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The Summer-market Started by: LillisMolly on Jul 17, '19 12:10

It was gonna be holding a big market in town and he was appointed as general for it and had full responsibly so all went right, many sellers came driving with their vans and small trucks filled with things they were about to sell next morning. It was smaller chaos when many of those came at the same time and he had much to see to so all stand where they have been told and not going into there neighbor area. It was a small hell, each summer this market took place in our small town and always the third week in July on a Thursday.


He walked around and talked with some of the sales-folks and all was in good mood, they had just been in another town and all summer they going through about 6 towns with markets, pretty amazing life those had, almost like circus-people, not far from them going around in many town during summer-time.


He came to a couple he knew well from before and they asked him into a coffee and cookie and he wasn't late to that offer. After sitting a while drinking coffee and talking with those great people he went on looking at the rest and so far all seems good, no one had any bigger problem luckily, he had walked around now and saw that almost everyone was at their spaces, some will come late this evening but they were always good people and fixed everything themselves with electricity and stuff.


He had now gone through it all and decided to take off, all had his mobile-number just in case anything should happen, one of the things as a general, being available 24/7 but he loved it. Summer-markets really put up their small town in great space and make the town filled with people so the next day it will be CHAOS! for sure, they had promised hot weather too and that wasn't too good, luckily it down will get to rain, see you, tomorrow guys, he said to come near him when he walked out from the area and walked home.

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Jimmy sat in his office looking over the family books. As he turned the page on the final book he noticed the city flyer announcing the local market that was being set up for tommorow.


Jimmy loved the market. Ever since he was a small child he would go there with his Papa. They would buy fruits and vegetables and by the time they where done shopping, his Papa would always surprise him with homestyle caramel squares. When his Papa had passed Jimmy refused to go back to the market as the memories would always flow back.

This time though it would be different, he knew that the market was a wonderful place and chances where he would see the ever so radiant Hayley. He could not pass this trip up.

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The market went on without any bigger matters, it was sunny all day and the commerce was great, it was so hot so we didn't get any highly public-record this time but anyway it was very well visited by many and that it was counts. The crowds bought many goods and the most popular this year was for sure a wagon selling Mexican food, the ques there were long all day long and he who had it said that this year was his best. Another good selling was of course the icecream-wagon, warm weather much icecream to all to cool down all from the heat.


In the evening when it almost was over and most already left for the next market in another town nearby. Now the community guys stood ready to clean up from all dirt all people have thrown in the streets, those guys clean it up in an hour each year, they are amazing and good at this and after they finish no one can think that it has been a market there.


Now all wait to next year to the next summer-market, but good we have another one also in October called the autumn-market. Or for real, Michaeli-market.

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