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Stranded in middle of Chicago. Started by: ImasheKorbinchenko on Sep 11, '19 21:30

Out of the darkness a young woman laid badly beaten from her abusive captives as they left her deep inside the alleyway in the South Side of Chicago. Imashe dragged herself along the wall with blood drying upon her creamy skin from a thick swollen eyelid where she took a punch from a knuckle duster. The blood blurred her vision as she tried to make her way out of the alleyway, looking back slightly to make out the remnants of her clothing. 

She couldn't remember much of how or when she was left there, all she knew was her ribs and her face hurt like a bitch. Taking a beating after escaping her stepfathers home on the outskirts of the city after an argument that she had with him. 

Things had changed since her father died and her mother married the asshole who gradually drained her mother of the money. Watching her struggle after fights she had with him and seeing the damage he caused to her beautiful face. Imashe told her mother to leave the beast but only given excuses that he would change.

That was three years ago, Imashe was left to  bury her mother after she took her own life, the police said it was a suicide but she knew it wasn't. She packed her belongings  and ran  for her life, with the little money from her trust fund  and escaped to South side away from her step father's eyes....

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AB had been walking around Chicago just trying to get used to the new lay of the land. He'd arrived here just a few days ago and was told to lay low by his current leader, as all hell was breaking loose all across the world. After watching and keeping his ears open, he heard that it was okay to head out and try to actually see his new city that he was going to be living in for the future. Once he got the okay he hit the streets. He couldn't be prepared to see all of the carnage that really went on. The reports of the deaths weren't enough to prepare him for seeing all of the bodies being moved and carried off the streets around damn near every corner. 

As he continued to go through the streets just amazed by the sights of all the fallen soldiers and all their family members grieving over them, he happened to pass one alleyway where a woman was laid out and badly beaten. He just assumed it was another one that had been killed but had yet to have been picked up. That was until he caught some slight movement and swore he heard a noise come from her. Antonio ran over to where the woman was on the ground but made sure not to touch her. She was badly beaten and he didn't know if moving her would worsen her condition. He hesitated before he decided to just call out to her and see if she was alright. 

"Hey there miss, can you hear me? Are you alright? I can go get help if you need it. There's an ambulance right around the corner." He said and waited to see if she would react at all, before making his own decision. 

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Imashe whimpers as she backs away from the man "Yes, I hear you. No my ribs are broken and i  can't remember how i got here..Where am?  "Looking up at him with her one good eye as she pleaded with him "No ambulance, please just get me out of the streets or they will find me again" Gripping his armand dug her broken nails into his arms. Trying to stand slightly on shaky legs and look around, she was searching for her stepfathers thugs.

She hissed in pain seeing the dead bodies scattered around the ground and frowned slightly. Thinking to herself "How long had she been out cold?" Shaking her head as she turned her head to him "Thank you for finding me, Sir....What is your name by the way? " Standing up straight as she cried out in pain. Her broken ribs pressed against her one lung as she began to cough up blood. 

"Take me to a place that i can hide please it is important " she whispered into his ear.

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AB had a bunch of questions running through his head but decided to not ask them. Now wasn't really the time nor place, as she was badly injured, bleeding, and obviously very afraid of something or someone. He had to try and calm her down or she would just end up doing more harm to herself outta panic instead of just staying calm and cool. He figured he'd better give her a bit of information first before proceeding to help calm her a bit. 

"Take it easy there. You're really fucked up, you could do with someone taking a look at you, but I won't push too much if you say no ambulance. I know a place we can go hide out, but you're gonna have to take it easy on your way there, it's not far from here." He told her. 

He moved beside her to help support her going back to where he had hid out in the town while all the bullets were flying. It was a nice little hole in the wall building that wasn't very frequented and was a place gifted to him by his leader. Whether it was actually owned by her or now was unknown, but with so much death the last few days, ownership of a few particular building wasn't of the most concern at the moment. They took there walk slow as they headed back to the abandoned building. 

