the lack of leadership in LA, from even the previous cities that use to exist. Leadership I had great respect for, atleast the last two leaderships in Chicago. More on that in a bit. Anyway, rumblings always did come out of LA and its lack of leadership. Now I wasn't really inside LA, so I cant really confirm this, but I heard this on multiple occasions. As much of a problem that may have been for the inhabitants of LA, it really wasn't my business. Thats just how they choose to run their city. My problem with LA started with the inaction on the matter of Seattle's filling. LV/LA were awarded the ability to fill the city and they dropped the ball collectively. Old LV is already dead, youve already heard the reasoning. And now LA joins them. That was one part of the reason. 

Second part was, we had certain reservations about one of the districts in LA. Personally I got to hang out with Thomas, in some wars such as Seattle and then later when I moved back to LV. He was a good guy, I never got scent of his lack of leadership. But he always did come off as a little indecisive at times. Perhaps he had good reason, I cant say. But I wont malign a dead man here. He was always respectful and did what he thought was right for his city and people. That was always at the forefront of his mind. Knowing how much he was invested in his city, I also knew that had we approached him about the district we were uncomfortable with, odds were he would potentially retaliate. I wouldn't blame him for such action. Who would? It was his city, his baby...he had a right to protect it. He had every right to fight for it. And hence we knew then that if we wanted to preserve our way of life. We were going to have to wipe LA clean. Now there were good men in LA. As I said earlier, Thomas was good people. Respectful and all, but parts of his organization worried us a little. 

Donatello another great guy that fell in the LA war. Is a good leader, actually someone I can trace lineage back with. He probably doesn't think very much of me now, but guy was a friend. And I also knew he would be loyal to his city and GFC. And I respect that act of loyalty. Which also meant very reluctantly, that he would have to be a part of the takedown as well. 

Last piece of the puzzle was Chicago. Now Leanna is someone my lineage goes back with. She's one that was a relentless leader of her district and crew. She's an absolute sweetheart and a phenomenal person to work with. Problem was, she also came from LA. And considering Leanna had considerable ability to retaliate. A decision was made mid war and Chicago was gunned down for 2nd time in a row. She basically just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Believe me, I took no pleasure in this. Just had to mitigate risk. 

Now there are other reasons I can delve into, which I rather not. But I assure you, we had good evidence to move on LA and by extension Chicago. I cant say, I agree with killing everyone that night, but I do own up to every single one of them. I lost many a friends that night. Quite a bit of them reluctantly. At the end of the day, it was about protecting our way of life. LA was basically put together in pieces, authed from multiple parts, we had seen rogues popup from there as well. And with questions about the leadership, we just didnt feel comfortable, with them running a city that massive with potential threats in it. Now before I got the chance to come out here and speak our side, ive already heard people complaining about how killing Rogues is why LA was shot. I assure you, one mobster can certainly start a war. But usually is not the reasoning for it. Thats where those rumors take legs from.  

Aladdin starts moving back and forth slowly as he looks at everyones facial reactions in the crowd.  

With that said. I expect some of you to come out here and agree with some of this. And disagree with some of this. All I will say at the end is this. There is more I can get into. But the people that led the city were predominantly good people. And I don't really want to drag someone thru the mud after all the blood shed. Which is why ill stop here and let the masses digest what happened a few days ago. 

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Jester lights a cigarette and juggles some bowling pins on his trusty unicycle.


"Thank you for coming to the streets to explain your reasoning.  May all the kin of the deceased find success in whatever life they choose going forward."

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Taradiddle_ knew that, despite being terribly busy, his leader had been putting good thought into his speech about the removal of Los Angeles the other day, the city in which Tara's father was part of an upper structures. Growing up as a kid under said leadership, Taradiddle_ sure had his opinions on some point that were spread out by Aladdin. He surely did not want to be the first to comment, but did feel it was remarkably quiet after the speech, with just Jester giving a short reaction.

Well boss, if I may..? He asked, as Jester unicycled off..

Assuming it was allright, Taradiddle_ spoke
You and I both know my father was a hand for LadyF in Pasadena, which happens to be the one district you don't speak positively of.. Therefore indirectly indicating Pasadena as the source of your worries.. Although my dad was not involved in proper city politics..
Taradiddle_ smiled as he added in low voice he maybe was too busy with his pretentious kid to make time to meddle in..

Recomposing, he continued
Although he was not involved in the politics, he was in close touch with Godfather ThomasLaurel, who even came around for coffee and a personal talk once in a while. I would like to underline the kind words you spoke of him. Late Thomas, may God or a more superior being have his soul, did everything to take his city forward. He was full of great ideas and was gradually trying to outsource some of them to people that had earned his trust.
Contrary to you, I think got a decent view of the atmosphere within the city walls of the city of pre-wipeout Los Angeles and I must say that the atmosphere was quite vibrant. I could see my father enjoyed his time there. The thing is, I must say that I didn't have the idea people in Los Angeles felt like there was no leadership.
Maybe they did, but well... we can't directly ask them anymore, can we..?

Taradiddle_ paused for a moment, then decided to continue about what he felt was the most important point of the full city wipe.

What I feel is the main question.. Why scorched earth?

What is the use of hitting young earners or goomba's in their sleep?
I know you say it is not something you took joy in doing, but yet, it happened. As you happened to step forward to tell us of the reasons, I feel I can ask you what is the use of adapting scorched earth when all main targets are hit in a single, very well planned, attack?

Taradiddle_ was curious about what would be said about it, but first, as he was speaking anyway, continued

Another point you mention is the fact that rogues have risen from the city of Los Angeles. For me, that can't be a valid point in judging a leadership..
If someone, with those intentions, plays it well, you can't prevent that.
Surely, you can try and create bond, create commitment, and therefore create a loyal group of people that are willing to die for their leaders. But if one's intentions have always been to build and to Rogue, they would not have to sent out any signal to anyone in that direction before acting.
I feel bad leadership can turn certain people into going Rogue, but do not feel intentional rogueing, if well executed, can be prevented from good leadership. But then, maybe, you have spoken with said rogues before their demise and have learned why they performed as they did?

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