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Atlantic City Suits Started by: NuckyT on Aug 31, '19 02:41

Atlantic City Suits



I make very simple suits all from my iPad. Very clean and can customize to your liking, yet I do not have the capability (due to image size issue on my end, that I’m working on) to add gif into still images. All my suits will be still images, but I will try my best to meet your needs. See my current suit for example.


Uncle Nucky


Pricing & Transaction Process

250k per suit

Once complete I will send you the completed suit with a watermark. If you like it, wire me the funds, then I will send you the suit with said water mark removed. 





Note: I do have a store front in RP business district if that’s your flavor. Thanks!

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Eyo, your suit is ready. Click the link below to see a preview with a watermark. If satisfied wife the funds, and I’ll get you your new suit without the watermark! Thanks!



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Update: For all future customers I am able to use some gifs, and meet size requirement for MR.


Here’s my personal one for example: NuckyT

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Yoda, since we missed each other, I made a couple of different images. If you want to go a different direction, just let me know. 



Yoda #1

Yoda #2

Yoda #3

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Number 4 as well...


Yoda #4

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GetawayDriver, here is your completed suit. 


GAD #1

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Thanks nucky! Looks awesome
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Appreciate the business!
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Moving forward all suits will be tailored by MrLuciano. Thanks. 

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ElleanorShellstrope, here is your suit! Appreciate the business!

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TrapperJohn, here is your new suit! Appreciate the business! 



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Post Malone, here is your new suit. Thank you for your business!



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