"I don't know how long you were out. I had just found you lying there in the alleyway, but from the bruises on your skin and the blood on you not being fully dry, it doesn't look like you were out very long, but you definitely need to get looked at, I'll have to see if we can find a doctor for you or something. My name is Antonio, but everybody calls me AB, so feel free to do the same." He informed her with a smile, though he wasn't sure if she could see it. 

The situation was a bit more dire than greetings and introductions anyway. Once they arrived to the building, he pulled out the key to the front door that he was given. He opened the door as quickly as he could and held it open for her to enter through. 

"It's not much but it should def keep you hidden, and hopefully safe until we can get you properly looked at." He said as they walked through the entrance.

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"Take me there for god sake" She panted through the pain leaning upon this stranger. Her eyes searching the shadows for movement as they make their way to the hideout.

"Is this place and how do i know your not working with my stepfather" As the color drained from her face, she felt vulnerable as she was out in the open with this man. Her stepfather was known for having his men watch her every movement in the past, maybe that's how he had found her this time. Imashe wouldn't put it past the bastard, she shook her head to free the thoughts of him. 

Looking up at this man that came to her  aid as she studied his features closely with the one eye that she could barely see from. "Thank you AB, I am Imashe. I don't want a doctor from the hospital as he will find me this way. My stepfather owns the police and anyone in the medical profession."

Hearing the key unlock the door, Imashe stumbled into the building and cried out from the sharp pain to her ribs, breathing labored as she fell to her knees and  threw up  from whatever was in her system. "What day is this AB? cause the last thing  i remember was sleeping in my own bed  the next waking up in the alleyway. With my clothes torn from my body and feeling sore everywhere."

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AB knew that he needed to get her some help or checked out, but she seemed primed to not allow him to do so.  He had no choice but to wonder until it got too much to keep some of his question bottled up any longer. He figured if she wasn't gonna let a doctor or hospital look at her then he might as well try to do what he could for her. He guided her over to where his bed was and had her sit down gently. He then went into his freezer and took out a frozen bottle of water, before going into the fridge and taking out a cold one but not frozen. 

"Here" He said as he handed her the non frozen bottle. "Regardless of how much you were enjoying resting on the ground that should help you out, but drink it slow." He instructed. 

He then handed her the other bottle, the frozen one. 

"That one is for your eye. From what I know, that should take down some of the swelling.  It'll take some getting used to, but you're gonna have to keep it on there." Antonio said. 

He then made his way into the bathroom area and looked inside of one of the cabinets, to find some alcohol, and a couple of bigger band-aids. He wasn't sure just how much he could do, but he knew that cleaning the cuts with the alcohol and the band-aids would hopefully stop some of the bleeding. He came back with the stuff in hand, along with a roll of tissues. He would pour some of the alcohol on the tissue and approach her. 

"Well if you're not gonna go to the doc we at least have to get you cleaned up a bit. I ain't no nurse or nothing, but I mean I can do for you what my granny used to do for me at least. Sit still though, this is gonna sting." He warned, before wiping at the cuts with the tissue with alcohol on it. 

He knew he was way out of his depth as he really had no idea what he was doing. It took him a bit before he decided he would go and just go run her some water in the bath so that she could just clean herself up all together and hopefully not hurt herself farther, but he knew it was important to clean her open cuts first, considering he found her on the ground in an alley, there was no telling what was in there. As he would dab at her cuts with the alcohol he figured it'd be best to get some more information about this situation, and give her some herself. 

"So who the hell is your father or step father that he's so powerful we can't even get you looked at at the actual hospital and why the hell would he do this to you?" Antonio asked. 

He then shook his head remembering what she had asked him earlier. 

"And there's no way I could work for anyone that would do this to their own daughter. Step or not, so you def don't have to worry about that." He informed her. 

