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My Effective Retirement tony_capone/AnthonyTanzini Started by: tony_capone on Sep 09, '19 14:06
And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this
I did it my way.

To those of you who know me, knew me, loved me, liked me, tolerated me. I had made it clear since the beginning of my previous run, AnthonyTanzini that this would be my last.

I’m not coming here to make out a big deal of what I’ve done or all I’ve been. Those who know, know. I’ve spent around 17 years (with breaks) between here and .org. I made a promise to an old friend many years ago, TomTanzini/DevilsPawn that I would keep the Tanzini mane going for as long as I could. I took that charge seriously though, at times, real life care before the obligation I felt here. As it should. I wanted to have one last great Tanzini family and honor Tom’s memory, which had been the reason I’ve never been able to leave forever.

The times, however, have changed. The old guard has given way to the new (there’s still a few exceptions) and I’ve changed. I have more kids than i feel like one lame guy who grew up playing a mafia game should have, joking, and I have an unbelievably gorgeous, gorgeous wife. Not joking there. Luis and Cece and the rest have made this place more like the mafia than ever. All of you that die and complain or just complain in general. You have no idea how damn good you have it. Characters are living on average longer than ever, making more money than ever, building stronger than ever. I mean, ffs guys other than putting each of you in charge of a family and letting you hit Godfather like it’s a participation trophy, what more do you want?

But I digress, allow me to get to thanking and saying goodbye to a few people personally before I make this shit any longer.

Squishy - Thank you as always for making a haven for us mafia addicts and old .org defects who needed a place to go and deserved better than what they brought back and shoved in our face. You never ignored a message from me rather out of how I brought things to you or whatever and I commend you for it. You ever just want to enshrine me for something, I’m down but in all honesty, I mostly appreciate the Las Vegas jail staying dedicated to Tom. Please, don’t ever change that.

Luis_Patangeli - Luis!!! We didn’t get to know each other well enough! I wished we had became closer. I respect your vision and what you’ve tried to accomplish here and have accomplished. Also, thanks for giving me a chance. It didn’t end how I wanted it to but in a way it ended how I expected it to. Either way, I can say my only regret when I went was not having been up longer and given more opportunity to the name and the people who supported me. Please, keep on making this world great for them, even those who don’t realize it.

Cece- I have no idea if you’re back or coming back or around already. Thank you for giving me a chance. For taking me in and letting me work with you. You and Luis have done big things and you should be proud of all you did. You have nothing to hang your head about after the legacy you’ve established. You gave me a chance and I have nothing but respect for you.

Wayne/Goku- Dude, I wish I’d been around more and worked with you longer and more times throughout the years. It was an absolute pleasure man. Thanks for believing in me, trusting in me and being there for me 98% of the time :p

Winston_P_Bear - I’ve know you in one capacity or another for... well... a long time. Won’t tell your age. Cause you’re the old one here :p. You have always been a good friend to me even if we didn’t always keep close contact, we at least, contacted? Yeah. That works. I wish we had worked together more throughout the years. I really do. I wished we had longer to work together this time. It has been nice catching back up and seeing where you’ve got in your life and the family etc. Warms an old mafia black heart to know life for some come full circle <3.

AlfredBorden - I am so, so, so proud of you dude. Though we didn’t get what we were aiming for in the long run, believe me when I say that getting to mentor you for the short time I did, well worth it. I’ve taught, helped teach, helped refine or mentored a lot of people over the years. Some went on to do HUGE things. Some went on to be mediocre, some are no longer here and some are ass-hats now. The one thing you have that really none of them had, respect. You’re respectful, you’re willing to learn and you always seek to do the right thing. Lust you got a good one here. I promise he’s worth any faith you give him.

JohnWalton - Another friend I wish I would have met and worked with sooner. You were always good to me and respectful. I always appreciated the friendship you gave to me. I hope you do great things both in game and in life.

Link - Pretty much the same can be said for you that I said for John above. Always enjoyed our chats, you’re a good dude and I hope nothing but the best for you.

Brutus - I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of you at first. Not for anything you did but a bit of not knowing you and not understanding your situation. Since then I think I’ve enjoyed bullshitting random things here and there with you as much as anything. I hope you achieve as much as you possibly can before you go out on this one man. And when you celebrate, have a glass of champagne for me and know I would have raced you there till the end. We could have almost hit our 60 together. Your character is old though, so you could have turned first :p. You always gave me something to aim for and someone to silently and not so silently sometimes compete with. Best of luck bro.

Anne_Oakley - I hope I got the spelling of this character right, I know the other was spelt different but I can’t remember, well, you get the point. It was great getting to know you! I enjoyed our talks and enjoyed the randomness. Another person I wish I would have met sooner and spent more time getting to know. I’m so sorry your last character went down to a pro. Such a bogus way to die. Especially with as many times as I’ve failed killing targets in my career that I should have been in the ball park on and then we have people who drop like flies now to that 1% shit, anyway, that’s another tirade. I wish you the best, you’ll ride back up again. Good people who do the right things always find their way back into good places <3.

