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World Wide Protection Order Started by: Mikhail on Sep 11, '19 16:24

Mikhail was freshly shaved and showered. He wasn't wearing his usual overalls he typical wore while working on the farm. This time he was wearing a light coat sporting a large red hammer and sickle on the back. He entered the streets to provide some guidance after the end of the war.

"The end of the war is upon us. Rest in peace to all who have fallen."

Mikhail takes out a flask from his jacket and takes a drink from it as a memory for his fallen comrades and enemies.

"The time to rebuild is now. There is a mandatory protection order on anyone wearing an 'R' tag. There is absolutely no reason for any firing amongst ourselves when there are Durdens raiding our streets. Along with that the unemployment line for bodyguards is historically long. Be diligent, keep your eyes open, and look for tags. If you are unsure, holster your weapon and find a new victim. Offenders of this will be removed from this world immediately.

More to follow soon."

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Thank you for your protection, Godfather Mikhail
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The Bear protects! 

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Tammy was delighted that the first official memorandum said nothing about obligatory borstch as a meal, as she had feared strict restrictions towards the coffee and bakery industry.

Totally clear, Don Mikhail. And good luck with rebuildingthe country.. 

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Good to know, Don Mikhail. I was starting to wonder with the lack of housing available if the homeless would become victims. I'm sure others appreciate as much as I do, it will be a long hard road to get the country up and running again.

Best of luck to you and the other Dons.

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Finally, good for all, and congrats all survivers and also all new started, lets have some fun from now on when all bad shit is over.

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Only you can prevent dying from misfire.

Da-kine points at you!

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Mikhail came out to the streets to give some more instructions on the protection order. He took out a small piece of paper and nail walked over to the closest telephone pole. It was located just outside the local butcher shop. The old farm would send their cows and pigs there and sometimes bodies even. The owner of the shop was a mean old Russian woman who did everything Italian. It was weird but she knew how to appeal to her base. Mikhail grabbed the piece of parchment and nail and drove the nail with his fist into the wooden pole. He walked into the store to grab some cuts of prosciutto.

As Mikhail walks into the store, you step forward to the posting. 


Crew Tags

An Amendment to the Protection Order

As we attempt to rebuild the country over the next few days, headquarters are at maximum capacity. While their may be some overlap with the R tags, you should respect current crew tags until said otherwise. 

For example you may see some unsponsoreds sporting the Big Dick Energy crew tag. Think of them as an extension of my crew and they are under my protection. This goes for all crews across the country. Holster your guns as we continue to rebuild our country.


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Mikhail walks towards the streets with a small entourage surrounding him. They were all asking him the same question and he thought it might be best to tell the whole population where the protection order currently stands. He asked the small crowd to let him speak to the masses so everyone got the same answer and at the same time...

"Comrades and lady comrades, at our current state we are no longer in rebuild mode. R tags are no longer being worn because of this. I believe five days was enough time for those unsponsored to find shelter. Along with that my amendment to this protection order is still in affect. There are enough avenues to get yourself protected. If anyone remains unsponsored and needs guidance, you may mail me."

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So Don, it means pew pew those R tagged peeps?

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“Quite the opposite in fact. The R tagged unsponsoreds are to remained protected under this order. The rebuild mode for our world is moving slightly though. So I encourage everyone to stay diligent and check their shots.”
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Understood comrade. Thank you sir.

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