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Sitting down upon the bed, trying not to scream in pain but breathing was hard from the broken ribs...Imashe watched as he left her there upon the bed clutching her ribs tightly "just ask what it is going through your mind AB. I will try and tell you of how much i remember"

Hearing the clink of the fridge door from the rattling milk bottles as she drifted in and out of sleep. Her head hurt trying to recall everything that had gone on that night before after returning home from work in the club. She did the usual things from coming into the flat, taking off her shoes and having her favourite glass of wine as she sat upon the bed after a long hot shower to clean her aching body from the grubby men that watched her dancing.
Normally she would be awake for an hour before sleeping but this time she fell asleep too quickly. Thinking to herself ' Could i have been drugged? how the fuck did they find me' frowning as her eyes widened "I wasn't resting upon the ground, just throwing up the drugs that was in my system" Taking the bottled water and unscrewed the cap before taking a sip of the cold refreshing water. "Tell me what day it is?"​​​​​​​

Grabbing the frozen bottle from his hand and gently placed it upon her swollen eye with a hiss of pain. Her hand began to shake as she watched him leave again, Imashe began to panic a little until he returned. "I don't them as i told you my stepfather owns one of the chief medical staff at the hospital. If i showed up at the hospital, he will find out i am alive" she said, preparing herself for pain from the alcohol. Feeling his gentle touch hand cleaning the blood from under her eye and placing a band-aid upon the cut. "Thank you for your help AB. I'm sorry if i accused you of working with my step-father, I'm just on edge i guess after being on the run for years"

Looking at him and sighed softly "My father was Ivan Korbinchenko, a top mob boss back in Russia when I was younger. The day of my sixteenth birthday he was gunned down right in front of me by me stepfather Victor. "She looked away as she felt a tear sting her eye remembering the day. "Within two weeks, Victor had moved in and the nightmare became a reality. Arguments between my mom and him were bad, then witnessing my mother's bruises upon her face and wrists were bad."

Getting up from the bed and walked to the bathroom on much more steady legs, looking back over her shoulder, " AB, my stepfather is a beast with no heart, that he would get away with murdering my mother and make it look like a suicide... A man who would have his thugs rape me and get off in watching it happen. He is a sadistic bastard, who will pay for what he did." Then disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door so that she could clean from the attack upon her body, knowing all too well  that she would have been raped again.

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AB sat on the bed that the woman was just on. Imashe, he remembered her name was. Her story was deep and a lot to take in all at once. He thought growing up in poverty was hard, and all the struggles for him and his family in this country before he was able to make it as an athlete, but this woman had it much tougher than anyone he knew of. It sounded like either she made the trip over from Russia recently, or her and her family moved from Russia over here. He wasn't entirely sure and he'd have to ask to find out. 

'What am I doing? This all sounds like some serious shit, and it's got nothing to do with me. Why am I even getting involved?' He thought to himself. 

He shook his head and looked out the window. He only got into this life to make a little money and help out a friend in need when she needed him to. Could this just end up being the same situation, helping someone else in need when they needed him. This woman, he knew very little about seemed like she needed a lot of assistance. Right now, it was mostly medical assistance, and protection. Much of which he couldn't offer a lot in, but he also noticed the look on her face, before she went into the bathroom to clean herself up. It was a look that swore vengeance, an ambition for revenge. 

He couldn't entirely blame her, after all her step father sounded like the worst kind of person to exist. The things that he did to her and her family, sounded like he personally wanted to and enjoys torturing and killing them. Her explanations and stories only created more questions than they gave answers. Questions that he couldn't help but want to ask, but he knew the more he asked, and the more he talked and knew about things going on, the more involved he'd end up getting. He was seriously debating on what would be the better and smarter decision. He knew subconsciously that it'd be better to just cut bait and run. 

Thinking on what he was taught though, to help people in need, he didn't feel like he could just do that here. What if one of his cousins was in this situation, an aunt, or worse, his granny, and the person who could offer them some kinda help and assistance just didn't get involved because it wasn't the best idea for them to do so. Sure he put up a front that made it seem he was all about himself out in the public, it was apart of his public persona, and what regular people had gotten to know him for, but it wasn't really who he was. Sometimes though, sometimes he wished it was. 

AB heaved a sigh, as he got up off the bed and went back into the refrigerator in the kitchen. This time it wasn't a water bottle he pulled out, but instead a beer. He sat back on the bed and opened it, not even wincing that much when the strong tasting liquid hit his taste buds. It's taste seemed to help calm his mood and bring him to focus more. He had resolved to help this woman he knew, but he'd need to know more and come up with a way to get her healed. That had to take top priority. If hospitals were out they needed to come together and figure out an alternative. A small time clinic or something like that, there had to be one of those somewhere around here. 