Luxanna - I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. I hope you achieve big stuff here with the time you have left but don’t you dare slack on your school stuff! You’re probably the smartest person here, like legit. Do great things my friend. And stay away from hookers when drunk. :)

Atro - DUDE! Someone else I’ve known since just about the beginning for me. You’re one of the first like legit friends I made on .org beyond just random messaging or role play stuff. You came back to play for me and I appreciate it! Sorry we didn’t get to Godfather crew status, but! You got to add Tanzini to your list of families you’ve repped. I still think we’re cooler than LaFrat but maybe have had less attractive members :p. Stay in touch man, let’s not go another 13, 14, however many years it’s been.

Manolo- I’m not going to @ you because I want to refer to you as Manolo throughout this whole thing. Manny main, I’m pretty sure you knew some stuff about some stuff but despite how I feel about that, it’s a game. We’ve always said, it’s just a game. That’s probably the only reason I can stand to still speak to you after some of the messed up things you’ve said to me and done to me throughout the years :p. Seriously though, in large you’ve really grown and matured (kinda) and, I would be a liar if I said I haven’t enjoyed catching up. We were super close for the last almost 80 days, especially before work started back for you and it was fun. Most people know you as this asshole treacherous killer. I know you as the guy who still remembers our inside jokes. The guy who’s sister I wanted to bang in my teenage years :p. I know you as the guy who was part of my original group of friends. Don_Gotti, you, Atro, D-Lite, Starr. You guys got me through some of the hardest years of my life. Drugs, depression, the car wreck that almost killed me. I’ll never forget that man. Stay in touch, dick.

otter - Several years back now a out of the game and out of place for all the new folks who had came along tony_capone showed up. You remembered me or at least remembered enough about me that you vouched for me with people and stuck to for me. You and Tech and eventually Gato put me back into being relevant again. Then our relationship went to shit. I’m still thankful for being there for me when almost everyone else forgot or stopped caring. Much love man, always.

Eric- I wont @ you either but hopefully O’Malley convinces you to read. You were one of the first .org mafioso that I idolized. I served under you a few times and as a young dude in a world of mafia role players, you were like the James Dean of our thing. I told O’Malley the other day that I’ve often considered myself a cheap imitation of you and Tom. I learned a lot from both of you. I don’t remember when we stopped speaking on a regular character basis or why but know I’ve always had the upmost respect for you. Also, for years I assumed you had jaundice because of the pictures from old .org photo gallery. Also, I used to do a lot of drugs and my memory is shit, so, O’Malley thinks it’s because of your most famous name. Could have been. Hopefully you don’t actually have jaundice :p.

Mikhail -Mike, I remember when you were a quick tempered up and coming superstar. Now, you are a superstar. I’ve told more MikeHunt jokes than were ever funny. But. When the hell else do I get the opportunity? Things have been “eh” between us since my return but know I always enjoyed the times we worked together. You’re a cool dude and I wish you and your real life family all the best.

This list is getting long, so now to honorable mentions.

Prem- if you’re back around, dude it was good catching up and you’ve really matured and mellowed. Enjoyed it.

@Telkin- hope life keeps going on the up and up. Always good to catch up with you Tyler.

Kuku- You drive me nuts but it was fun taking shots back and forth and getting a glimpse into the personality behind the kuklinski. Let it show more, you’re not a bad dude.

Kinky_Roger- Enjoyed most of our chats beyond the last. No Ill feelings. You were always entertaining.

Irina - Cass, it’s always good catching up. I adore you as always for all you’ve ever done for me. Played therapist, mother and my conscious more times than I can count. <3 always dear.

SpikeS- What would the world be like here without you and your gravy? Regardless how you may handle things being something that bothers me in certain situations, you’ve done more good for me than bad. One time you let an IA character of mine live like 3-4 months. I mean, that’s love. <3

To all those who wore the Tanzini name in their profile this go and to all who ever have, thank you. It was an honor I see it again and have the chance to let the name itself and Tom’s memory be honored.

For anyone with anything negative to say; let me say it first, fuck off. This isn’t for you, wasn’t for you. It was for me. Selfishly for me. My chance to say goodbye and my chance to close it out how I wanted to.

To anyone I didn’t mention, I’m sorry I tried to get to everyone I was closest with or had been close with.

To the city of Seattle, I wish you all the best.

And yes. I will likely be around a minute to read comments because I’m vain. No shame.

Much love all. TC out.
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I really hope to see you again, Tony. 

Much respect, friend.

Enjoy your retirement and take care.

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Truly classy guy. I appreciate your sentiment my friend, I wish we coild habe gotten to know eachother better, and perhaps when you get bored of the old country.. you may decide to seek this place out once again. I look forward to potentially running into your kin again.

Much respect to you. Enjoy your retirement.
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You were in my crew once back in the day. It was an honor.

Enjoy your retirement.

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Always welcome back dude

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I'll take my most trusted word and wish you well in retirement. 

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Make sure to have it the best after retiring and enjoy irl and make sure to relax and have fun.

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Brother I had to see you go, but these kinds of post always killed me.. I’ll check up on you when you’re back
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See you soon!
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Best of luck with life my friend <3 

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Safe and happy travels!
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I first met TC over 16 years ago (I think)....I don't have a bad word to say about him, I just regret not finding him sooner on my return to the game.

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Sorry for not reading this sooner comrade. The days have been long with many things to do lately.

It was a pleasure to see you again man. Like you said the climate between us was "eh" since you came back but that was on me. Happy to have seen you once again man. And likewise with your own family. 

Good luck and take care TC.

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