From there, he guessed they'd figure it out, but they needed to stay low profile, which might be a bit hard, but they'd manage somehow. He sat back on the bed patiently waiting for her to return from the bathroom as he continued to sip on his beer and think about their next step. He prayed that a solution would come to him in the meantime. 

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Imashe stood in the bathroom looking into the mirror and seeing the bruises upon her face. She reached up and pressed lightly on the swelling, wincing from the slight pain. Her brown eyes dulled from years of worry and of abuse and fearing for her life every time she walked out through her front door. She took seedy jobs in strip clubs to make money under another name, only  then head home after hours to take long hot showers. 

Washing the smell of men's cigars and sweat from her skin as they pawed her body as they placed hundred dollar bills into her garter. She hated having to live the way she had for three years and blocking out the nightmares of being taken to his secret room and punished over nothing. A shiver ran over down her spine, while beginning to undress. Looking down to see the bruises from fingers that gripped her wrists, throat and thighs. 

Imashe sank to the floor and pulled her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth as she cried softly. Crawling over to the edge of the bath and pulled herself up as sat down in the hot water, which made her skin bright red. Looking to the door as she thought of the stranger who went out his way to help her. For this she was thankful for but right now she needed to sleep and heal her broken ribs. 

Grabbing the soap and a cloth, washing herself from the dried blood from her body and then washing her hair to get any dirt out from the alleyway floor and any other shit that was in there. With a sigh after nearly an hour locked in the bathroom, Imashe slowly climbed out of the bath and wraps a big fluffy towel around her battered body, slowly walking to the door.

She opened it and walked towards the bedroom "Forgive me for being so long in there"

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Antonio had been lost in his thought and lost track of time completely. He was snapped back to reality when he heard the door to the bathroom open, and there stood the woman he had found in the alley, with only a towel wrapped around her. He fought down his nervousness, he didn't know this woman, but he quickly realized that she didn't have any other clothes to change into, other than the dirty and beat up clothes that she was found in. He didn't have a way to clean them other than if he hand washed them, and despite resolving to help, there were more important things to do other than that. 

At the same time, he was sure she didn't want to just walk around and sleep in just a towel, or put back on the same dirty clothes once more. AB quickly hopped up and went into his travel bag where kept his own clothes for when he was on the go, and pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He had a feeling that they would be big on the woman, but they were better than the alternatives. 

"Here, you go." He said as he handed her the clothes. "You can sleep in those. When you're feeling better we can head out and try to figure out how we're gonna get the rest of your injuries healed. You probably need stitches, and probably have suffered some internal injuries that should get looked at. I'll have to ask around Philly and see if I can find anyone that can help you out." 

She took the clothes from his hand, and he knew he had to leave the room to allow her to get dressed. The problem was that it was a studio apartment, so there wasn't another room he could go to besides the bathroom, to not be able to see her at all. He figured it would have to do. 

"I'm gonna step into the bathroom and give you some time to change." He said and then did so. 

Once he was in there he could see the cloth he gave her to clean herself up with laying over the side of the tub to dry. It was covered in blood and water, showing just how much more she had to clean off herself that he couldn't see. It angered him honestly, to think that a man could have someone ordered to be beaten like this, never mind his own stepdaughter. He stayed in there a minute, running extra water to help clean out the tub and putting up the alcohol and tissue he had taken out before. 

Once he was done with that, he stepped back out of the bathroom to see that the woman had finished dressing. He was relieved that his timing wasn't off, as that could've led to an embarrassing moment for a woman who just needed some calm and quiet to relax and recover. He walked over to where she was in the bedroom. 

"You'll be safe here for the night, only a few select people know about this place, and they left it to me to hold down for a little bit. You can take the bed to sleep in tonight, and I'll take the sofa. Is there anything else you need tonight?" He asked. 

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Standing there with just a towel around her battered body feeling a warm glow rise to her cheeks in front of the man that she hardly knew. Thinking to herself "Get a grip woman! you dance for money in front of a crowded club of men and yet you get embarrassed in front a man who helped you" 

Watching Antonio dig out a clean T-shirt and shorts from his bag, coming back to hand them to her. Then leave to the bathroom, Imashe could hear movement and water running the only thing she could think of is that he was cleaning, while she slipped into the oversized shorts and baggy T-shirt.
Pulling back the covers of the bed and sat on the edge, Imashe leaned forward as the room began to spin. Gripping her ribs lightly "Then get me out of Chicago as he will have the hospitals watched for me if i attempt to go to one.  There is no point in going to the cops as he has them in his pockets as well so we can't go to them, even the politicians..." She looked down as she lifted her legs under the covers feeling the cold upon her skin and pulling them up over her.

Looking up at Antonio and sighed "Victor knows I have documents on his dealings within the mob, i stole them the day i escaped along with his black book of contacts of the bribes from each of the crooked dealings. I need to get these things urgently from my apartment along with some of my belongings as i can't walk around wearing your shorts and T-shirt until we get to this Philly."

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AB took in all this information as the woman began talking to him as soon as he had finished speaking himself. So she did have somewhere she stayed here in the city, and her step father was hot on her heels, well at least that's the way she made it seem. So that means they did need to move around and get going soon. If he was as adamant as she was saying then they would need to move carefully and quickly, which wouldn't be exactly easy with the woman being so banged up. If she had internal bleeding and other injuries, then hopping on a plane would be a very bad idea.

"Look I know we got a lot to do, and we gotta get you outta here, but it's not like I can just zoom us to some other place when we don't even fully know what's wrong with you. You've got internal injuries that's gonna take some time to heal, so we can't just hop on a flight to get us to safe territory. I know some people in Philly and I know some people in New York who could probably help us, but how do we get you there is the thing?" Antonio asked out loud.

It was at this time he began thinking and pacing the floor, back and forth trying think up a plan that would work.

"We can't go to the hospitals here, we can't exactly just fly outta here right away, and we need to get you outta here as fast as possible and move around discreetly, but you can't move around so well with all your injuries like that, so what exactly are we going to do? How the hell are we gonna get you outta here without figuring the shit out?" He asked growing more frustrated that nothing was coming to him.

He let out a sigh of frustration trying to recompose himself. He took a few deep breaths and continued to pace the floor as it gave him something to keep him calm and composed. It wouldn't do for him to also lose his cool in this situation as well.

"Alright, I think the first thing we both need to do is get some sleep. We're safe here, that much I know for sure. At least for tonight. Tomorrow morning, we can hit the streets and try to see if we can find someone who can heal you up or figure something out. Then we can go back to your place, wherever the hell that is, and get the shit you need to get, pack a bag, and get the fuck outta Chicago, somehow. But I don't think we're gonna figure anything out tonight. So sleep, get some rest, and hopefully you'll feel good enough to get a good move on tomorrow." Antonio said.

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She watched him pace back and forth deep in thought, Imashe  sucked her bottom lip between her teeth as AB made her nervous. "Don't you think I hadn't already thought of escape plans before this happened. I have a lock up with everything we need not far from my apartment. " she finally said as she laid on her back so that she wouldn't aggravate her ribs even more. 

Opening the bottle of water that was given to her by him before and lifting it to her lips.  As the water touched her parched throat she began to cough up blood. "Tell me, AB can you keep hidden?" She coughed again " if  I give you directions to the lock up, this is  where to find the keys to the car and everything we need to escape" Looking around for her torn jacket "Where is my jacket, in there is a map that is stitched into the lining at the bottom. Tear it open  as it ain't any good for me any longer seeing its ripped from the attack." 

Slowly laying her head back against the soft pillows, her eyes began to drift shut or as near with the swollen one. "Thank you for helping me AB, I have never met anyone who would put themselves on the line for me, like you have" feeling a tear fall against the pillow as she fell asleep from exhaustion. 

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AB watched over Imashe and listened to her finish speaking. He could see how effected she was by all the happenings of the day. The fatigue in her voice and on her face, the pain she felt on her body, the disfigurement. He also heard the relief in her voice to not be alone at this time. Antonio had no doubt that she could handle herself, but nobody should have to endure all the things she had by themself. He felt like he should bring her to his boss and he would, but first they had to handle this situation of escaping on their own first.

She said on the inside of her jacket, there was a map of the location of her lockup, with all her stuff gathered together along with a vehicle to get them out of the area. That would certainly work, as it was safer for her body and her injuries instead of flying, and a bit more lower profile than having to book a trip. He quietly moved to where the woman's clothes were left inside the bathroom, and picked up the jacket that she spoke of. He took it to the kitchen first, to take out a kitchen knife from one of his drawers, and then sat with it on the sofa. She certainly was right, the thing had seen better days, and with it in the condition it was in now, a wash may very well end the jacket's ability to be useful. He cut into it at the bottom, where she had told him to, and a small slip of paper came sliding out onto his lap.

He unfolded the paper and saw that it was indeed a map like she had previously spoken of. He looked it over and noticed that he recognized the area. He didn't know Chicago super well, but even he could tell that the area written down on the map was in the Southside of Chicago. He would be able to figure out the rest later. He had an important decision to make.

He knew how much time was of the essence, but he didn't quite feel comfortable trying to go and leaving her alone. He knew how secure the location was, but what he didn't know was just how attentive her father was, and if it was possible if he could've had people on her and known where she was all this time. He didn't like the idea of the man possibly having people wait until his step daughter was vulnerable again to make his move. He thought about it for a bit and then decided that he would just have to take the chance, in order to make sure they would be able to move easier the next day. He fully decided he'd take the gamble.

He folded the paper that the map was on in his pocket. He'd just have to prove that he was able to stay hidden instead. He walked over to the bed she was sleeping on, taking one last look at her, before pulling the covers up over her gently. Luckily he didn't wake her up, for that he was grateful. He then turned on his heel and took his exit from the hidden building. He wouldn't be back again until early the next morning.

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It had been a long time since she had slept in safety curling up slightly as her eyes flickered back and forth under the lids. Dreaming deeply as the same nightmare of finding her father's  dead body laying slumped over at his desk along with  three of his best bodyguards as they were  speaking about business. The blood seeping into the white carpet under his desk, the cop that was investigating chatting to his partner saying the killer had broke in through the window and shot each one in the head..always same dream each night.

It was several months after her father's death, Imashe had the courage to break into the office and search for any evidence. Opening the drawer of the desk she found pictures along with files and black ledgers full of corrupt police and politicians to even hospital medical surgeons. Grabbing everything she could lay her hands on and hid them under the floorboards in her room.

Then one night, Victor's thugs came and dragged her to the special room and tied her down upon the single bed, whilst Victor sat in the corner of the room watching intently as his thugs raped her and beat her black and blue trying to get the whereabouts of his files. Imashe wouldn't give up the location.

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AB made his way over to the lockup that was located on the map that Imashe had written down from before. He kept checking out the back of the taxi's window, to make sure he wasn't being followed. He knew it was paranoia causing him to do this but he'd rather be careful rather than to be sloppy and end up getting himself, and the woman he was helping in more danger than she was originally in. When he was sure that they hadn't picked up a tail, he made his way directly to the building. He made sure the cab didn't park directly in front of it. He had him drop him off across the street and a bit further down from where it was, and walked the rest of the way, just to be sure. 

Once he got to the door, he looked around and made sure the cab had taken off before he entered through the front door with a key he'd also gotten from Imashe's jacket. He walked through to see that the place was an abandoned garage. How she got her hands on a place he didn't know, it also didn't matter a whole lot. He was here to get what he needed to get for Imashe and then head on back to his current hideout. He saw the black vehicle that she had been talking about they could use, to head out of town in. It looked like it was in good condition, so hopefully it would make the trip with no problem. Once that was located he began looking around for some of the other things that she would need. 

She had a few duffel bags packed and laid out on the floor, probably in the event that she would need to flee quickly. He also looked around and found some folders with other papers and things in them, so he figured they'd be important, too important to just leave behind. He grabbed them and threw them in the duffel bags if they would fit. He also found a storage locker with a few more accessories and a gun inside of it. He took a deep breath as he looked at the weapon. He knew it would be best to take it with them just to be safe. He wasn't the biggest fan of them, but he grew up around them so he was no stranger. 

He picked up the gun and also put it in one of the duffel bags, moving it around so that it was somewhere down in the bottom. That was the last thing he needed, was to get pulled over and to have a loaded gun on him. Once he felt like he had everything she could need in the bags, he took them and put them in the backseat of the car. He then hopped into the driver seat of the car. He hadn't driven since he'd moved out of his Grandmother's house in Florida, but there was no time like the present, and he'd be getting in a lot of experience if their situation was anything to go by. 

Realizing he wouldn't be able to go until he opened the garage door, he hopped back out and hit a button that automatically, opened it up. He drove outside of the garage before stopping and running back to close the door, and getting in the car once more. He made good time, since it was so late, getting back to the hideout. He figured it would be best for them to leave right away, instead of trying to tempt fate and waiting around for her step father to locate them. Once he got back, he did the same thing as he did when he got to the lockup. He parked across the street from the house, and little ways down from where it was located. 

He brought with him the one duffel bag with some of her clothes in it, and the gun. He ran to the building, making sure to look behind him occasionally to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. For as late as it was there shouldn't have really been anybody out, and as far as he could see, there wasn't. He entered through the door of the hideout, quickly, but quietly. He didn't want to worry the woman who was probably already on edge. When he entered he saw that the woman who was peacefully sleeping when he left, was now looking very disturbed, and moving around a bit. When she moved her body she would instinctively wince and murmur something that didn't sound too pleasant. 

He walked over to her carefully, and gently shook her out of her sleep. She wasn't a heavy sleeper but she was very jumpy. As soon as he touched her she jumped up instantly in a defense position, squeezing his hand and trying to decide what to do with it. He tried to move back but she had a vice like grip on him, proving she was a lot stronger than she looked. He raised his other hand and attempted to reason with her, letting the duffel bag he was holding fall to the ground. 

"Hey, calm down. It's me, AB. You know Antonio.  I went out and got the car, some clothes, and the other stuff you needed. We gotta get outta here now. I think we should be able to make it to Philly by midday. I also got your gun too." He told her gently. 

She seemed to calm once she heard what he had to say, and told her who he was. She looked like she was retreating in on herself, whatever dreams she was having definitely fucked her up. He felt bad for her, but now wasn't the time for that. He would've put a hand on her shoulder, but he knew that was a very bad idea at this moment. Instead he picked the duffel bag up and placed it on the bed. 

"Hey, I know you're hurt and you're tired, but we gotta get a move on if we wanna safely get you outta here. I'm gonna go wait in the car. Come out when you're ready, and remember, the faster the better." He told her and tried to shoot her a confident smile to relieve some of her pent up tension. 

He wasn't sure if it worked or not. He really hoped it did. This woman deserved some kinda moment to take it easy with as hard as she had it. He exited through the same way he came in and headed back to the car. Preparing himself for the long drive from Philly to Chicago with no sleep. 

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Imashe jumped up feeling the gentle shake, not knowing what was real or not.  It was when she heard his voice and blinked. "AB, for fucksake don't do that. "  Her heart pounding within her chest as she pushed past him getting to the window,  her eyes scanning the darkness for anyone that could have followed him back to her.

"Did anyone follow you back here? Victor's thugs are very crafty and can hide out so well" walking back to the duffel bags and pulled out the files, dropping them on the bed next to him "Victor knows i have these and is what he is chasing me for.  Every contact my father had before his murder, to every filthy bribe marked down and how fucking much too." Tears stung her eyes  as she pulled out the gun and cocked it so that a bullet was in the chamber ready for when needed. 

Grabbing a pair of black pants and fresh black panties "turn your back a moment unless you don't mind me dressing in front of you" she grinned wickedly at him as she  slipped into the panties and pants quickly. She hissed as a shooting pain wracked her body, sitting on the edge of the bed to catch her breath back. 

"I think we better leave soon. As they will find us "

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